Monday, September 29, 2008

Agent S. Okon-5

Reader Discretion is Advised

She knelt down before him, waiting. Her sharp eyes trying to penetrate the darkness. She could only barely make out the silhouette of the person called the chinaman....
"We have a problem Li Chang"...the voice grated. Li felt shivers running down her spine, and felt her pussy begin to become wet, as she remembered that voice whispering dirty things into her ears....
"A Nigerian secret agent has been asking too many questions.." the chinaman said. "Project black magic is getting too close for any screw ups..I want you to take care of him" the chinaman said. Li rose, and took the dossier the chinaman handed over to her. "Here, you will find everything needed to accomplish your mission" he said.
She was breathing heavily now, breasts heaving, and her mouth parted... "Will there be any further orders sir?" she asked..."yes" the chinaman said. "Suck me". Li fell on her knees, and without any further encouragement, unzipped the chinaman, and took his erect member in her mouth, flicking her tongue over his scrotum.
"You exist only to bring me pleasure. You are my slave." said the chinaman. Li began to moan softly, as she felt herself being raised to her feet, and then his hands began exploring her large body...his hands stopped when they reached her pussy, which was so wet.... "Li chang...are you worthy enough for you to receive the gift of my manhood?" "yessss" she moaned....the chinaman caressed one of her large breasts, and began massaging her clit, through her trousers... he began increasing the pace, faster, until Li changs body shook as she came, hard....
"To prove you are worthy of receiving the gift of my manhood, fufill this misson" said the chinaman, as he walked away without any trace of an erection, leaving her gasping. She had to kill this Nigerian, and prove herself worthy..very few women were selected for the chinamans pleasure, and she was not going to miss this opportunity.

Some hours later she found herself in front of Straffe Okons house...the information in the dossier provided by the chinaman's intelligence was indeed correct. It was a simple matter to pick the lock and let herself in. She strode through his house, and ended up in his bedroom.. the fool had left his personal computer on. It could provide vital information before she killed him anyways. She noticed he had downloaded some files from the net. She clicked on one, only to begin to hear moans..the file was a movie file, showing a large woman with enormous breasts being taken doggy style. The male actor fucking her was big and built, and kept thrusting harder inside her...Li began to feel horny...the dossier did not mention that Straffe Okon liked big women...the thought of that made her extra excited, and she began touching her clit....after all, she was going to kill him anyways, no harm done..

Straffe let himself in, dead tired. He had been trying to trace any large Asian or chinese women in lagos all day, to no avail. Anyways, he felt tired, and went up to his room for a he pushed the door to his bedroom open, he felt a whiff of some exotic perfume which he could not place...he walked into his room only to be greeted with the sight of a large chinese goddess lying naked on his bed. She looked like she had been sculpted by michaelangelo, or any famous italian sculptor...her skin was flawless, her eyes mercilless and seductive, right down to her thick shapely legs, and large thighs....her large breasts heaved up and down with every breath she took. Her arms were muscular, and the calf of her right leg had a dragon tatoo..
Straffe wondered whether he had taken drugs or something, because this was some shit out of his wildest fantasies. He tried to be rational and logical, but unfortunately, or fortunately, his dick had already betrayed him, because it was fully erect. And she used dark toe nail polish...
"Chineke!" Straffe thought, "my own don finish o!" All of a sudden, the goddess spoke. "You are straffe okon, a secret agent of the CABAL"..."er....yeah" straffe said, mumbling like a 15 year old whose mum just caught him jerking off to porn.
She got of the bed, and walked towards him, clad in nothing but high heels, and she reached behind her, and brought out a gun which she pointed at him.
Straffes erection went down faster than you could shout "NEPA". "Ï see you lost your erection" Li chang said..."Thats not good...for you that is." "You have interfered with the wrong people, and I should kill you..but I have a proposition that might save your life" she said.
"I have had a large sexual appetite, and I have learnt many ancient techniques, including controlling the yin/yang sex energies of my no man has been able to stay up to 5 minutes with me in bed" she said. Now straffe understood that kind of language. "If you can last up to 5 minutes with me in bed, and satisfy me, then you walk....if you don't, you die." said Li Chang. "I am doing this because I can see that you like big women, don't you?" she asked.
Straffe nodded dumbly...he had to literally fuck because his life depended on it.
He called on his half calabar/half yoruba ancestors to grant him stamina...and haruna the mallam had gone back to kano...he always had some burantashi ready for such emergencies...
"There's no way you can last against me, Okon, but still lets see"..Li Chang said, as she walked up to him slowly, and began to caress his cock....

