Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Xmas!

To all my fans, and readers.
To everyone who's read my blog, both past and present.
To any visitor on my page...
I wanna wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy new year in advance!!
Thanks for your support...
For your words of encouragement during my trying times....
God bless you and I love you all!
Myne, Damsel, Bem, Chayoma, afrobabe (wherever she is :-)), etc etc...
Last christmas was just like yesterday..I put up another christmas tree picture, and another blog post...
Just goes to show us to always make good use of our time, cus its gonna fly...

Merry Christmas people!!

Have a wonderful one!!

*running away to look for presents and chicken... lol

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Hey gang, its been quite a while.
A lot of ish has been happening to me. Got a new job...yayyyy!
The dude wanted to hire me, I liked the place and so I have signed up.
I started last week, but men the commute is crazy. I spend like 5 hours in total max, for any commute. So I carry a book or listen to audio programs on my ipod, at least I am sure I am still feeding my mind, no matter what.
But its cool anyways, I have to just keep jacking my programming books like mad so that this one works out.
I was thinking of going to naija...for feb since my best friend is getting married, and has made me best man, but I don't know if that will send the wrong signal to my new boss. The man has been trying for me so far.
I think I will just get a UK visa so I can go play on weekends. It would be a welcome change from this scenario.
Anyways I wanna ask your opinion about something. Its been shown that most people subconsciously hold themselves back from success because they are scared that people close to them, esp their families might not like them or be comfy with their success.
Anyways, I was talking about how to look for a place and my sis in law kept harping on and on about how I needed to find a "cheap" place. She kept on going on and on about being "cheap" and how "cheap was good".
It sounded almost as if she dey try force that down my throat. My bro had to jokingly tell her to calm down, that I cannot go and live in a hole because of being cheap. She went on the say she was "careful" about money. My bro jokingly interpreted it as being cheap.
Now, I went upstairs and began thinking. So what if I buy a new car instead of going for a second hand one, which they believe in? What if my business succeeds and I build a mansion? What if I grow to Donald Trumps level and I own my own jet?
So, are they gonna freak out or what?
I can understand how Robert Kiyosaki felt when his dad believed the exact opposite of what he believed.
Its kinda food for thought anyways.
And of course no post by wavemasta would be cumplete without descriptions of how I have been keeping my abstinence vows. Its not been easy. One time on the train I sat next to one nice orobo who was smiling at me. My internal computer came up with different"scientific" means of getting her contacts which I discarded because I was supposed to be in a relationship, or I am supposed to be in a relationship, even though I haven't heard from the person in quite a while. I could have called, but nothing's been in my account for ages for me to get credit (see my turbulence posts), and I used my last card calling...and she doesn't come online..and she knows this ish...
Me, I won't talk, I go just dey look. I have gone past that stage of worrying whats going on in a chicks mind. I know say if she wan call, she go call,or mail, which makes me think ........ but bone story.
But men, if this relationship doesn't work, I am gonna free myself, more long distance ish...I think its time for me to try tasting different flavors of chocolate...y'know, milk, coconut, dark, etc. Just that I just dey think abt settling with all these games, at times aint fulfilling...
Anyways God dey.
Thanks to all my readers for the support and all...especially during my turbulent times...Myne Whitman, Dancing Damsel, Bem, and all of you guys who read my you all really... @Myne..where on earth is that ebook?

I just am imagining what my mum (well you know she's against weight gain and stuff) will say when she sees my future wife. I at times wonder if she go harass the babe, to lose weight, and the babe will know she no fit try am as in reduce the curves, else her husband (the one n only wavemasta) will simply not touch her. Simple.
In fact, I will put it in the marriage clause when we are signing the registry.

"If in the event, the signee (My future wife) decided to lose weight i.e drop below 70kg and reduce the sizes of the curves, especially the front side and back side...the primary client (i.e wavemasta) reserves the right to run away from the nuptial he don't like skeletons ...wait, make that run far far away" times I surprise myself...
But if that kinda kasala happens, then my folks will stop seeing me at family meetings..but hey, we don't have any. :-)
Ciao guys, n laters!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

So far....musings, R, what next?

I'm listening to gidi lounge, I discovered it during my turbulence days, cus my friend used to play it all night..I just finished listening to Banky W's "Tanker"...dude has talent...
Heres the link to the gidi lounge music player!
Anyways I fired up this blog to just pour out my musings.
See, I'm a guy with lots of big goals, and I don't just dream..I walk my talk, and I do not think like the average dude...
But sometimes, the fear comes, like... "What if I am just deceiving myself?" What if I wake up and I am 40 years old, and I haven't hit one goal of mine?
Scary....but I just erase that thought and focus on my goals..
I got another interview tomorrow and from there I have to give a speech at toastmasters. I haven't given any in months, and I am close to finishing my track.

Even in my professional life, I'm wondering..what am I good at? I am focused on getting a job so I can take care of major needs while I focus on my dreams, but even me, I find myself wondering..."whats my niche? What am I supposed to do?"

My personal life is....non existent, apart from my relationship with R. I have a very freaky nature, but for some reason, I have decided to go the abstinence route (Am sure people who know me will laugh at me)..and I also have this thing for reaching out to chicks... Crazy, crazy, this isn't me. And for some strange reason, If I am in a relationship, I stay faithful because It will affect me even more than the chick..
The thought that the next time I will enjoy the reverse cowgirl will be on my wedding night is freaky! Chei! guys, can wavemasta cope? Find out in the next
But I have been told, that if I enter naija, hmmmm, I am in trouble o, with the honeyz..and I have been told this by my "children" in the "game" whom I mentored...
Kai...see my life! lol...anyways now I'm doing more positive mentoring, though the other kind is still available to "inner circle"

Anyways I was just reminiscing.. my mind went back to the old days with my ex, before R, and yeah I remembered some good times. I tried to shut it out as I have before, because I am trying to focus all my energy on R, right now, and I might be jealous if she was reminiscing on good times with any of her exes ....*the buggers!!*
But yeah I was reminiscing on some of the adventures I had....jumping on planes to go see her without telling people...except I told my mum because she was planning on seeing me when she passed through my area..
So yeah, jumping on planes, leaving my comfort zone, dealing with a whole lot of internal bullshit, making myself a better person so I could be the best boyfriend for her *Then.. then all the fights, me trying to fix it, trying to be Mr mature, Mr understanding, Mr cool, all because I had one foolish voice in my ears telling me why girls went for more older guys, due to some nonsense "maturity" I guess I was trying to rep for us younger ones..hehe...
I guess things just went downhill, the distance wasn't helping, and I guess even my best efforts didn't save it, and I got tired of the constant fighting, making up, breaking up, and I was tired of being alone, and trying to move the relationship to the next level all myself. I have been here hustling for close to 4 years now, and I hate living in an empty house by myself...trapped by my own principles...
But man, I just remembered some good times, and I guess the experience made me a better man, and I can focus on R....

My ex was a very good person inside, and I could be veryyy frustrating at times, so its possible I am seeing this from one angle...and I hope God gives her own hubby....
I can't say that about some other exes...some I think of them and hiss..naija style...hehe..

Now its time for wavemasta to focus on the R equation :-) or the R

Men, sometimes I feel older than my
Thing about R is that its almost the same mode of communication...long I haven't seen or held her yet...So I am working on that...
I was wondering why I sort of felt a feeling of not being totally bonded to R yet, but I guess its just me and because I haven't hung out with her..I mean we haven't seen since I was doing my bachelors back home, and it was just a glimpse from afar.
Boy oh boy...
Thing is now I am seeing big big somethings everywhere, you know like in "The sixth sense" with Bruce Willis, when the kid says in a whispering hushed voice..
"I see dead people..."
Mine is...
"I see, big women, juicy..on the trams....on the trains....calling out to me..."
That my friends is my own sixth sense...hehe..
I wonder how R is doing...I should call, or mail...
But shes understanding...thats R...
Praying it works out jor...jah dey...
Maybe next time, I will blog about my experience with the robots..and I am serious..hehe...
Bye guys...

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Hey people.
Back to my old city, and living with my Bro for now. That landlady in the place I was staying in before dey fight me over toilet paper and internet cable wire, so I had to find my way.
Mumsie came to visit. She hadn't seen me in 2 years and it was nice seeing her again. Then next thing she's like telling me I have added weight or something. I was just looking. She kept making a big deal of it. I wasnt going to start justifying or reminding her of days when I only had enough money to buy one piece of plantain, or when I was attending martial arts classes twice a week. Anyways I just dey look. I wonder what she will say when she discovers I have no intention of marrying a skinny skeleton, and I do only big beautiful women. I wonder if they (my parents) will now decide, and say
"Wavemasta, you cant marry her cus she's too big". I go just dey look, and do my own wedding. It will be hell on earth being married to someone I cannot "feel" *wink.
It just depends on if the chick in question has liver.
Anyways am wondering and thinking about a lot of things. One of my exe's married today. I really wish her the best because shes a good person, and yours truly wasn't naughty during our times together and I respected her stance.
Its amazing how time flies, and I wonder when mine would show up. Man proposes but God disposes.
I'm currently still job hunting. And believing God for the best. Cus I need the one thats best for me. So I can chill while strategist for my other businesses.
The pastor at church preached a very powerful word about "Helpers of destiny", and the premise was that when your dreams are big, God brings into your life, those who can help you. And that the people might not look like much. Reminds me of one misguided person who was asking why he should learn from me because I wasn't uber successful. (thats in another of my lives btw).
So people, anyone can have the information you need, and you need to tune in and see everyone as abundant. I am learning Dutch now, using my ipod, listening to mp3's, and repeating them.
I am wondering if I am inflicting suffering on myself by not having another woman here, while I got one back in naija, who we haven't seen. I mean the girls have really powerful control, but like one woman wrote "If a guy can't have sex he can't think straight. For a woman its more emotion,togetherness. For a man, its a need".
Cus men, there are times I am just frustrated. But I am trying to do the right thing, and I wont force even my girlfriend into stuff she isn't ready for, or which she doesn't want to do.
That leaves marriage, but nna men, thats a big step and its for life. So you see the quandary one finds oneself in?
Well, I will just go into reverend father mode. And focus on building my biz and others.
Some might say, but how can I trust her? Well I do, and if shes messing up, God has ways of showing me stuff :-) hehe.
So many many things running around in my head...
Well God dey sha, lets see whats gonna happen.
Men I heard Turai Yar Adua wants her husband to die in office and not resign. Haba! When our presidents heart has stopped. This shows me that
Shes doesnt love him
She loves the position more than he does.
May Jah never give me that kind wife.
Amin Amin.

