Thursday, August 9, 2007

Thank you God

This post is dedicated to Jesus Christ, my lord and savior. Because I have been making headway in an area of my life that the devil had been running rampant in, and I was scared of facing this, because I didnt think I was strong enuff......I always hated mental wars,and it sucks when you are ur own worst enemy, but I believe im making progress, so to celebrate my changing into a better person, and all, I got this video to celebrate........and I love the hook by chobams.
Thanks to the special person God brought into my life, to show me where I was you baby.
I havent become "spiro", ohhhh, just giving thanks to whom thanks is due.
Ahhhhh jo jo jo, mo like Jesu gan , mo feran Jesu gann.
Enjoi the vid........and yeah , so what, I love fuji.


1 comment:

exschoolnerd said...

Thank God for u o and all the wonderful things he is doing in ur life!

I know u now..why u no go like fuji..i love that gabrielle song by the way thnx for taking me down memory lane.