Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Agent Straffe Okon-2

I am personally loving this character...I could write this today due to the fact I stayed at home to here goes..and I might not continue unless I get good feedback! Here goes!


Parked across the street in his beat up mercerdes, straffe eyed the imposing structure of the blue lion hotel. Owned by a wealthy Lebanese man, the blue lion hotel served as a meeting point for expatriates in Nigeria. Which meant one thing...a whole lot of cash was been exchanged around there...which meant loads of call girls wanting a piece of the action.
Straffe walked into the hotel excluding confidence...the concierge saluted and let him in. He walked slowly looking around...women of all sizes and shapes hanging on to expats.... Straffe waved a hand and the waiter appeared. No one noticed straffe secretly giving the waiter a blue card alongside the money for the drinks. The waiters eyes widened..and his opinion of straffe went up a notch.
"This blue card is an invitation to a high class orgy" his contact had explained days earlier. "This is highly secret and top notch. I had to call in a few favors to get it". When straffe had inquired as to how he could return the favor, his contact had requested for the phone number of a very big beautiful calabar girlfriend of his. "The things I do for my country", straffe thought, as he reluctantly handed the phone number over.
Across the room, straffe noticed a man with Asian features...and from his movements, straffe could tell he was dangerous. The man moved with the grace of a dancer, muscles moving like an oiled snake.."hope Im not turning gay...." straffe thought. He summoned the waiter over, and inquired who the man was.
"No one knows sir. People just call him the chinaman" the waiter replied.
Straffe sipped his drink and amused himself by admiring the various kinds of women in the room. Since there werent any big chicks, straffe wasnt in the mood for anything..
He felt movement at his elbow, and looked up to see the waiter. "Come with me sir" the waiter whispered. He followed the waiter out of a room and into an elevator. The waiter opened a panel in the elevator and pressed a button.
"Normally people think the elevator stops at the ground floor", the waiter explained. "but in reality, this goes underground once the right button is pressed".
The elevator doors opened, and straffe found himself face to face with a giant. The dude must have been like 6 foot tall..when okon showed him the blue card, the bouncer stepped aside, and opened the doors.
The room was dimly lit, with blue lights, and soft, sensual music. When straffe entered, a bikini clad woman came to him, and took his coat, and led him to a sofa.
"Someone will be here to take your order shortly" she said, as she sauntered away.
Straffe wondered how to begin asking questions about the missing call girl, but he decided to let things happen naturally.
Another lady walked up to where he sat, and asked "so sir....whats your pleasure?"
Straffe whispered into the ladys ear, and she smiled..."come with me sir" she said.
She led okon into another room, and made him wait. In 20 minutes the door opened, and he was face to face with 5 big beautiful women....big breasted beauties...straffe felt the familiar ache in his loins...."I am madam Fatima" the woman in front announced..."I am the madam in charge of here, and when I heard ur request, I decided to personally take care of it".
Straffe eyed her up and down...madam Fatima was about 6 feet tall, big legs, thick thighs, and an enormous backside...her breasts were like 48F, and were straining to escape from her shirt... "I want to ask you a question" he said. Madam Fatima eyed him appraisingly..."Na only if you fit perform na in we go fit discuss anything".
Straffe sent the other girls away and stood this time , his member was about to tear his trousers...madam Fatima began caressing his balls through his jeans...okon said a silent prayer not to come too soon, as he had spent a fortune on laundry....she unzipped his pants, and took him in her mouth, sinking to her knees, making hums of approval as she sucked his cock.

He was so turned on, looking at the view of her big ass...."I-want-to-ask-a-question" he panted....Madam Fatima stopped long enough to lick his scrotum...."We go see" she replied. He began caressing her breasts through the shirt, and she let out a moan...straffe began massaging her belly and began talking dirty into her ear.. "u this woman, I go straffe you tire with my okon" ..Madam Fatima began panting more heavily "yeh, yeh, ahhh"..straffe put his hands between her legs and felt her wetness. He removed her underwear slowly, pulling it off. He bent her over and began biting her ass....Madam Fatima was in ecstacy....she felt his wet tongue licking her, and all she could think off was how this stranger was different...she wanted to f**k him immediately she saw him, since he radiated such masculine force..
Madam Fatima went down on all fours giving him a view of her p**y, so wet, and dripping...straffe freed his member and slipped on the condom, and slammed into her...."Ahhhh!" Madam Fatima shouted...straffe began pounding into her hard and fast, locating the sensitive spots in her vagina... Madam Fatima began thrusting back into him "Damn it" straffe thought..."I love this job" he began slamming into her harder..."you like it, ehn, you this ashewo" he panted..."yeh, yeh, harder, harder" madam Fatima gasped....when her first orgasm hit her, it racked the whole of her body, she began screaming....then just when she thought her orgasm was about to end...okon pulled her hair and rotated his member inside her almost touching her cervix..."AHHHHH! You wan kill me....yeee, olorun," she shouted as she came again....straffe turned her over and began thrusting inside her in missionary position, madam fatima was in a trance, bucking her hips against his, and then he began feeling the familiar ache in his loins before coming inside he came, he could faintly hear madam fatimas screams as she reached her third orgasm...
Madam fatima lay on the bed, half dazed....still naked, straffe took out a picture from his trousers and showed it to her. "You sabi this woman?" he asked.
Madam Fatima stretched out her hand to touch his member, but okon slapped it away...this was now business. Playtimes over woman...get to work.
She reluctantly took the picture and looked at it. "Ehen, this na helen. The last time wey I see am na for one chinese man hand" she said.
She then proceeded to describe the man which began to sound very much like the man called "The chinaman"...."So wetin happen?" he asked? "Well, I know say she dey go service the man well well, since na her customer, but she just disappear..." she replied...
As straffe put on his jeans Madam Fatima said "Han han, u no even make we do again. Oya tell me your name now", she asked with a coy smile on her face.
"The name is Okon. Straffe Okon" he said, as he walked out of the door. Time to pay a visit to the chinaman..he made a mental note to watch some Jet Li movies...seems some kung-fu was gonna come in handy...