Bye folks!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Well gang, hows it hanging?
Right now, had to move back to the old city I did my masters in, and I am chilling with a friend for the meantime. Hes' got this naija landlady who has two lovely baby daughters and I get to practice my dutch on them.
I scared them yesterday by asking for a knife and fork and threatening to eat them were so freaked out. I know I will be a wonderful daddy, I am looking forward to having my own daughters.
Things are looking better, at least on the inside (My mind). I know it is better already.
I am still applying to places all around, and also working on my own business part time, and chilling. But I am waiting for the stuff to manifest in my life so I can move out of here. I do not want the landlady's head to spark one day :-)
As per my relationship, well, I am just looking sha...looking and watching, and thats all you guys are gonna get from me.
At times obstacles come in all sorts of forms, physical, mental etc, so you can pull out that greatness in you and fly to the next level, and I believe that's whats happening to me right now.
But seriously, all those people who think living abroad is a bed of roses..I mean, they need a reorientation. Someone told me his friend said, if he could just get a gateman's job here, he would be happy. The friend is back in naija. I just shook my head, but if you try to talk to such people, you get tagged as an enemy of progress.
Anyways, "who no know no go, and who no go no know" :-)
Anyways, I'm off to read some more John Grisham, and thinking about my goals....

Monday, November 23, 2009

Turbulence 2

Well gang, its me again. To those of ya who were supportive..thanks.
Well I got back home last night after checking a possible lead for a place to
lay my head, and after lots of frantic phone calls, One of my friends invited me
to come rough it in his place.
I woke up this morning feeling like an alien. I felt like I didn't belong in this house any longer. I woke up hearing the house move as the kids were going to school, but thing is I was just too freaking comfortable in bed. But I was like..hmm if the head of the house opens the room and begins to yell, then wetin?

So I get up, clean myself up and all. I begin to strategize. First I motivated myself by reading about persistence all over and over from "The greatest salesman in the world" then I now began to focus. Its funny...all my friends are no where to be reached, and I am not the kinda person to stress anyone out in any way. I had to holla a friend of mine who I will be buzzing on gmail, and he'd be too busy to talk.
So anyways, I give him the full gist, and then began jisting him about R. When he hears about some similarities to my ex and stuff hes like "Dump her fast" his reason being I do not need distractions. I say, well I'm in love, and he goes that I can fall out of love and its a choice.
Anyways sha, I just keep quiet and not talk, because the person you want me to dump, might have some flaws, but shes been the one being there for me when you never had my time. But sha, he's my friend, so hes just trying to talk, and blah....
I try calling my sister (not my blood one but close to) cus theres one way she speaks and I feel better, but I have been trying her number for ages. It rings, but she never picks it up. I wonder why.
I also tried to call my girlfriend. The number wasn't going, and I'm wondering why I have not heard from her, because I would expect a call at least to check up on me, but maybe shes stuck in traffic or something.
Apart from this whole situation, I am wondering if this relationship will work out this time. I just hope this isn't me repeating some weird subconscious bad pattern, but we will see.
The owner of the house will soon show up, and well, I will just smile as if nothings happening. This shit is just temporary, and if I could make it this far, without going mad, or anything, then it will be well.
I have now learnt first hand how important it is to focus on your dreams, and do not be dependent on anyone. Whether its a company for your paycheck, or someone else for a house. I read this book called "Millionaire republican" by a dude called Wayn Allyn Root, and he said and I quote "Millionaires own...they don't rent".
You have to own your life, your house, your destiny, or you're toast. And you have to pay the price, no matter how steep it is, as long as you are not violating the rights of others, in the pursuit of your dreams.
I guess thats the price I am paying right now. Better to experience the turbulence now then enjoy, than for you to enjoy now, and experience the turbulence later on.

Someone suggested I start selling newspapers. I am not ready to go that route. No matter how many of you think I am proud. I just cant study for an MSc, work for a year, start my own biz, and be hopping bicycles selling newspapers. If you read my earlier posts, you will realize it was hell for me during my MSc days, but I pushed through it. I almost never had a day of rest in this place, without something or the other on my mind..
Now to suffer all that to dey ride bicycle dey deliver paper...I reject it in Jesus name, amen!

I have not told mumsie about the whole scenario, because I don't need wahala for now. Not even my bro here...last thing I need is someone to start talking down to me or treating me like crap because I am under his roof. And mumsie dey show next week, kai! And some of those spiro things I told u about...see, at times I wonder if seriously, they sent "them" after me Jah dey sha. I am a soldier of prosperity...nothing dey happen...I wont give up...lailai!

I would prefer to just rough it. I will still legitimately hit my million mark by next year, and all of you will hear about me. And I will do it without violating the rights of any one.
Cheers people...
Lemme get back to my life.

Ok.....I just added this...
The tax office just called me telling me they had sent me an invitation to come and see them this morning, but I didn't and that it was about my company. I sha told them the whole gist, and how I couldn't give them a proper address because I was bouncing from place to place. The man said a nice bye bye. I hope its buried now, because I do not need any other wahala, but if any more comes (which I pray not) God go help person.
And before that, I called my parents, because I wanted to yarn them the whole koko, but they were in the car about to go to GTB in naija, so I didn't have the heart to tell them I will drop it on them tonight.
I have packed my things into one closet in the room I was staying at pastors crib, and I have one suitcase and some bare essentials.. :-)

Still haven't heard from R. Well we go see....

Am outta here!

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Hey gang...
Well I need to just talk to someone and this is my outlet..
At this moment, my life has been turned upside down literally.
I am officially jobless, and homeless...and I am sitting in a room I have to vacate
surrounded by my luggage.
First things....when you get a job, do not, I repeat, don't live in a company house..cus when they decide they do not want you, then your ass is out.
Anyways, they terminated my contract, then, I went job hunting only to be rejected
because I do not speak the language.
To make matters worse, I sunk most of my cash into my business, but it hasn't yielded any fruits.
So, I am searching for a place and my pastor suggested I move in with him as I wont need to spend cash. I stayed there for the whole of November, But 2 days ago, he tells me I have to bounce because another pastor is coming from naija and needs the room. I thought of going back to my former place, but my former flatmate who said it was ok yesterday, is saying another thing today.

Then about my relationship, well its bittersweet. At times I wonder why I seem to attract women which need some sort of healing into my life. And I always end up knowing them, fixing up their weak points (never taking advantage), but the burdens they seem to come with sort of haunt me.
It happened with my ex, and something similar like this is happening again. I do not know if this is the law of attraction, and I am attracting them into my life via negative reasons, and I am in a dysfunctional relationship(S), or for positive reasons because jah has some grand plan.
I woke up this morning feeling like just bailing out of the whole thing, but I sort of heard something in me telling me to just chill, and not make any rash decisions.
I didn't want to run partly because I am in love with R, and because of selfish reasons.. R has been here with me and supported me all through this, and like I said its bitter sweet.
This was what happened with my ex, and I went on that rollercoaster for 2.5 years before deciding like Abacha "Enuff is Enuff", and walking away.
Also, some spiro shit seems to be going on...I seem to be battling things in my head which I am sure would drive the average man mad...but I am not average, and I am a victor.

I know that my life is being rearranged by God and the universe, because I am going to the next level,and because this year, I set some MAJOR goals... but, the great wavemasta, homeless, and being kicked about like a football...nna men...
My pastor wanted to hook me up with one dude in church, but I see this brotha every sunday, and no offense, but he looks like he's trying to get by, and he's on govt housing also. And I didn't like the idea of me being bounced up and down like some parasite, and so I began taking my destiny in my own hands.
Imagine, some of my mates are married and some have kids. They all seem happy in their marriages and relationships, but no, its wavemastas own that seems different.

I got no choice sha, but to keep on pushing, and I will ride out this storm, and this relationship thing also, well, like I did before, I will ride it out till the end. Ode-eshi, nothing dey happen.
But I will curse anyone who sees me driving my Audi S5, and thinks I am a drug dealer because I became a billionaire at a young age. Speaking of billionaires, I asked for some feedback from some of my fans about my business and brand.. and one of them was like "Why should I learn from you...its not like you're super successful. Maybe you just read the books"..nna men, I weak....
Well he said it politely, and I did ask for feedback.
So, should I leave R, because issues seem to harsh to deal with? and will wavemasta have to sleep on the streets n hustle? And will wavemastas going-back-to-naija-after-3-years-5-months-in europe become a reality this december?
Stay tuned....

"I was not born in defeat, neither does failure course in my veins. I am not a sheep waiting to be prodded by my shepherd. I am a lion, and I refuse to walk, to talk, to sleep with the sheep. The slaughter house of failure is NOT my destiny.I will persist till I succeed" -The greatest salesman in the world.

