Thursday, August 30, 2007

Another new year is about to start, we have plenty of new students from naija. I dont want to yab too much becus some1 might read this, but men I ask myself if the admissions guys deliberately went to one spiro long skirt wearing church, and picked out the plainest to come study here. I mean how come fine chix no dey come this side? Not that if there were any, Id do anything sha.
Well I was appointed a mentor, and all that, showing guys around, and on friday I am giving a presentation to new students in my department about my experiences in this school. Not bad at all.
So sha, the spiro crowd wanted to do their house fellowships in my crib. Since Im uncomfy having so many pple in my crib, I said no emphatically. But I changed my mind since they were all new, and most only knew my crib, but men next week, dem go find another venue. My reasons for not wanting my crib open to all and sundry was when one of our "sisters" found my copy of harry potter 7 (good book by the way, and screw all the fundies) and began asking me in one accusing tone that "men so u read harry potter" that was after yesterdays first (and last) fellowship session in my crib.
And I was like yeah, and its a good read, and my choice......
...she now told me that "I wan die be that" then I ignored her and left. If u wanna be closed minded and all....fine.....but please dont infect me. One of the issues I found in me is a tendency to be judgemental, and that comes from hanging ard such people.
The other dude who organized the fellowship didnt make any attempt to help clean up, and was telling me that at least they left me free food (which was true). Only one other dude came back to try and help but by then I was done with my ish.
Well sha, theres only one dude outta them who seems exposed and all........I wonder why these people make me so umcomfy.....maybe its cus me im a happy jolly rocker, and I dont conform to all these stiff spiro types.....anyhow na to get my kpali and comot, na dem sabi.
Well as to some major issues that have been bugging me....I did some soul searching and wrote down like 8 pages of what I thot was wrong with me, and the issues and how I felt I cud get outta this. Well God dey....
I also had an exam 9am in the morning yesterday, and cudnt sleep the nite b4, woke up at 4.35 in the morning, and cudnt go back to bed again.I did some reading , and lay in bed.
Anyways sha I blast the exam..I go gist una d results later.

Todays my mums bday.......happy birthday mum! Long life and prosperity. And the same goes to my peeps doing their thing today.....mamacita, and stavros......happy birthday to you too...

Now I gotta get back to work......

Sunday, August 26, 2007


I have nothing better to yeah Im blogging away.

I just wanna ask a series of questions that have to do with human nature in general...


Is it so easy for us to pass judgement on others but not ourselves?

Is it that when we do shit, we dont realize it can come back, and bite us in the ass, and affect our future and the ones we love?

Is it that we make excuses for ourselves when we screw up.....but mercilessly torture others for the same mistakes we made/make?

Is it that when we realize who we are and how we erred, it seems to take forever when we want to become better people?

Is it that its difficult to forgive and forget?(my fleshly nature)

Is it that, we live in a society where women are regarded as objects, and shes considered soiled if shes been "touched"?

Why do we who have to cast the first stones?

Is it that its difficult to let go of the past, even though you try, thoughts and images still come back and haunt you? And even when you cry out to Jesus, it still seems like forever till help shows up?

Why is it that when you think you are making progress, theres always one stumbling block across the way?

Is it that even when you know God says youre stronger than any obstacle that comes against wake up in the mornings with the same weight on your heart, and you still feel like shit?

Is it that sometimes when you feel like youve found something worth holding on to, and worth keeping, something youve been waiting for all your life..theres one comma attached to it? (Yeah we know nothings perfect)

Why does it seem that negative things manifest faster than positive things?