To Be continued...

Monday, August 11, 2008

Agent Straffe Okon -1

I always said I was gonna write a story, so this is my mini series, about a Nigerian Secret will love the me I dont dissappoint.


The Beginning

His name was straffe and he was doing exactly what his name said....straffing. Straffe wasnt your normal average Nigerian. First of all, he was one unique individual, possessing an I.Q of over the normal...secondly, he worked for the CABAL...a Nigerian secret agency..dedicated to dont know exactly.
And third, he liked big big women.
The woman underneath him groaned with passion, wrapping her huge thighs around him as he thrust harder..she began matching him thrust for thrust, and then her screaming orgasm racked the air..followed by his grunt, as he came.
Straffe walked into the bathroom, looking at himself in the mirror..the face that stared back at him was gaunt, innocent looking. No one would ever guess about how he he was recruited by the CABAL while in university, after solving some obscure puzzle in the newspapers, then being informed that he was going to be trained for missions serving the Nigerian government....yeah right...
His phone was a secure number.. "Okon!" a deep voice over the line rumbled....straffe winced...why on earth did his name have to sound like that of a porn star....."Sir" he replied. "Somethings come up, report to the office now."
Straffe dressed up...."are you leaving" the woman asked, coming to caress his chest wearing nothing except a towel....straffe had to sternly speak to his member so as not to become erect....he had business to take care off.

Hours later, he sat facing the head of the CABAL Seun Ibrahim, who at that moment was watching porn. " said u wanted to see me"? Straffe wondered what kind of secret agency this was... "Okon, wait, this camera angle is the bomb"...Straffe silently prayed to God, and silently counted to 10.
"Ok straffe this is it. Lots of women have been dissapearing, particular call girls", okon said. Straffe held his breath..."I want you to find out how and why. The last call girl who dissapeared was from the Blue Lion Hotel, start from there."

Straffe walked out of Ibrahims office, and he noticed bose the cleaner...shed always had a big behind, and it was big...straffe went behind and pinched it. "Ahh oga okon, stop am ooo" she said. Straffe winked at her..."make we see now, haba, I get something for u for my office".
He walked to his office, she behind him, as they entered the room, he fell on her, squeazing her 44DD breasts, she immediately began to respond "yeee, oga okon, yeee"..he tore of her wrapper, and felt the wetness between her legs. He inserted his finger, and began massaging her g-spot. "yeee oga okon, u wan kill me"...Okon turned her around, and bent her over the table, so her big ass was pointing in the air..He thrust into her savagely, and began pounding her doggy style....bose began to moan and moan, Luckily, this was a secret agency, and it was soundproof. He flipped bose onto her back and pounded her savagely..."Ahh, ahh, oga okon, yeee, dis your bulala too big, yeeee"....his climax shook his body savagely, as he came inside her hard.
Now, he felt refreshed, and ready to investigate...


The girl groaned..but that was the only sound she could make, her mouth muffled by the cotton wool gag. Across the room, the man watched her silently, his eyes silently monitoring the instruments. The only other sounds were the hum of the machines, and the tubes connected to the womans body..
"Nigerians"..he thought disgustedly, just after the money, especially the women....worse than trash. If only these black savages knew about the secret chemical produced in their bloodstream which made them sexually powerful, and also gave extended life...but they didn't know. With the right amount of money, most of their women would do anything....
This breakthrough was brought about by Dr. Von Guttenberg, and since then, a powerful set of international businessmen was secretly financing his research, businessmen with powerful interests in Nigeria.
He looked at the monitor again....the chemical balance was a little bit off...he turned the knob up a bit higher....the woman across the room began to shriek, before lapsing into silence.
"Shes dead sir"..the lab technician reported, after a hurried survey of the girls body. "Dispose of her body", the man retorted...he would get another one girls were the cheapest...he felt the familiar stirrings in his was going to be a long night...he was being paid for results, and results, he would deliver.

To be Continued

Sunday, August 10, 2008

My people...I have just finished working on my Thesis presentation. In 8 days from now, things will finish.I will defend my project, and then this phase of my life is going to be over, and dedicated to the ways of pimpin :-)
Still job hunting, but things will be ok. I went to church for the first time since easter....yes I knw I'm bad...for send off...yes yes I know...the pastor enter me small sha, talk say I just dey come and, then we got to dance gospel fuji afterwards...AHHHHHHH jo jo....mehn I miss lagos, and the razz boi inside
Ive been getting close to Jah, and hes told me hes gonna surprise me..I have given him all issues to work on, and waiting for his guidance..
Mehn, I'm thinking of writing a some ideas, but I will keep u posted...
One love guys..
Anaconda still dey sha.