Friday, November 13, 2009


I am going to toastmasters this evening. I kinda get the feeling people aren't so happy with me, and I can't use my current situation as an excuse. So I guess its Den Haag to Utrecht and back again. *Sigh.
I now wanted to do an inventory of our cabinet, like take stock of all the things inside, like the stop watch, paper, etc. Its part of my responsibility as Sergeant at arms of the club. Now I cannot find the damned key. I have turned over everything searching for it. I absolutely HATE looking for stuff, and the thing is, I felt it was in my white Delft bag, which has all my Toastmasters stuff, but its not.
I hope I didn't lose or misplace it when I moved. Anyways I sent a mail to our president asking if I could get his key earlier. I got a mail from him, and of course it was laced with his wry irish humor, but I got the message.
Yes Mr President, I know you might read this :-)
Things are kinda going ok with my current relationship with R. I have committed to making it work, and she also wants to make it work, but there are just some things which I am not happy about when I think about them, but well, I cannot change em. The old me, before my relationship with T, would have just decided to bail, but R has good stuff in her, and I would miss her if she wasn't here.
I wonder if its the fact that I do love her, that I am still here, or that I do not want to be alone. Well, I think its the former. I wonder why I am writing this...maybe its therapy.
If you wanna go by the law of attraction which I believe in, then I must have attracted her into my life and she also..question is why?
Cus at times I wonder if its not possible to just be in a relationship with no issues or blah blah. I just pray this isn't a negative cycle I am repeating, and that the big dude upstairs (Thats God, if I gotta spell it out) actually has a grand nice plan for all of this. Because the last thing I need is to be caught in some cosmic negative cycle consisting of all that happened with my ex.

At times I wonder if I rushed into this, or if I did the right thing. Cus, my relationship with my ex was dead, right from the beginning of this year. We tried to give it CPR, and a whole lot, but the last straw was in July, when I left for good.
I hooked up with D for a bit, but didn't feel her so much, and I met R, and liked her and loved her, and for crying out loud, omo boi had to move on with his life, and so I went in. And well its had its ups and downs, but we shall see.

It is well anyways. Now I have to see if I can get some coins to take the tram. Never mind, one day coins in my life will be a thing of the past.
Back to toastmasters, I took a break from public speaking because I had feedback I was rushing through the manual, but now its like me wondering if I can get back on top of my game. I have so many other things going on now, and my club has some very gifted people...
But I am also gifted too..
Anyways, gotta run.
See you later amigos!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Straffe Okon Case 2

"Can you do it"? The voice rasped in the darkness.
Jamiu gulped, his hands clammy with sweat.
"This is for your family" he thought to himself.
But that thought didn't reassure him. Rather bile churned in his stomach, at the thought of the terrible betrayal he was about to commit...
"Yes sir. I can do it".
"Do not worry Jamiu. When this operation goes well, you will be taken care of", the voice said.

Jamiu stood in the darkness of the garage, listening to the voice delivering instructions over and over, and him nodding at intervals..

"I can do this" he thought, as he later walked off into the hot Lagos night...
"I have to do this".

She got onto the plane at De Gaulle Airport, Paris and sank back into the plush seating in the first class lounge..
God, it was so good to relax, after working real hard in school. And now she was going back to Nigeria for Holidays.
Her Mum had been nagging her to settle down, but she wasn't interested.
Apart from Jean Pierre, no man had ever been able to handle her.
They were put of by her looks...
She chuckled to herself. Standing at 5'9, with 37DD breasts, and a large backside... not to mention her outspoken personality, and sharp brain, most men were intimidated by her...
Well, its not her fault that her Dad was a wealthy hard working industrial mogul with businesses all over the world...
It wasn't her fault that most men were weaklings...
Pity about Jean Pierre though...but gosh those French men could do magic with their tongues...
Thinking about Jean Pierre's former ministrations to the nether parts of her anatomy sent shivers down her spine....
Jamilia buzzed the hostess and ordered for champagne.
It came fast.
As she put the glass to her lips, the beverage hit her throat in an exquisite explosion of sensuality..
Life was good...
So damn good...

To be Continued...

Sunday, November 8, 2009


I was gonna title this post "Terrorism" because I have been terrorizing people, not in the way of blowing up no no...But I didn't want google on my ass. So its blank.
I haven't been releasing poisonous gas, but natural gas.
Let me explain.

It all started some days ago, when M, the ugandan au-pair, gave me beans and dodo for lunch. Since then, I have sorta been releasing silent dangerous gas.
One day we were all in the car.
My brain sent a signal to my stomach.
"Dude...its time to release the nerve gas"
Stomach goes "Yessir!" next thing...
A silent "pffffff" and a "nice" smell filled the car.
And of course as a sharp naija boi, I had to wind down the window, and put on my innocent face. Before innocents were harmed...haha!
Last night, I was farting at the rate of 5 farts every 10 mins...(Maybe)
So lets calculate the Fart Rate, or Mess rate(MR)

MR= 5/10*60 =5/600
so my MR is 0.00833 MPS(MEss per second).
Chei! Beans!
I am sure it was the beans. Well, so I have a mess rate of 0.00833.
Whats yours ehn?
Am I the world champion? Will I get the gold medal at the next MessOlympics or Fartolympics where all contestants will first demolish a whole plate of beans before taking part?
You should have seen me in church. I hadn't even had breakfast.
Yet I maintained a steady MR.
Luckily, there was an extra row between me and the next person...
I feel my belly rumbling..
See you guys later!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

A lot has been happening. I have been working on my alternate career, and a whole lot of things. The job search is going on well. A company in Amsterdam sent me some programming test which was worded in a fuzzy way, because they wanted to "test" my analytical your guy took 2 cups of coffee and worked all night and slept 5 that morning, and handed in the assignment. I felt really bad ass, cus I hadn't done that in ages.
I now had to extend my visa in this yeye country. Luckily, the woman who helped me was Ghanaian, and we talked quite well, but nna men, the visa cost was absolutely too much. I paid close to 500 euros, chei! All because I was extending my stay here. So the thing almost cleaned me out, but jah dey sha.
My relationship with R is going on nicely. There have been some challenges, but Gods been faithful, keeping me, and shes been a source of joy and support to me anyways.
I am watching a program on AIT uk. I haven't seen naija TV in ages, makes me feel like I am back at home. I see so many tight sexy orobos on TV, but R has made it clear that I am now her "Territory", and she won't allow me near any orobos :-) (In a nice way).
Imagine, mumsie went to open my facebook (through my sisters page), and was now questioning me to know if I have traveled anywhere and all that. I wonder o, but well, I got my own life to live.
Anyways, life is good, and I believe its getting even better!
Ciao people, and I will write when things get better...

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Alright. I said it. I said the warrior in me won't let me get down, or be depressed...even if I want to. *Sigh

So it picked up like an automatic recovery mechanism...

I actually slept late much later after I had put up my "Father help me" post... R actually woke me up, got up at 5 minutes to the afternoon. We basically spoke and we talked anyways...
So I sat down and looked at my life. I realize its easy to whine and complain, but I needed to make changes. So I decided to make some. And I set new goals.

1. By the end of next year, I would have moved out of this country, to a place I have in mind, and it will be smooth and easy.

So, with that in mind, I also had an epiphany. The situation with R, might be almost the same as my last real relationship, down to all the challenges...but I do have a choice, and I am at a different level of consciousness than I was a year, and 2 years ago..
So yeah I have decided to focus on my goals, and greatness, and giving R, the best that I can. I trust God to direct my path, and prevent me from stumbling. I cannot afford to focus on things I cannot control, or are not important...
If it turns out that R and I are not meant to be...let it all end or run smoothly :-)
Instead of worrying, I can focus on my future and the greatness I have to offer myself, and the world...
Men, I am 10 feet tall and bulletproof! I no fit shout :-)
I feel empowered and in control...I have chosen to be a victor today 22/10/2009. So help me God.
Jah dey sha.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009 me....

I am writing this at home started 3.45 in the morning, and I am sad..sad to the extent that tears are actually present...flowing....

Its a bit crazy so lemme start. I dated someone (yeah its a woman), I felt I was going to get married to. I invested my life, body and heart, and even though I had my own flaws...I still tried to make it work. It was so bad, the fights would leave my right arm weak. After the end of July, I walked away. That was a 3 year relationship.
It was something I had to hold on to, because over here, in this strange land, I was all by myself. Everyone carrying their own cross. I tried working on myself, to be the rock, to be superman, but I guess every superman's got their kryptonite.

I ran into some other issues here. Tough ones. But I had my best buddy here, but he had to go back to naija. So I was left by myself. Then I met D. D, was from the Islands..and she was someone I could talk to. I remember being here all by myself on a sunday, and she was around, and I made her some Eba...she liked it.
We rolled together for a bit, and she's a nice person, but it wasn't gelling. I didn't think it would be right to take advantage of her, so I stopped. But still remained friends and civil with her. After all, I did step up to her, right?

All this was in the wake of looking for a new crib, and not yet seeing any dividends from my biz...though I will persist till I succeed. I found out that the government here chains all migrants to their day jobs. So doing anything extra to fetch cash, like starting your own biz, writing your own books, is seen as illegal. So I knew it was time to bail. I also had one other major issue which I wont discuss here, but was equally as challenging. I was bankrupt, barely surviving. I made a lot of bad financial decisions this year. I take responsibility. I do not blame anyone.

I was strong, took it in good faith.
Then I met R.

R was.... wonderful. We had attended the same university in naija, and I used to admire her from a distance. Then, I was a geek, and just focusing on making a first class. I had a WILD streak inside me, but I buried it, cus university was my last chance to make something of myself.
I met R, 2 months ago via facebook. Gosh, she was what I wanted in a woman, funny, down to earth, committed to raising a home, and she respected my wisdom and wanted me to mentor her..
During my times here, she became my companion. I tried not to rush things, but something became obvious, like I was repeating the pattern of my 3 year relationship..