........Im still asking why....and no, I dont think too much.
Blogging dosent give me joy. The joy of blogging is when guys read your comments.......but screw them all........I started this for the sole purpose of airing my thots to the world. I had a friend over from the UK.....a very cool dude. T was one steady reliable guy,whom I rolled with back in those days. We kinda lost contact, but I remember chilling with him and some of our gang back then. He ran to the UK during my service year, and I think I remember thinking about how my life was gonna turn out, not knowing that my life would change very soon.
So T came over, and we had fun, we reminisced on how far God brought us since the days of hustling for 20 naira bread, or riski burger, just outside el-kanemi hall back in my lag days. I showed him round my school, and it was our introduction week for the new dutch bachelors students, and my friend commented on the fact that our jambite week in unilag was more fun than what they were doing over here. I remember youd come over to the faculty and hear people jamming like crazy, and see guys and chicks, and guys trying their best lyrics, and the chicks frontin like crazy....although u all know that since I am an eficco, I didnt have time for such (wink wink).
Yeah T and I rocked town, went out, eat in nice restaurants (no more 50 naira iyan from iya kukurats buka!...yessss!!!) , and just had a lotta fun........the pix are on my facebook, for all of you interested........Then we began discussing our pasts, and how things were back then. I felt I had issues, and I always used to talk abt em to people, but now T now began yarning abt his own stuff, and I couldnt believe that so much was going on in his head back then, and he would always look calm and unruffled. We also found out that each of us in our own little clique had issues, but I guess not everyones like me........talking about what pinches them.
We discussed our old dreams and all, and I realized that in trying to keep up with all the pressure here, and me evolving into a new person, I had forgotten my old dreams, and all. Talking to him ignited my fire and made me bring out my old dreams, and dust them up, and hang on to them again. Since hes running his own company, he hadnt had much of a vacation, and he also had stuff to talk about, so I guess we sharpened each other, as the good book would say. Its nice to have good friends, friends who arent perfect, but who are sane. People who are normal.
Now well Im ok and ready to roll.
What else........I decided that diving into God wouldnt make me a freak, since my friend wasnt a I finally surrendered my life .........totally, and yeah, I did it for other reasons I wont talk about here.
What else........well I miss my girlfriend like mad, and like crazy, and Im bored, which is why Im blogging, Its a typical sunday.......and I can feel God talking to me in my heart, telling me Im gonna excel, telling me that no obstacle is stronger than myself, and that I can get anything I want, if I just trust in him and be patient.
Damn......Im missing my chick again.............sharrap, all you macho fools, at least Im man enough to admit my emotions.......

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I decided to write this, cus something funny happened to me today. During my unilag days, I had decided that bein an eficco (geek) wasnt gonna attract dem honeyz at all. If you had a four point something CGPA, that was for your own pocket.
So Id always nursed this secret desire to dance, and so I joined my fellowships dance group, thinking I would learn........lai lai, no one was willing to teach.
Na so omo boi begin dey watch usher and ginuwine, and I got one of my pallies, a guy named KNN to start teaching me how to pop and lock and breakdance. Men u wan try....I remember going to surulere to learn from one dude who was supposed to be the best.....ahh romeo.kudos to you....
Anyways sha, my group got this new dude called wande........this kid was good, this guy could dance mennnn, no be small. You should have seen him doing one man dances. And this kid was approachable. You could talk to him, and he wouldnt form. I remember having to go to newest hall to take lessons. Men those were the days.
He had problems then financially, and all that, and the fellowship dudes werent helping...I remember he had to wear a mask to do a solo dance of "get ur freak on", and I watched that dance instead of going for a fellowship meeting cus I was fed up with the whole thing........
Now fastfoward to today when Im watching the "move your body video" by dbanj, on youtube, and someone commented abt how wande could sing, and I was like.....woah woah, hold up..I knew this dudes face looked familiar, I watched it again, and yeah, it was the lil kid who used to give me lessons, and was struggling, and hustling back hes with Mo Hits records with dbanj and Don Jazzie, and he's now Wande Coal.......... I checked out his myspace, and heard some of his jamz.....realli nice...the boy has now tooshed up.....hes looking really fine, and im sure he's rocking well. It just goes to show that you should never look down on people, cus men you dont know tomorrow. Im sure he might have toasted some chicks back then who turned him down, but look at him now. I also saw him on another youtube clip with dbanj,and he was performing in America. This was some1 who was realli realli down..I wont get into details but I knew what he faced those days in unilag. Now God has helped him, and Im glad for him oh.
Talent........we all got it, and sadly, most of us seldom develop it. When we hear of talent, we think of being able to step like Michael Jackson, sing like usher, or beyonce, or write like sidney sheldon.....but your talent could be something as little as being able to comfort people, or your talent could be your smile, or to be able to write. I just discovered I could write poems, and I found it as a result of some shit I was going through, and I needed to express myself.
So to might not get to read this, but men Im proud of you, and for taking out time to teach an eficco like me how to do the crip walk, when others didnt have time for me.....It built up my confidence, and made feel good about me, and gave me more ballz to toast chix. Thanks a lot men. Cmon after I knew I knew I wasnt gonna get a first class anymore, omo boi had to enjoi himself now.....
So guys show wande some love........check out his myspace link here and here he is in this dbanj video "move ur body" singing beside Dbanj......and yeah his face is as black as Coal, lolz.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I'm thinking of a lotta stuff right now, I'm still searching around for a company where I can do my final thesis project . Ive gotten some possibilities, including one company located in one Godforsaken part of Amsterdam. I went there armed with a google map guide to the place, got down at the train station, then took a bus. On getting down at the bus stop, I was confronted with 2 things......firstly, the road looked so Godforsaken. Secondly, the road was one used by huge trailers. So every now and then, youd hear the sound of some dude tooting his horn, while driving at top speed.
I told myself, that If I was able to cross Oshodi road, Ikorodu road, and all those other roads, where guys go dey drive like James bond, and I didnt have an accident, then no be for this oyibo land wey strong tin go happen to me.
So well I entered the grass on the side of the road, and walked to the place. Men It was so long, and I was looking over my shoulder, to see if no trailer was coming behind me, and sometimes, some guys would pass by and look at me, sometimes Id imagine they'd be thinking.......see this black dude trekking on this road in a!
After a lot of getting lost, and swearing at these people for not putting their office in a comfortable area, I found the place, and was 30 mins late, but by then I didnt give a damn any longer. I wanted to bail earlier, but I thot of all the time I spent coming here, and so I just persisted in finding out the place. Imagine trying to pronounce some dutch street name, and then checking my map to see if it was the same, or if I hadn't missed a letter, and you will have an idea of how I felt.
On getting there, I was interviewed by some dude like 6 ft something, and long hair.
Why do geeks always gotta look so ...........geeky? (oh and Im also one BTW, so geeks reading this shouldn't vex)
One of the first things he told me was that "most pple found this place hard to find". Men I just no reply.
After the interview, he tells me that the walk back to the bus stop was gonna take me like 10 mins. I was like WTF? It took me like 20 mins. Well it turned out there was one pedestrian path I should have taken when I was coming to the office, but since I thought it was for guys coming from the opposite direction, son of man decided to risk his life walking on the side of the very busy road.......mennnn. And It did take me abt 10 mins or thereabouts.

