Sunday, June 28, 2009

Tribute to MJ

I was on facebook a couple of nights ago, and I saw status messages about Micheal Jacksons death. I was like, hell no...MJ was one of those people that you just felt would be around for ages. I went up to check CNN, and I Stayed up waiting for a confirmation, till it came around 2 am my time, that the legend had passed on...
I wanted to do a post about MJ but I was sooo lazy about it..but he deserves here goes:

I remember when I was young, in what seems like a lifetime ago..
seeing this guy on TV with amazing dance steps..
Absolutely fascinating to a young kid like me...
My older sis had paper and magazine clips of you...
She used to keep em in an album.
Although now shes spiro (Spiritual), so she might deny that (lol)
I wanted to do a drawing of you, and I asked her how to spell 'Jackson'
Thats when I discovered that 'son' wasn't 'sin'
I watched 'Thriller' with my neighbors then, and I remember us running to the far corner of the room
cus we felt em zombies were actually coming for us
I actually got the thriller album as a gift then...
And even though you evolved as time went by.
You were an inspiration to kids, dancers, and all alike
I watched the video to learn how to moonwalk
All in a bid to attract chicks of course..hehe
I am sorry about the parasites you had around you
I am sure those allegations were fake anyways
Fools wanting to reap where they didn't sow..
I am watching ginuwine on TV now
I'm sure you inspired him in some way..
Well dude, hope you are in a better place...
Maybe 'thrilling' the angels...
I'm sorry about your lost childhood and stuff..
I have my opinion but make dem no kan sue me..
I got into university, and my boys and I (Fellow geeks)
were eating lunch at one buka (You wont know that)
And 'smooth criminal' came on...
And we stayed behind watching the video..
Even Ike, the most hardened cynic of us all...
Was tripping for your stepping...
Instead of studying, we were reading MJ102..
When some fools who felt they were cool..
Wanted to make fun of me....
They used to call me 'wacko jacko'
I only later discovered what it meant..
Well man, I have to go..
'Beat it' just came on the TV..
As a thought, I wonder how you had a doc in the house
And you still had cardiac arrest..
Hmm, well dat na my own sha..
God knows all and will judge accordingly
You made us blacks proud..
Even with your skin issues and all...
RIP bro...
You ARE a legend..
And I don't think anyone will ever take your crown..


Just found this video explaining why you did stuff to your skin..
Amazing how people just like to judge..
But I guess we humans are like that..
MJ sun re o! (Sleep well o!)

PS: If you drop a comment, please drop a line for hating please...thanks!

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Anonymous said...

lool..ur blog is soo funny..I read the post above..'Nuo Long Tin' lool..

I was in shock as well when I saw the breaking news headlines on that thursday...
Just wanted to say...I love you Michael..lights will guide u home..