R was wonderful. I didnt think of her as a rebound. I couldn't wait to hear her voice. Then...we found out we had different religions....first red flag, I guess....but I didn't care...I'd been down that road before...

Then I sorta found out some ish I didnt really really like, about her. And I tried to show love, and compassion, and not to fall apart like I did back then in my 3 year relationship...
But it didn't happen, and she suggested, we let go...we tried fasting about it...
But it just blew up this night...
And well, I decided to let go....
I lay in bed, and thought of if I gave this as a speech, and I began crying. Yeah, strong me. The pillar of inspiration...began shedding tears.
I didn't shed any tears when my 3 year relationship ended...
But I shed tears for R...

Because I seem to have repeated the same pattern, almost down to everything, that I had in my former real relationship...
Religion, seeing stuff I didn't like....leaving...
And I cant go through the mental torture again...

I am tired of being along, tired of living in this strange land by myself, tired of coming home to an empty house..

I know this is part of the walk towards my destiny, but like Jesus, I want this cup taken away from me.

I find someone I like...gosh, I loved R...
But shes gone, and I think I gotta let go..

I wish God wud hear me and show me who I am meant to marry for Gods tired of seeing everyone around me get hitched. My best buddy went back to naija because of this..

I fucking miss R. And I am asking myself, why this same cycle had to repeat itself again.

The only thing is it took 3 months instead of 3 years...

And even though I want to feel down, the warrior in me wont let me do so...


Father help me, I can't sleep.

R... I am sorry, if you ever read this. Maybe I am writing this to....I dunno...
But I think these tears are real.
And blogging gives me therapy, I think.

Sorry R, that I couldn't handle it....I wish you the best...
Tried not to judge but I guess it all blew up...

There are many fishes in the sea, but theres only one R.
I feel relieved, I feel sad, I wish u were in my arms.

If you are reading this, and you leave a foolish comment...God help you.
Even men grieve. Let me be.
But if you have something encouraging to say, fine.

I am going back to my life, and to walk the road towards my greatness...
Father help me....I am alone.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Its been ages since I blogged....since! 3 months popping. Well, a lots been happening, where do I start from?
I'm now single again, and in no hurry to settle down again. I have been working a lot on myself, and adding value to people, and all that. Ive set new goals, and my life is now on Turbo pilot right now, but I aint worried because it will be fine.
I'm tired of this country, and working on my bail out plan. I cant stay in a place where the government has stupid laws prohibiting foreigners from earning money from other sources out of their day jobs. Were alasho.
Anyways sha, I miss home, miss the babes, the street, most especially the honeyz.
I came 3rd in my Toastmasters Table topics competition last week, I also was on the organizing committee... working my butt, e no easy.
Something happened to me today...I ran into a blast from the past...I dunno if its a good thing or not.
Anyways. I wonder whats happening in my country. Its gotten to the extent that I do not like to even read Nigerian newspapers or sites, because they are filled with so much negativity and taking that into you every morning isn't going to help me at all.
I have some very wonderful female friends in my life God has blessed me with. Its funny...I wonder when or how my spouse will show up.
Speaking of spouses, everyones getting hitched. Gone were the days when guys wanted to make as much cash as possible before that. I mean, I know 2 of my guys still studying for their MSC's at my former university...yeah, that university which almost drove me mad...and they just ran back home and got hitched. It shows the ladies that they don't need to panic, because there are still guys who keep to their promises.
Me, though, with the sort of things going through my head then, I wasn't even seriously considering getting married. All my thoughts were about finishing the MSc as soon as possible!
Anyways sha, I wish everyone the best. I believe I am walking on my own path, and God help us all :-)
I have a brainwave for a new Straffe Okon novel..
Wud keep una posted.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Agent S Okon 7

Reader Discretion is Advised

As he lay bruised and bleeding on the ground, straffe wondered how his life had come to this. He remembered after he had finished with Li Chang, and being debriefed by Ibrahim, in the deep subterranean offices of the CABAL.
Ibrahim looked really serious, at least this time he wasn't watching porn. He remembered looking at the contents of the disc which Li Chang had given him after a round of earth shattering sex.
"Okon, I have never known another man like you", the assassin purred in his ear, licking the outer area with her tongue, her voluptuous bosom heaving up and down. "I wanted so much to be taken by 'him', but you are like no other". By 'him' she meant the enigmatic chinaman. The shadowy figure behind the recent wave of female kidnappings in lagos state. Most of the victims were prostitutes, or girls no one would care about, so this ruled out MEND. Besides this had nothing to do with oil.

The chinaman was using the females as test subjects for something called 'Operation Black Magic' a project involving the use of DNA extracted from Nigerians to synthesize a 'fountain of youth' formula. Anyone who ingested this was instantly rejuvenated. And such a drug would sell for millions on the black market, so this was something a lot of international businessmen had a stake in.
They had gotten the location of the lab, where the final test was meant to be done, and after that, the chinaman was going to leave Nigeria finally with the prototype, which would be further synthesized beyond the shores of this country.
'We have to stop the final test Okon!' Ibrahim boomed. 'If we allow them to leave with the prototype, it will trigger a genocide, involving our people!'

The idea of a world without his big beautiful naija sisters, and being consigned to a lifetime of friendship with his right hand, held no appeal for our hero. Actually he didn't need his right hand since other nationalities were available, but you get the picture.
So, he had located the secret lab, taken out the guards, and was about to strap explosives to the containment chamber holding the chemicals, when he felt a numbing pain between his shoulder blades. He collapsed on the ground, and as he struggled to get up, a foot caught him in his ribs, followed by a left hook to his jaw. He went down again, and through a red haze, he could make out the features of his attacker.
High cheek bones, distinctly Asian, or Chinese, slanted eyes.
'Who are you?' he gasped.....
I am 'Nuo Long Tin' the man sneered. 'Wait, the Chinaman!' Okon exclaimed. 'Yes I am called that in some circles' the man said. 'And I can tell you came here to stop me, but you cannot hope to defeat me'. The man went into a martial arts stance, and launched a kick at Okons chest. At the last moment he moved out of the way. No way he was getting injured. Since his country didn't have health insurance..
Nuo Long Tin stalked him like a cat. 'I am a trained killer, and have killed with my bare hands.' 'I have also trained in advanced martial arts', he bragged.

'But I sabi one tin wey u no sabi' Okon said in pidgin english...
What did you say? asked the chinaman...
'This', Okon said, as he kicked the chinaman in the balls. Twice. Hard. The man went down like a bowling pin. He noticed a measuring cylinder or something similar and slammed it over the mans head. Not as effective as a Star or Gulder bottle, but effective.
Later on, following a call to the CABAL's clean-up crew, the unconscious Nuo Long Tin, was bound, and taken away, and the chemicals,destroyed. Okon was nowhere to be found.

'Why isn't he answering his cell phone?' Ibrahim asked in exasperation. He'd been trying to call Staffe for days, but the agent wasn't picking up his calls. He was also grumpy as his wife had found his porn collection, and was getting all spiritual on him..


The woman moaned with pleasure, feeling the waves ride down the base of her spine, as he licked the insides of her thick thighs slowly, ever so slowly, till he got to her enormous backside, which he began to bite softly....the woman moaned even louder, as she felt the throes of an orgasm consume her...again, for the fifth time.
The man bent her over, and slid inside her, holding her large ass...'Nackson aint got nothing on me', he thought, as he ignored the buzz of his cellphone as he pounded inside her hard. He felt himself, about to his orgasm arrived, he smiled....
His name was Straffe Okon, and he was doing what he did best. ....

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Tribute to MJ

I was on facebook a couple of nights ago, and I saw status messages about Micheal Jacksons death. I was like, hell no...MJ was one of those people that you just felt would be around for ages. I went up to check CNN, and I Stayed up waiting for a confirmation, till it came around 2 am my time, that the legend had passed on...
I wanted to do a post about MJ but I was sooo lazy about it..but he deserves here goes:

I remember when I was young, in what seems like a lifetime ago..
seeing this guy on TV with amazing dance steps..
Absolutely fascinating to a young kid like me...
My older sis had paper and magazine clips of you...
She used to keep em in an album.
Although now shes spiro (Spiritual), so she might deny that (lol)
I wanted to do a drawing of you, and I asked her how to spell 'Jackson'
Thats when I discovered that 'son' wasn't 'sin'
I watched 'Thriller' with my neighbors then, and I remember us running to the far corner of the room
cus we felt em zombies were actually coming for us
I actually got the thriller album as a gift then...
And even though you evolved as time went by.
You were an inspiration to kids, dancers, and all alike
I watched the video to learn how to moonwalk
All in a bid to attract chicks of course..hehe
I am sorry about the parasites you had around you
I am sure those allegations were fake anyways
Fools wanting to reap where they didn't sow..
I am watching ginuwine on TV now
I'm sure you inspired him in some way..
Well dude, hope you are in a better place...
Maybe 'thrilling' the angels...
I'm sorry about your lost childhood and stuff..
I have my opinion but make dem no kan sue me..
I got into university, and my boys and I (Fellow geeks)
were eating lunch at one buka (You wont know that)
And 'smooth criminal' came on...
And we stayed behind watching the video..
Even Ike, the most hardened cynic of us all...
Was tripping for your stepping...
Instead of studying, we were reading MJ102..
When some fools who felt they were cool..
Wanted to make fun of me....
They used to call me 'wacko jacko'
I only later discovered what it meant..
Well man, I have to go..
'Beat it' just came on the TV..
As a thought, I wonder how you had a doc in the house
And you still had cardiac arrest..
Hmm, well dat na my own sha..
God knows all and will judge accordingly
You made us blacks proud..
Even with your skin issues and all...
RIP bro...
You ARE a legend..
And I don't think anyone will ever take your crown..