Anyways I no dey work for that company abeg.........dem no get the kin pepper wey I need.....they told me that only one of the projects would involve them giving me "support" for having to go there everyday, and men I need more than just "support".
And nna men, the place just too far, abeg!
Well I got other options, so well lets see.

Yeah as an aside, please help me talk to my girlfriend. She has been infected by the disease called Lepacitis. She has been talking about losing weight. Me Ive been encouraging her to eat more akpu and bitterleaf soup, and pounded yam, but she wants to lose it. Can you imagine, please abeg make una help me beg am oh! I cannot imagine life without all those, er, er, nice big jiggly.....(note to self: see pastor for prayers and deliverance)
And I have been thinking of getting a tattoo, like seriously....Im thinking of putting an orobo......sorry Lion, on my shoulder, but I need ideas.
So guys........I need una advice oh!

PS Yeah I was seriously yabbed by my pally femi, cus of femi the rat, in my "legend of the 3 rats" wasnt nuthin personal, honest! (angelic expression)

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Thank you God

This post is dedicated to Jesus Christ, my lord and savior. Because I have been making headway in an area of my life that the devil had been running rampant in, and I was scared of facing this, because I didnt think I was strong enuff......I always hated mental wars,and it sucks when you are ur own worst enemy, but I believe im making progress, so to celebrate my changing into a better person, and all, I got this video to celebrate........and I love the hook by chobams.
Thanks to the special person God brought into my life, to show me where I was you baby.
I havent become "spiro", ohhhh, just giving thanks to whom thanks is due.
Ahhhhh jo jo jo, mo like Jesu gan , mo feran Jesu gann.
Enjoi the vid........and yeah , so what, I love fuji.


Monday, August 6, 2007

My Dream............2020AD

This post is inspired by my friend the genius. You know we all got dreams, and yeah, there seems to be a disparity between where we are right now, and where we wanna this is just for me......a sneak peak into where the future, where I see myself in the next 13 years.........oh, and yeah please if you are a hater or think Im living in fantasy land, just close this window and do something useful.