Just found this video explaining why you did stuff to your skin..
Amazing how people just like to judge..
But I guess we humans are like that..
MJ sun re o! (Sleep well o!)

PS: If you drop a comment, please drop a line for hating please...thanks!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ouch! I had my wisdom teeth taken out, on the left side of my my left ear has an ache, and my teeth also in that region...whats a brother supposed to do...all because I wan do fine boy? And I went to the bone surgeon's he just told me there was nothing he could do, and that I should give it time. I got some pain killers (Which I had to ask for), and thats it.
I have been very lazy, and left off martial arts training for like 2 weeks now...I need to get back and practice again... Toastmasters was nice..I won a speaker award last meeting..and someone said its a Nigerian thing, referring to my ability to be spontaneous and to come up with ideas on the spot. My friend told me he didn't want to sound nasty, but he felt it was inborn, i.e that we were all smooth talkers, and he mentioned he'd met some of us who were con-artists....the way my guy was like 'Damn! You guys are good' expression. Anyways he agreed with me that it's just a few of us using our 'talents' for bad things, and obviously they all know (Thanks to people like me), that not all Nigerians are like that. I have made myself, an unofficial one-man ambassador of Nigeria, ko easy sha, but I dey try.

On the chicks side, men, my armor seems to be cracking...see, this prayer of 'Lead us not into temptation' men, some kinds of temptations exist such that, you will walk into it as if you are in a trance...Now, even though I don't condone infidelity in any side of the relationship (Man, or woman), I now understand how some men fall...I just think God loves me specially, and he manages to yank me out of stuff

For our next toastmasters meeting, I am helping someone with her speech, and it involves me dressing up as a chick...the woman doing the speech is bringing me a wig and a wrapper. Guys, don't roll eyes..this is me...wavemasta...lover of all women big and beautiful (Well, beauty is a plus, but as long as all the 'assets' are so, I haven't changed my sexual orientation, or decided to wear women's thongs, and no I am not trying to 'channel my inner woman' make una relax.

I haven't been to church in 2 weeks, I gotta go this week...its just that men, my church far small, and as I haven't bought the Audi yet, yes I know excuses hexcuses...hehe..don't worry my soul is intact.

I had a good laugh with a naija friend, looking at some chicks facebook pictures. Women, I love you all, but please, if you don't have a large butt, or a shapely butt, then do not, take those back shot pictures where the lady is looking over her shoulder...I mean this womans own was FLAT...I mean, I could drive a car on it, and not hit any bumps or 'pot-holes' (lol)....My guy was trying to defend the chick telling me that her breasts could compensate for the flatness of the behind, but I staunchly told no....I mean what if I wanted to ...*er.... you know what? Some kid might be reading this...lemme leave the raunchy stuff up to some people.

*Sigh...Life is good anyways...

I have a question for you people...can a dude really be monogamous? I mean, I used to think so, but events have been happening and I have been philosophizing about it...funny how much time you got to think when you live alone...
Now I am not asking this question because I have 'plans'....its just a question...I know female folk can stay more than 2 years without it...but can a dude do that? Even if he might not wanna hit it...he still might want to test his 'hunter' instinct...this is no battle of the sexes..just been doing some thinking..

Anyways, I gotta go chop...remember make love, and not war..

Friday, May 29, 2009

Men, let me blog this thing before it gets to the end of the month and I haven't updated. A lot has been happening sha, but lemme start.
I almost fell into temptation sha, ko easy, God helped me out of the thing. I now realize that as a guy its only God that can save you, because there are some things that you see, and you will just enter 'hunter mode', funny thing was that I feel, and want to believe that if I had gone home and slept and spent two days on it, my 'rational mind' would have kicked know the one which reminds you of your commitments and blah blah. But I think God stepped my brothers out there, just pray that jah doesn't allow you to meet your waterloo..
Speaking of commitments, I can say I have learned a lot about myself, and about what I can and cannot stand in a woman, and one of those characteristics I cannot stand is that shes 'Thin'! ewwwww.....(I have cake beside me...don't want to lose my appetite)
Afrobabe said one benue babe would finish me in my last post....see, lets put this thing to the test, last man standing...hmm, let me not begin calling my oriki for
Men, work has just been there, 3 projects all on my head, and me just coding and coding trying to reach the customers deadline. Luckily we have ANOTHER holiday (Eat your heart out guys!) on monday, so I get 4 days...bliss..
Now, all I need is a large calabar babe to....preach to...lemmme win 'souls'...
Lets talk football. Yeah football.....
Now I am not a footie fan, I am more of a political football fan.
Lemme break it down for you.
My number one team is Man U.
Then, if arsenal plays another team, I always support arsenal.
Then if arsenal and man u jam, I always support man U.
Yes, its dirty, sleazy, and amala politic-like, but its my system, and I'm sticking to it! lol...
There was so much beef against man U esp when they it the inherent dislike for people who are at the top of their game, or was this just friendly 'yabs' in the name of football? Some nigerian dude went and drove a van into Barca supporters, and killed 4 of em.
I stopped being so interested in football, after peter rufai messed up at france 98. I mean why on earth would you go clubbing the night before a match?
Then when I saw a player being driven to work in his hummer, I asked myself one question:

'Who's gonna watch you on TV, wavemasta'?

And I decided to make a future for myself, instead of killing myself like nigerians do, over guys who will make millions from a single match, win or lost. Don't get me wrong. I don't hate the game....I just do not understand lengths people take it to.

I have goals, and dreams, written goals with plans to make them happen. I have burnt my bridges and theres no turning back....

My friend and colleague at work was gisting me about ways of scoping chicks here, because frankly I had to ask, though I wasn't going to implement:

'Why do dutch girls act like they don't like to have sex?'

I mean, for a country known as the sex capital of europe...I mean I had a former classmate suggest I go stay in a room with one of the prostitutes in the red light district, and that would take care of free accommodation....I wondered if it was just me, or why were they acting as if they had things stuck up their backsides?
My friend was telling me that well, they want a lot (Typical chick behavior), and they are always sizing the guy up to see if he has a good position at work so he can take them for vacations....kai.......
He then told me of how an African man walked up to his chick and demanded her phone number just like went home fuming and told my guy, of course he found it funny...which is why he kept saying 'hmm here, we cannot do it like they do it in Africa'...oh and my friends black, but theres some white in him somewhere...
I felt sorry for his poor our brother was tired of all the agro,and decided to 'take the kingdom' by force.....

I had a nice toastmasters meeting today, I was grammarian of the evening, which mean't I was in charge of monitoring peoples 'bullets' shot during the course of their speeches....a role I destroyed naija
My romanian friend is my mentor...very nice one though, I think she will make a good teacher....

Now before I go, lemme show you a picture of another fine bebe (Ibo accent), I am going to buy. I claim it in Jesus name, loruko jesu, amin, amin...all enemies that want to prevent me from stepping into my destiny, fall down and (insert favorite torture here)...
This bebe in fact, odikwa riski, not to have this bebe...

Her name is BMW (Be My Wife) X6....
Please dear, will you marry I hear an amen somebody? LOL!

Now guys, my tea and cake are calling me at past one o clock sat morning...

I miss my (non-existent) big burriful wife, and lovely kids...

Una go manifest soon, no worries...

Good night people!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Today's a public holiday, yesterday was one also, and I am just chilling. Later today, I'm going to delft to hook up with some of my boys..theres also some singles program in the church there, and free jollof rice...hey don't blame me, wetin man fit do? The weather here is now excellent, and so sunny, and it's lifting my spirits...hehe..
Well, nothing much has been happening, I saw 'star trek', and once I got past the 'sylar' persona of zachary quinto, I admit he did a good job and the movie wasn't screwed up. A valuable lesson this place has taught me is the art of taking care of myself, i.e pampering myself, and handling myself with care. If you don't do it for you, then who's gonna do it? My former flatmate is back to italy, after finishing his thesis, and so I have a 3 floor crib to myself, complete with all the works. Do I hear houseparty, women, and booze anyone? lol...
Speaking of the chicks....I've noticed that my hunger has become harder to control, and that sometimes I am chaffing at the restraints. I bin wondering about the virtues of polygamy..I mean if I have like 5 big beauties, that should be enough to keep me 'gainfully' occupied...then each of those 5 would be from different tribes...lets say 2 Yoruba, one Ibo, one Calabar, one Benue (*running away from afrobabe..)...
I do pressups and workout with my dumbbells so I won't have any injuries..hehe
But seriously, being in this position has made me understand why some guys do what they do, and the difference between guys and chicks. I know girls who have told me they have no issues just being on their own..but you see, girls do not wake up in the morning with a certain part of their anatomy pointing towards the ceiling...for us it seems its more of satisfying an urge without any emotional attachment..but for chicks, its the emotions...which is why girls are always like 'hold me'...thats after the *ahem of course...
And to think I go stay with just one for the rest of my life...well sha, I guess thats why you always make sure its worth it :-)
It explains why and how guys can cheat and well, its socially acceptable than if a chick does the same....a guy can just do his thing and walk without any meaning attached to it, but my sisters have their hearts in there....not an excuse though..I advocate fidelity from both parties...anyways e go better.
My work is good, just that at times I put myself under pressure especially if my code doesn't work the way I want it to...being your own motivator can be daunting but God dey anyways...
On another note, I just bought eminems new album, 'Relapse'. Check out 'medicine ball' track where he imitated christopher reeve rapping...slim shady won't make me lose my head laughing..

Now, I am so in love with this ride, I just salivate over I will buy it, prolly before I get married..

Audi S5

Next, I absolutely am getting this


My Dutch is improved...went for a bank interview, the guy just dey speak the thing to me..well I understood a bit, and could flow back..
Gosh I miss naija...

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Well, I can blog this cus I am sitting in front of my departure gate back to my hood...arghh...
The emirates is lovely. I got to see the fishes, and all of the nice things its known for. I really wish we could have lovely things like that back home in places like Lagos, where normal middle class families would just be able to chill with their families, and take their sons out without fear of harassment or intimidation.
I won't even consider blogging from MMI airport back asked me if I would still remember how to get back from there to my crib in naija...
Anyways sha, now I am back to my old life and routine, and to tell you guys, I am not so happy about it at all. I try to reach out to my colleagues at the office, but everyone seems to have their own thing going on, so to just go out and have a drink after work seems outta the question. I got my naija peeps here, but some dey write project, some are still trying to escape "Alcatraz"

Well, I will just keep on doing my projects and keep my attitude positive in that land of bread and cheese...gosh!

I am looking forward to watching "Star Trek". I want to see sylar (Zachary Quinto) play spock, and see if he got the role right.

What else...well, I got to see different kinds of exotic fish in the aquarium, and was joking with my friends that if it was back in lagos, they would have used the fish to do pepper

Well, my gist is boring, nothing much happening.
I have followed the situation back home in Ekiti State, with those old ladies who went naked to protest. In spite of all that the "owners" still did what they wanted to do with the elections.
It's so crazy, and I hear fuel scarcity is on the rampage, and we are supposed to be exporting a large amount of petrol everyday. I heard some gist about us being suspended from OPEC, because we export oil, but the money isn't showing in our country. I mean, check out these dubai people...when did they start? We had oil before them, but, no, some corrupt dudes just want to chop it all.

I also heard theres a "Brain Gain" back in Nigeria, because Nigerians in diaspora are coming back home to take up good jobs. I even hear some companies are recruiting. I saw some posts on nairaland about it...I got to see typical bad belle from some home based peeps..I mean, theres enough of the pie to go around. No one would hire a naija only university trained graduate over someone from a prestigious foreign uni like Harvard, MIT, or my very own (hehe) TUDelft, except if they were highly exceptional.
I saw a lot of complaints about phonetix, and the usual rhetoric about diasporean peeps not having "skillz" or complaining about the size of their paycheck in comparison to their Nigerian counterparts. Guys should just stop beefing and begin to
appreciate.If you are not satisfied with where you are, then upgrade! Add to yourself instead of whining. The whiners didn't make the sacrifices some made to succeed and yet, some still beef them when they succeed.
The link is here.
Imagine, one %$##@ said that the beneficiaries from this "Brain Gain" are kids of the "elite" or the "rich". Dude...stop whining. Become rich. Serve others, make an impact. Me, I am rich, will be rich, and screw anyone who beefs me chopping the fruits of my labor.

Whew! I just ranted.....*sigh

I just had a stimulating conversation with a pretty business developer half-french Moroccan and an engineer beside me and made good contacts..

Well guys, seems my flight is about to be ready,I just saw stewardesses in red *wink so I gotta run...ciao!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Hey peeps how far?
After being fed up of this place where people eat bread 3 times a day (I always wondered how they would cope if they ran out of flour), and getting seriously stressed, I just decided to do what any normal omo boy would do... which is I bailed.
I took out some time out of my allocated holiday time given to me by my company and just bailed... I planned my vacation to make the most of weekends and public holidays.
Men, vacations are very important. So, I hung out with the gf, had fun, watched 'X-men origins: Wolverine' which is a very tight movie by the way. Spoiler Alert: They shot a scene in Nigeria,and the guys were speaking
Now, I am in a nice hotel with a nice view of the all I need are orgies...wait, I didn't say that..I mean't .....

Ah, never

I have one project waiting for me back at my base.. not to mention other things.....

Anyways Jah dey.

See you guys later.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Happy Birthday!

This is for you's been 3 years now....walking this path.

I thank God for your life and for adding another year to it.......

I pray God continues to increase you in wisdom and understanding..

And you keep growing and you reach your dreams..

To the best girlfriend and companion in the world.

Happy Birthday sweetheart..

Love you loads...

*sigh...I've always being a romantic..but not the Ramsey Noah

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy easter my peeps, God bless y'all. I should have updated but men I have just been so lazy. Working on projects and a whole lot, anyways...
I didn't gist you that I gave my icebreaker speech at toastmasters. The icebreaker is like your 'initiation' speech, and funnily enuff I won best speech of the evening, and I am like...Wow! That was kinda like 2 weeks back.
From there on in my office they have done another internal rearrangement. Now my managers table is kinda behind me..I am not sure if thats good or bad...hehehe. Now before you peoples minds start flying to different dimensions, just know that some sites are blocked in my office. Yeah those geeks have been working overtime. So, no porn, you tube doesn't play videos, hi5, FACEBOOK (Thank God!), meebo,yahoo messenger etc...but trust me sha, I get back door for chatting, only thing is I get caught up in work so much that I do not think about those things...I can also use blogger but cannot read the comments, those get blocked also...but I got a back door, etc.

I actually succumbed and went to watch the movie that everyones raving about 'Jenifa'. I heard it was hilarious..anyways it was one of those movies that when you watch, you actually get embarrassed for the actor/actress, and you do not want to watch again. But sha it was funny in some areas, but they passed across some erroneous info in the movie. Part which creeped me out was where some chicks went in a bus for some supposed party, and in the middle of it, ritualists just came out and slaughtered em all. The chicks were meant to dress in yellow and black, and the ritualists had the same thing any chick dem see like dat, na die be that.
Got me thinking...sure its a movie, but most of us Africans or Nigerians do think that way. When are we gonna realize that getting rich is not a matter of 'jazz' but about your mindset, and willingness to trade value, (not your body), for money?
It beats me also why some men think that by slaughtering a fellow human being, they can turn them into a human ATM, spewing out dollars? And these lies, and myths are actually believed by guys with exposure. You cannot get bill gates kinda cash like that...I kid you not.

At my toastmasters meeting, I got chatting with this Romanian babe...very geeky but hot..we got talking about the different issues in our countries, and she told me that her country also had corruption, and also she believed that all countries had good and bad people, so she didn't think my country was that bad..we ended up in a sort of contest as in 'whose country's issues are the craziest'..she asked me if I had plans to change the system, you know go back, etc...I shared some of my plans, but let her know that our corruption and ish are perpetuated by people who went out of the country, but went back and got sucked into the system.
I mean back in my university in naija, some of the lecturers chasing skirts went to top schools like oxford, etc...but they came back and well, they got 'systemed'.
I do not believe that will happen to me. Only thing is that omo boy is gonna open his eyes well....
Now see me, o, thank God I got new supplies of garri and egusi to last me...hehe, jah dey. I spend wey too much cash on books on self development..I pray it pays off oooh.
I always get into arguements with my housemate..he loves leaving the toilet seat up, and I like it down. The annoying thing is when I get to the bathroom, and he leaves the door wide open, and the seat up..he says it's always like that at the company, but so freaking what? lol... I told him his chick would complain, but he says no..
Anyways, I was at work on good friday, but tomorrows free for me...make I use am relax.
Ok, I just added this later to this post. I was chatting with a childhood friend of mine, and like most times he said things in yoruba like 'God will do it', and etc etc, and sometimes I would just say amen, or make faces, (nice ones), nothing freaky, just in tune with my personality..but do you know that he later began asking me if I was an atheist? I mean WTF? I am against false religion, and I don't believe I must say God every 5 mins to 'defend' my faith. Na wa oo.. there are so many people who must use God as a noun, adjective, etc and still commit the most heinous atrocities, so when people keep saying 'we thank God', 'God is on the throne', etc...I am like in my mind 'yeah we know all that, but be real for once...arghhh!' Don't know if anyone feels me... but the guy apologize sha, but it just got me thinking...