The DREAM.......2020AD

I stir on my double king-sized bed, the hum of the samsung inspire airconditioning system thrumming in my ears. I roll around and throw one arm across my wife, an unconsious alarm goes off......but Im too lazy to get out of wife gets up, and as she goes to the bathroom, I take a look at the figure, and thank God for making me like orobos.....:)
I go downstairs, and my kids are making noise. One of the twins is trying to play his game boy infinity, and at the same time, eat his kellogs. I put on my sternest daddy look, and tell him to stop, but he knows Im joking anyways.
My wife has a speaking engagement later that day, public speakings a hobby of hers....shes gonna drop of the kids at school, I gotta drive myself to work.
By the way....I live in Angel estate, somewhere in lekki........and my office is an hours drive away...
I hop into my aston martin (see above).........turn on the radio, and drive myself out of the driveway. I notice my neighbours staring at me with envy. If only they knew about all my mental issues with myself, and all, and how I used to be 13 years ago, maybe they might think its too steep a price to pay, for where I am now. Im gbaduing the latest naija hip hop jamz......this is by some new kid......rugged boy.........hes the son of rugged man, but hes still in school, kids got talent though. I smile as I remember Id be feeling guilty enjoing the guys jam years back.....religious brainwashing dosent cut it for me.....

I love to drive. I might have taken the subway, yeah subway....we now have one, after our new president revitalized the whole system. But well, cmon, I love my trips.
An okada man wants to cut in front of me.....I allow him to.....hes very respectful, at least now they all wear helmets, and protective clothing. Being an okada rider is actually now lucrative, and engaged in by mostly students for part-time jobs.
I pull up to my place of work, a huge skyscraper, Genesys towers ,which houses my company. We are a major IT outsourcing company in naija. We take on the dirty jobs no one else wants to take, and get paid good money. We are soon gonna announce our first IPO.....which would make yours truly a billionaire....yeah well you guessed it, I own this company. I look at myself now, and back then in 2007....didnt think Id ever have the balls to run myself, talk less of a huge company like this......
Well we make a lot of money but my wife and I put most of the money into our NGO, to provide scholarships for young people, esp women, since they are more vulnerable. We also have counselling sessions for them. Heck, we can travel anywhere in the world we want, do whatever we like, I mean , our honeymoon was in the its only fair we give back to society.
The gateman salutes me respectfully........I shake his hand, and ask after his kids, he replies with a sort of awed look on his face.......wish they wouldnt do that...
I enter our elevator......and get to my office.My secretary informs me I got a meeting with some chinese investors.....theres some hardcore technology they wanna put in naija, and of course they need me. My wife makes sure I dont have any orobo secretaries, these are all as thin as toothpicks. She knows I havent strayed at all, but she just wants to make sure......a woman thing I suppose....
We wind up the meeting, and I have to rush to my wifes speaking engagement, if I dont show up, then its fish for dinner, and you know I hate fish....
Im in the front row watching my baby talk, I think Im more focused on how delectable her lips look, than I am on her speech, even though I corrected it with her last night. At the end, everyone claps, and she steps down and gives me this hug.....I know Im not gonna get any sleep tonight (wink wink).
We both like to live like kids at times, so during her speech, Id already told Ali, our driver, to come drive the car home, and leave my kawasaki ninja X-version. This motorcycle is like wicked...and the speed in those engines is off the hook.....
So yeah I get on the bike, and shes behind me, holding me round my waist.....the scent of her perfume wafts towards me and Im reminded that even after 3 kids, I still got testosterone flowing inside me.....We put on our bike helmets and power home......
My wife has always been a bit of a speed freak, shed take okadas back in the times.....As I power down the roads, I realize Im living my dreams, and that God has really been good to me.......

Ok dream over......back to reality and the fact that Ive got a paper to hand in...lolz. Well I will leave you with the lyrics from gabrielles song "dreams".
I believe our dreams can come true, and we can achieve whatever we wanna with God by our side. Im writing this after a particular shitty day, so you can feel me.......

Move a step closer,
You know that I want you.
I can tell by your eyes that you want me too.
Just a question of time.
I knew we'd be together.
And that you'd be mine.
I want you here forever.

Do you hear what I'm saying?
Gotta say how I feel.
I can't believe you're here.
But I know that you're real.
I know what I want.
And baby it's you.
I can't deny my feelings,
Because they are true.

Dreams can come true.
Look at me baby I'm with you.
You know you gotta have hope.
You know you've got to be strong.