Friday, March 20, 2009


This week has been one helluva week. Lets see where to start.
I have been adjusting to single life, with its ups and downs. Since I let anaconda out of his cage, hes been breathing in fresh air, and trying to attune himself to his surroundings. Unfortunately he hasn't been able to 'feed' yet. Poor guy. I keep trying to reassure him that soon, he will feed and feed well.
Now, I've been listening to DJ ZEEZ, and this guy is the ish..his songs are so tight with sick beats, and his songs are mostly in yoruba, as in street yoruba, and he is an ibo dude, born n bred in Lagos.. a bariga boy to be exact.
I stumbled on this hit jam 'o4kasibe' and I was tripped. 'o4kasibe' means that your deeds will be known in all the four cardinal points of the earth. Anyways sha, I set it for my ring tone. Now at todays toastmasters meeting, I Was assigned the role of 'wordmaster'. This means I get to pick a word, and talk about it, and people who make speeches try to use that word in their speech, and its my job to track how many people use it. So our theme for tonight was 'exploring the senses' and the word I chose for the day was 'sensual'. For you to be reading my blog, I know you're intelligent so don't ask me what it means. If you wanna know, ask afrobabe, ibiluv, or badderchic, and please sisters I love u all, don't come here and kill me
Anyways, we first did whats called a table topic session. They call you out and you have to make a speech about something, sharp sharp. This evening, when they call you out, they blindfold you, and give you an object, tell you if its edible or not, and then you guess what it is. After then, you get the blind taken off, then you talk about what you held. When it was my turn, I was blind folded, and something round was put in my hands. Now it wasn't long and hard, if so, I for swear for dem mama, and it wasn't large and soft...else I would have...
Instead it turned out to be small and round and hard, and it was a tangerine. When I gave my freestyle speech it was about how tangerines could, in addition to its primary purpose (food), be used in a sensual way, between man and woman. I mentioned I didn't know about tangerines, and man and man, but no one caught the joke.
Na so I Dey in the meeting, when person call me. And guess what my ringtone is 'o4kasibe'. Chei! I wanted to bury my head in embarrassment! It happened twice during someones speech.Luckily my caller stopped and I was able to put it in vibrate during the time for the speech applauses, because the phone was in my coat, and my coat was at the end of the room.
So, there I was looking fly, emi fine boi, lookin sexy, next thing, as I dey beside this fine woman who just gave a speech about sleepy hollow, na so I mess.
The mess I messed was silent, and deadly. When I realized I had violated the UN peace treaty, I almost began praying that 'Please God, let this fart move the opposite way'. Cus the way this oyibo womans nose looked, ehn, e be like say in fit detect am.
So, in order to get to my meeting on time, I had to take a taxi, which was my last card. Luckily I got a return ticket, and when I got to my city, I felt I cud bobo a taxi to carry me home then I'd pay him back on monday. Lailai, dem no gree. I had tried all my cards, credit, debit, to get some small cash, nuthin happen.
Well, After crying to God for help, I walked to the bus driver for the bus going my way, waited till I Was the last, and begged him to let me ride.
If you are reading this, then I got home are still kind people out there, and I made sure I took the exit close to him so I could say good night to him. Thanks Opa (grandad) for helping out. Shows there are still nice people around.
This weekend I will just stay indoors. I made some financial decisions which put me in my present predicament, like looong fone calls to my ex using my former contract fone line...but you know now, I was in women have us guys on lockdown, so quit the feminist bullshit, and accept the fact that you are different and not inferior. But una get wayo, one time, woman go talk say, she be feminist and wants 'equal rights', but in Nigeria, she can block the road with her car, and can shout, 'I'm a woman' and you can't do jack. A woman did that to us, and all of us had to reverse. And there was no car behind her.
God save us ooo..

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Today I went for Aikido lessons. My body still hurts. Learn t how to break arms.
My dutch has improved. I was able to yarn one of our cleaning ladies (shes pretty but shes thin) in dutch, and I was
I broke up finally two days ago.
Couldn't paddle a canoe alone which was meant for 2 people.
Now the ancient hunger has awakened within me.
No woman is safe.
Am I the last of a dying breed?
Why does every girl want to be thin and anorexic?
What if I have to compromise and I end up marrying a thin girl (yuck!)
I love my big girls.
The way my hands roam about their curves...
The way they carry emselves...
Of course I only like the ones wey get shape...
Now, I have released the padlock on my anaconda...
Now hes hungry, and well, either I go back to naija or....
And my dreams are coming close to being a reality.
Please if you are big and beautiful, don't lose weight.
Wavemastas coming to a hood near you...
If you read this post, holla at your sisters, divorced friends, etc...
Cus I'm Santa Claus coming to 'ho ho ho' at y'all
I do not feel any pain about the breakup.
Just emptiness.
Maybe the pain will come later, maybe not.
And wondering, how I will meet the woman of my dreams...
The one created for me...
who will allow me to pleasure her beyond her wildest fantasies..
who I will love and respect and she will do the same...
Does she exist in fantasy land?
Or is she now in the palm of my hand?
Damn damn which kind life be this...
almost close to a year without getting any....
This suffering must end..
I know I am rambling and all.....
Lemme get back to watching burn notice...
And to plan my vacation..
Thinking of some exotic island in the pacific
Thank God I am no longer jumping okadas in Lagos
I Can now plan trips to places I only used to read about..
To God be the glory..
Hopefully I might just find a big beautiful woman with high self esteem...
*sigh guys I am out...

Monday, March 9, 2009


Who flagged my blog for Adult content for heavens sake?
I don't write porn..I mean, what on earth?

Dream List

Now, I ask myself...what would I do if I had 100 million dollars in the bank and could do anything I want?

Warning: Doing this exercise will bring out whats really inside

1. Start my own companies, in different areas, do new inventions, be named in Forbes 400 richest people in the world, and the most powerful people in the world

2. Travel round the world....thailand, china, usa, fiji, tonga, spain....go to a different place every month...just with my backpack, n explore with or without knowing anyone...

3. Lie on the beach with sunglasses on with a big chick beside me and me saying 'screw the world'

4. Start up my charity organization and pump cash into revolutionizing the way our Nigerian youths think

5. Have a harem of big beautiful women..and have orgies (This is only if theres no God and I am single and no one gets is why its a fantasy)

6. Marry my ideal woman, have kids, including things, do crazy stuff together...including wild amazing sex (yes, I know I think about it all the time...)

7. Skydive maybe....mountain climbing, skiiing, snowboarding...

8. Learn as many languages as I can, and get my black belt in

9. Support the work of God by giving to my church and wherever he directs me to

10. Make a massive contribution to my field (Software Development)...

11. Support my wife's dreams, to the max..

12. Give a speech to the united nations and get a standing ovation...

Let me stop there. Guys, the way things are going, you might see me ending up marrying one oyibo big chick oo...some of em are veryyyy nice....but seems the binding spell I put on my anaconda is working too well, except of course when I am at God, well when you were giving out s-drives, you gave your son a triple portion...
God...wheres my ideal woman....the one who will be able to match me in EVERY way? The one who wont run and report me to 'Aunt Agathas' column in the Nigerian independent newspaper as wanting to kill her with kokomycin overdose?
The one who I will love n respect n she will do the same back, and we meet each others needs, and both of us will come first?
Hey...maybe I have her right now and I aint seeing it..
Jah dey anyways...
Cheers guys!

I tag.....everyone who comes to this me..this exercise can change your has

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Guys welcome to the month of march, may we all march 4ward this month in Jesus name, amen.
Ok, enuff with the spiro yarns, lets get busy.

My dreams are about to manifest, and things have happened. Things are happening, I am on the fast lane. But lets wait anyways, and see.
I will only update straffe okon if I have enough 'requests'
So far
Men work is good, and my dutch is improving. I can just imagine me yarning these chicks dbanj's lyrics in dutch, tellin em the dem go just die. Well life's just there, once again I am in a big house, cold, broke, and well I am not discouraged...but men if this was naija, I could have been sandwiched between two big juicy ones, but unfortunately this aint happening here, so its manageable for
One of my colleagues has taken to speaking only dutch to me by force. He did this when trying to show me a jessica simpson CD, which he bought in Saudi. The arabs (hypocrites) had colored her bare arms and any part of her body showing some skin, with a black they wanted to hijab here as well...God help us.
The fasting is over...a whole frigging month of February and I will so so not do it again...whew..
I feel like a prisoner in this country at times, sure they are organized and have a wonderful system, but they are so freaking strict especially with us Nigerians, so its been so difficult getting my loved ones to come visit me here. I am so tired of suffering for the sins of some idiots who sit behind a screen and send scam mails to people. They get small money and go to some clubs and spend money on foolish girls who are plotting how to get cash out of them without giving up the coochie...
And people like us get to suffer for it. I told one of my colleagues that I'd like to do something about changing the image of Nigerians, but he told me that would be difficult, why? Well he just got another email from some guy called 'gladys nkaka'...gosh...
I read a business development book where the author advised against accepting orders from known mail fraud countries such as 'Nigeria'. I was stunned. This was someone I respected, and I applied the principles he taught..but this?
One of my brothers in church was telling me how Nigerians invited their friends over here and they would take off and leave the friend to pay the 50k euro fine.
But like someone said, Americans and others commit crimes also, and the yanks are responsible for the global financial meltdown. So why dem dey beef us? Especially Oprah?
Anyways sha, God dey, we will overcome...

Men, I got my first aikido lesson tomorrow, and toastmasters on friday.....
No one is doing house fellowship at my crib. I will not have talk about how oral sex is 'sinful' in my

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Sunday....enuff things men..anyways lets jump into it. Had my pastor and his wife over at my crib yest, it was nice, they liked my neighborhood..anyways they talked about trying to set up some singles events to link up all the 'decent sistas' and 'brothas' over here, who've graduated and are working, and well, looking for a yarinya. I wasn't down, since I am off the market, but I mentioned these to some friends of mine, who incidentally didn't belong to my church and they were more than interested...see the depths people would go to to just come to
Something happened today which made me thank God I didn't take the Sunday school post, especially when they taught about stuff I do not believe in. From my position as technical person...I coordinate the slides for the service, so imagine when I saw the title.. sunday school "The moral dangers of modern dancing" my spirit filled head, I Was like WTF? These people done come again...and yeah it was exactly as I imagined. Let me break it down....dancing in the world today is meant to be evil, as it contains guys holding women they aren't married to, etc, and the choreography involves stimulating parts of the promotes nakedness, etc.

They now linked it to the story of the golden calf, cus the Israelite where worshiping that thing and dancing....But for crying out loud, their sin, was worshiping an idol, not dancing. They even said it was the "devils" strategy for luring people since its the end times, etc. Men I began to ask myself, wetin be all this? This was the kind of things, and issues I had with xtianity, and even though I know these things are just peoples opinions, it still disturbs one. I had visions of myself not being able to celebrate my birthday, call my boiz, and just relax, or not been able to dance at my own wedding, cus I go dey think....what will they say?
Ol boi...f** that... If I wanna do konko below anywhere, I go do am, and if no one likes that, or think I'm any less of a xtian, because I do not carry the badge of always listening to gospel music, then so be it.
Of course I know people can go to extremes, and all that, and that one should be moderate in all stuff, but just to condemn an entire genre is wrong. They now said the dancing must only be for "Gods glory"..pray, who defines what Gods glory is? If I am happy, and having fun without trying to hurt anyone, is that not gloryfying? Soon, it will extend to what we listen to, read, etc...

I almost lost my mind over this some time back and never had anything to do with church folk because of that...its only madam that psyched me to go back, now I had to hear this....unfortunately, I will just have to just bone face, and just take what I Agree with and discard what I don't cus I can't say I wont go to church again because of that....wait till you see what they wrote about marriage algebra....jah dey sha. We were asked if we wanted to agree or disagree with what was said, but u know our naija pple, if I now raised my hand, dem go tag me as bad I just remove mind comot...
Sigh...religion...we got so much of it in Nigeria, yet we aren't moving forward...makes u ask some very tough questions.

I got so many novels, and books to read, and I am doing my language homework...arghhhh...which kin thing be this? We had a deliverance service today, and I was determined not to fall when hands were being laid on me...but I received a lot, and prayed for my loved ones n their families...
And my pastors son, likes to drag the keyboard with me, when I am trying to do the presentation slides for the service...anyways he's just still
Anyways back to the issue of hooking us single brothas n sistas up...ol boi....after seeing some of the specimens here, no offense, I'd rather stay single n visit mrs hand...and thats in the event that I was single anyways which I Am not...thing is, I am not one of those people who settle for less because "ahh you cannot always have everything" , and "ooh, let us just manage"...someone once said something I like which is..."when the available becomes desirable, simply because the desirable becomes unavailable, then you are in bondage"....thing is, what I got going with my chick is too special, so if I have to wait longer...(almost a year now), then so be it...if I go one like this, I hope I don't begin to suffer from premature... afro can fill in the part, I am

Anyways guys, I am still here, still aiming for the top, and for my goals...and nothing, is gonna stop me...

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Hey guys, whats going on? Hows it been? It's been ages since I blogged..don't know where to start, so I will just rant. what is this with our president and his vacations? Do presidents do vacations? Isn't it too early for one? From what I gathered its like he didn't tell anyone anything, which I find a bit odd. And to my next favorite story, the goat which was apparently a former human being called 'salihu' (I kid you not) has been auctioned for like 3k naira...I will check it out and be sure. I wonder about our Nigerian witches and jazzmen. Seriously if I was a wizard, I'd be pimping on the highest levels. Today, na yankee, tomorrow, na london...shebi they have one special magic which allows em to teleport, just like the 'jumper' movie. In fact, I'd be so cool all the ladies would be tripping. If anyone comes to me for consultation, I'd bring out my laptop and load Oracle 9.1 (Ifa version), and use it to divine their futures.
Methinks Nigerian witches and jazzmen need some PR and rebranding.
Imagine, they even have some bulletproof jazz. Imagine what that would do to Nigeria's GDP. Making patents for the US make I no talk.
I finally began taking steps towards my dream. Yeah my company, and for world domination. I was basically scared, cus I didn't know what I would do or what problems I would solve, but I wrote my plan down, and some things became clear. I sent it to a friend of mine, whose company specialises in mentoring people who want to start up...I am still working at my day job, and keeping my fingers crossed.
Dutch lessons are fun, its just that the combination of the lessons, and work makes me spend like 10 hours on my feet tuesdays, but wetin man go do? lol, and I am getting the hang of it.
My pastors wife, tried to psyche me into teaching sunday school. When I heard that, my eyes wanted to bulge. Ah, straffe okon in sunday, I had to decline, and instead opted for the technical department. At least I get to be in front of a computer, and at least it's small work for the church. The downside is that I have to wake up an hour earlier on sunday.. *sniff, * aint my fault, my weekdays are long... I work like 9 hours everyday now (see me as eficco, na 8 I suppose do), and well weekends are the only times I got to chill out, so I guard them jealously. As for Falentines day (yeah, I can spell valentines day well, thanks a lot)..well, it was just there. Had a female friend over, she needed to buy a ticket via a credit we just chilled in my room, got her a chair, but well, I'm in celibacy mode, and she doesn't conform to my specifications, of big big, and me not talk, cus e get some big I no fit carry, though I champion the cause of big ladies everywhere. So we just jisted, called another mutual friend of ours here, and just talked, had per guest. It would have been nice to be with the madam, but oh well, she no dey here...but it will work out, insha allah.

So, what else...lets see, I can now cook a mean jollof a nice recipe from a female friend of mine...tis on the fire And yeah last week I took another step towards developing another gift of mine, a gift I haven't exercised in ages. Thing is, I'm trying to make my stay here as positive as I can without whining. Life outside you is a reflection of life inside you. If you smile at the world, it smiles back at you, same goes to if you frown at the world.
As per women and relationships, well the one I am in has taught me a whole lot about managing women, being patient, building bridges even if you feel you were the offended one, and a whole lot. I thank God for all the lessons I had to learn and I am still learning. As for mine now, well, I think I have given it the best I can, and the other party also, so we will see. Trying to get her here, and well we believe it will work out for the best.
Whew...see me see typist......
Laterz guys!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

I have been very lazy...but I had quite an eventful week... I had the flu and had to stay home for 2 days, which was probably given to me by my friend who is sleeping in my living room now.... I began my Dutch classes, and yeah things have just been moving slow and steady..
When I was playing around on the internet, I found a very interesting post. Apparently the Nigerian Police force arrested a goat on charges of armed robbery. Ok I know some of you wont believe me, and as such I will post the link. I laughed my head off so much....ok heres the gist...the goat was brought to the cops by members of a vigilante group..apparently they chased two armed robbers who wanted to escape in a mazda. The first dude escaped, the second put his back to the wall, and morphed into a goat a la harry potter, enough of that...Here's the link..

On the vigilante issue, there's a scary video which some of my facebook friends keep posting...which sickens me..the video shows the lynching of a suspected armed robber on the streets of Lagos, and for those new to it, the lynching involves putting a rubber tyre round the persons neck, dousing the person with petrol, and setting it all ablaze...I saw this shit once when coming back from university back in naija and it still gives me the creeps thinking about it...someone actually stood through it and videoed it all, and guys are posting it all over facebook...what kind of image are we trying to sell of our nation? Yeah I know our police system is messed up...i.e check out the goat issue, but cmon no one is entitled to judge anyone like that....and those guys burning people would go back to their respective churches and mosques and then wonder why their lives aren't moving...its so sad really. No one deserves to die like matter their crime...let God judge em, after all, the bible does say "Vengeance is mine..I will repay"...anyways God dey.
I managed to find the website which pissed off badderchic...wonder why we in naija love to copy the wrong things....its a naija version of "Gossip girl" and they specialize in publicizing whos sleeping with whom, how many times, where, how, etc, of some so called "Big boys" and "Big girls"...I wonder how or what qualifies them to be called that (big boys and girls)..but seriously, how people want to live their lives is their biz..lets focus on more positive things.
Guys, I am off to bed...cheers!
Oh yeah I found a redeemed church in my thats taken care of the spiritual side! the pastor and wife seem to like least we get to speak yoruba to each

Friday, January 9, 2009

Men, how una dey? Thank God its I am in front of the TV, watching cable, and my Grosch beer beside me...lifes good. Wetin I fit talk? But its cold now, really colleagues at the office say its not been this cold in 10 years, and that temperatures could go down to -22 degrees colleague was like, this is not Nigerian weather, and he has a point....add that to this freaking cold I have been having for ages, my people God dey.
For this cold, theres only one activity to keep me warm and satisfied, and its not gymming, those of you who know the koko will understand, to the rest, use your imagination. "Ahh wavemasta, you naughty eficco," I hear some ladies people no be my fault.Anyways sha, I am trying runs to organize my woman to come here, so by Jahs grace it will click. I don try o, its bin almost a year we saw last..
See my office oh, this orobo woman, well thank God shes married, she now wore one skirt like this, with tights again, and that thing was going from left to right when she was walking...but I rebuked the devil at lunch break today, one larrrge one was behind me...I think thats too big for me to carry (Abeg no tell people say I yarn this for public oo..), shes married too...hope the husband is treating her well sha.....I dislike it when orobo women are married to guys who dont appreciate long as shes healthy, and can move, and is presentable...omo, carry go!
Anyways one of my guys here, major friend went home to propose to his babe, his relationship was like mine...long distance. So to all of you who whine "Long distance relationships don't work" to all u girls who say "You men are all the same" lie! Show us you are correct, and can be faithful, and can keep your legs closed, and only accessible to the guy ure with, and then you will reap the benefits...except if the guy na back to my friend.. men I envy the guy...we never see yet. but if you see as in voice dey smile...I am meant to go and collect garri from the bagga tomorrow, as well as some naija CD's. I envy my pally, soon he will be married, have companionship, and of course the it will all be legal....well cmon I know marriage isnt about the koko, but I am sure my sisters, afrobabe and badderchic will tell you that the koko is a very important part of fact, scientific studies have shown that lack of koko has lead to the breakdown of most marriages....if you don't believe me, contact me for the er...'statistics'.
Speaking of naija CD's, I discovered this guy called that dude can RAP....damn...I fell in love with his flow in a song by some usher wannabee(though he was also good) called D.I.P.P....I am critical of rap coming out of naija, since ruggedman didnt seem as hot as his first album, and I don't dig naeto C that much, but thats just me...Ikechukwu seems to love screaming to compensate for the empty silences when he cant think of rap....and mode 9 is ok...but men, M.I na correct guy...check out the video called 'dangerous' with D.I.P.P..he rapped at the end anyways.

*Ps: if you do not know what the 'koko' are on a looooong tin....
Am out people!