Dreams can come true.
Look at me baby I'm with you.
You know you gotta have hope.
You know you've got to be strong.

I've seen you sometimes on your own and in crowds.
I knew I had to have you.
My hopes didn't let me down.
Now you're by my side.
And I feel so good.
I've nothing to hide.
Don't feel that I ever could.

Do you hear what I'm saying?
Gotta say how I feel.
I can't believe you're here.
But I know that you're real.
I know what I want.
And baby it's you.
I can't deny my feelings,
Because I know they are true.

Dreams can come true.
Look at me baby I'm with you.
You know you gotta have hope.
You know you've got to be strong.

Dreams can come true.
Look at me baby I'm with you.
You know you gotta have hope.
You know you've got to be strong.

I'm not making plans for tomorrow;
Let's live for tonight.
I know I want you baby,
So hold me so tight.
Put your arms around me.
You make me feel so safe.
Then you whisper in my ear.
That you're here to stay.

Dreams can come true.
Look at me baby I'm with you.
You know you gotta have hope.
You know you've got to be strong.

Dreams can come true.
Look at me baby I'm with you.
You know you gotta have hope.
You know you've got to be strong.

Dreams can come true.
Look at me baby I'm with you.
You know you gotta have hope.
You know you've got to be strong.

Dreams can come true.
Look at me baby I'm with you.
You know you gotta have hope.
You know you've got to be strong.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Legend of the 3 rats

I have been thinking of putting up a post on this for some time, and well, since its like I have nothing to blog about, I will post this. Yeah Ive bin goin thru a weird patch in my know when you are growing, and changing, and old beliefs and mindsets are getting stripped away, and ure like.......woah..but well thats between me, God, and my peeps, and not for blogville.
Now back to my initial post, this was actually inspired by the movie "ratatouille", about a rat who can cook, but what people fail to realize, was that before ratatouille, in an old (not so) deserted town in Oyo state, there were 3 rats called femi, george, and louisa. I was an average omo boi, serving my nation (bein punished was more like it), and I just discovered that at night, I would hear weird noises, and all that. Of course I knew it couldnt be evil spirits (han han dem no dey fear face), but when I left a loaf of bread somewhere, and the next morning I saw bite marks on it, I knew I had rat issues. I think I had programmed that loaf of 20 naira bread for breakfast, and those vermin got to it before I did.
I remember talking to my Ibo friend val about them, and he gave me the inspiration for naming them.

Now, let the story begin.

Terrible Naija Films presents...
An oliver stoned movie......
directed by wavemasta

Legend of the 3 rats

Starring Kanayo O kaniyan as Femi

Rita Dominos pizza as Louisa

Ramsey "Tokunboh vehicle" Lower as George (at least Nollywood no go fit sue me)

Now once upon a time, in an abule far, far, away, there lived 3 rats, femi, george, and louisa. One day out of hunger, and frustration, they stumbled into corper wales room, or kitchen and were amazed. They eat and eat, oh, and went away the first time.
I now decided that I would use my hard earned corpers allowie to buy indocide. I remember the pain I felt, when I sacrificed some precious garri (chei, the pain), to mix with indocide, to kill the lil bastards. I can imagine them finding it the following night, and having this conversation.

Femi (ringleader, and bad-ass rat) : Mennnn see garri ohhhhhhh, guys the mugun has dropped food, mey we lem tight!

george (the geek rat) : wait lemme run an indo-scan on this garri. George brings out a portable device and scans the garri....

george: shit men! theres poison inside....

Louisa (scared female rat) : Im pregnant, lets go away, this is bad for the baby

(Imagine oh, dem wan born pikin for my flat).

Femi: Men all of you are cowards, screw you all, Im staying.

(Louisa and george depart, never to come again.)

So as you viewers can infer, my battle was now with femi. Men that was one bad ass rat. I spent my time in the teachers staff room , trying to come up with strategies to defeat femi. One night I bought dodo. I had priced the thing men, price am well well, and I brought it to my house, and left it in ma kitchen.
Next morning when I saw it, I saw femis signature on my plantain. Chei, I vexxxxed no be small, I threw the bad part away, and chopped the good part. Abeg no yab me, you know na NYSC and all that. Another time, I put the bread on my chair, thinking femo no go reach there. Lai Lai. The next morning , I kan see say femo don strike. It might have been louisa, cus well she was pregnant (lol), and we all know how pregnant females can get.
I then consulted with another Ibo friend of mine, uche. She advised me to put my stuff in a nylon, and then hang it on a nail on the wall. I felt good, that, yeah , this night, femo go hear wein.
Na so I hang bread inside black nylon for the wall. Next morning, my bread was fine. Praise God, I hear you say? Nahh just wait. One day I hung plaintain, using the same method. Na so I begin hear noises at night. I heard noises coming from my nylon, which was suspended by a nail on the wall! I hit the nylon, and there was silence. The next morning, I saw that femo and company , had chewed through the nylon, and chewed my prime dodo. This was probably what happened.

scene 2 (Rat terrorist headquarters)

Femo: Men corper wale has developed a new technique for hiding his grub. Louisa needs food for her babies. (na excuse oh, femo no send louisa, na only himself in dey look)

george : I have developed a new set of boots for climbing walls together with night vision goggles.

femo : ok george, I go execute the operation, ehn, make una just wait here...

femo: (thinking) mugun rats, na only me go chop everything menn wait here oh, una hear?

So thats prolly how my plantain got attacked.
I remember most of my friends would laff their heads off when I told them about my terrorist attacks. One of my friends heard a noise and asked, and I replied in an offhand manner, that that was just femi. When I explained who femi was she laughed and laughed and asked me if I had laid out his food for him.

But men e get time when femi begin overstep in boundary.
I love to cook meat and all, and when I cooked my obe ata (soup), Id put it in the kitchen. My "kitchen" was an unused bathroom, with an unused toilet, both of which were covered, so my kerosene stove was resting in the place where the bathtub was meant to be. I would hear femi moving pots and pans inside, and would feel to lazy to get up, cus I made sure I didnt leave anything for femi. Imagine, he eat my yam, my bread, my plantain, han han....
One day when I discovered femi had graduated to stealing my meat, was when I just saw the guy doing mission imposible pirated version......he entered one of my empty(Thank God) pots, with the cover on oh........this rat could open the pot covers.
So with shock and horror, I saw femi open the pot cover, enter the pot, and come out in one smoooth motion, and thats prolly when he saw that the pot was empty. Then Id open my pot and see some rat dung inside.........chei men I suffer for NYSC oh.

The last and most dangerous thing wey femi do me na to make me ill. I went to Ibadan shortly after my passing out parade, and I had already cooked some stew and left it in the house. And I spend 2-3 days in IB and came back to my house to find out that femi had attacked my stew. I saw rat droppings inside and all . Now instead of me to just leave the thing, or throw it away, what did your hungry corper do? Yeah u guessed right, I removed the "bad" part, and heated the good part on my stove, and used it to wack rice.
Lets just say that buscopan and I became very very good friends for like 1-2 weeks. And I had this church program I had to attend, men running stomach no good oh.
Later on mumsie told me that rat droppings are poisonous and I might have died.....but well God saved me and I am here.
Well what happened to femi and the rest........omo men I no know, they prolly are torturing some poor soul right now.......


Wednesday, August 1, 2007

One Year

This post might end up being short, since some people have complained that my posts are "too long" (whatever that means). Today is a special day for me. Why? Because by this time today, last year, I had just arrived in this obodo country having being picked up from the airport, wondering how I would survive in this land. And yesterday last year, I said bye to naija , and boarded a KLM flight how time flies.
Now a whole frigging year is gone, and a new set of "prisoners" are being ferried in today, heck, they are probably in their rooms, wondering the same thing I was wondering last year.
All I can say is that time really does fly, so we should be judicious in our use of it.I was lookin at my bible yest, and I saw the date I wrote on it......August 2005, and I was like......woah.......this is now 2007, but I still remember when I bought that bible, and I still remember 2005. Then I was in the bush, doing something called NYSC, and wondering how my life would turn out, and now, Im in oyinbo land. I guess I gotta lotta things to thank God for.
Now one year don go, thank you Jesus. Now dear God, please give me the grace and power to endure for another year. Let my mind be so occupied that I dont have time to think depressing thoughts or worry myself over nonsencical, trivial issues. Let the time fly so that before I say anything, august 2008 don land.
By this time next year, son of man must be ready to enter some mega company wey dey pay cold hard excessive cash.
I am not an eficco for nuthin, pepper suppose rest for man.
Safe y'all.