Its been a nice quiet season, I have had time to recuperate from my 2 year battle for MSC in this land. This land where smoking normal cigarettes is against the law, but smoking pure weed is legalized, and no, I am not joking.
Well, I sorted out most of my issues, I am collecting my kpali on Friday.
Oh, and the son of man got a job finally, multinational Japanese engineering company, so I will be writing software for them. Place is cool, has wicked benefits, like woah! I'm now searching for an apartment. I plan on pimping the place up, and making it toosh...I need to enjoy mehn, I don suffer finish.
I also am planning on flying out to check the madam for xmas, nuthing do me sha.
I've had time to reflect, to sharpen my saw, get in touch with my inner self, and all that. Gods been good, I can't deny. Only 3 of us actually are getting our certificates this year, from my department. If Jah didn't see me through, men, I dunno where I would be.
Church was cool on Sunday, although seeing some female body parts bouncing up and down during praise and worship kinda distracted me a bit...but God and I are still cool.
My love life's still there, had a bit of an argument, and we are both in too deep for any of us to call it quits without feeling the scars. So sha we just trying to patch things up best as we can cus we do have something people just dream about...
Well, I have nothing better to do, so lemme see if I can think up something for

Monday, September 15, 2008

I shouldn't be blogging now...but well, tis a way of dropping my thoughts. Since I graduated, I have basically been job hunting, and chilling at home, babysitting my nephews. I got some offers, now, its just picking the right one.
I have turned to a lot of things..created straffe okon....I don't know if the series is ok, or I shld discontinue... and just waiting to get to work.
Spent today sorting out issues, playing husband, trying to sort out some stuff madam was experiencing...all from behind my computer....mehn, oyibos dey try ooo...I can run things from x miles away...
Has this ever happened to you before...when there was a time in your life you settled for less than you could have been? When you lived below your talent, and you werent a man...or afraid to assert yourself, all in the name of being "nice" and "understanding"....and you were afraid to be labelled as "jealous, controlling, " and all in were afraid to have BALLS. Thats right my friend...BALLS.
That was me ages ago, before my awakening, before I discovered the king locked inside me...before I discovered my zanpaktou (soul sword) .....
Even some days back, as I struggled with some mind battles, I felt I was gonna go down...and I would never move forward, and past mistakes would pull me back...till its like I heard Gods voice in my ear telling me ..."You have NO excuse, for not being the man I called you to be."

I learnt to be strong, to be assertive, to have my own opinion, to stand up for what I believed command respect...and be true to define what I can stand for, and what I cannot stand for....esp in relationships....
Now, it seems, I am being presented with a test.....somethings come up that I have vowed not to stand for, even at the risk of giving up my idea of happiness.
Will the wavemasta of now, have the BALLS to make a decision, and stick by it....or what......will I have what it takes to walk away from something I care about...even though an issue that violates my code looms on the horizon? Will God show another way, or am I gonna hit the highway once again? If I do, it will be a pity...but hey, life goes on....Interesting....
Anyways guys, if you do want me to continue with straffe okon....leave me a message on the last episode....

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Straffe Okon 4


Straffe took a deep breath and wondered what this world was coming to. Not "coming" as in "cumming", but you know, coming in the right sense. His pastor might have said it was a sign of the end times but....straffe killed the guilty feeling, remembering his escapade with the big assed female choir leader, and brought his thoughts to reality.
He examined the dead body in front of him. Witnesses said they had heard a shout at night, and the sound of broken glass, and they had found his body near a cheap hotel at Ikoyi...with a nice bullet hole in his head...
Straffe allowed the forensic guys from the CABAL to carry the body to their secret lab for testing. They had already bribed all the MOPOL (Mobile Police) guys, so there wouldnt be any issues about jurisdiction....who cared about such anyways? All a guy wanted in this country called Nigeria was to get laid...sorry paid.
He went into the hotel, and checked the room where the body was thrown out off. The guys had swept the room clean, but he didnt want to take any chances..
He had just finished checking the bathroom, when he saw it...a hairpin, small and ornate. He picked it up, and examined had chinese markings. So either our dead guy was gay, and was with another dude with a chinese hairpin, or he was straight, and was with a chinese woman. Being the naija man that he was, straffe opted for the latter theory.
Asking around was proving abortive because not many people were willing to talk, till he bribed one of the hotel cleaners. "Yes sir, ahh dat man na greedy man, na only im wan carry dat kin tin". "Which kin tin?" Straffe asked?
"Ahh sir, the woman get body ooo, if you see the ikebe and the front...kai...and she big well well"....Straffe was getting horny for some strange reason....anyways, he gave the hotel cleaner some cash....the CABAL gave field agents "bribe allowance" which some of them diverted into their private accounts of course...but our hero was an honest guy.
He got into his beat up car, and drove back to the head office....and was so intent on driving that he didnt notice he ran past a red light, and all of a sudden, he was being asked to park.
"Shit!" he thought. "Oga, wey your particulars" the officer asked...on closer inspection, straffe saw the officer was a woman, big, and burly, with a large chip on her shoulder. By straffes deduction, he was sure her husband (If she had one) hadnt touched her in ages.
"Officer, see, how we go take do am?" he asked....."Oga you go follow me go station, except you drop 20k". "20k ke?" he said in this time the woman had opened the door on the passenger side, and gotten inside, planting her huge behind on the seats, which by now were groaning in protest.
"I no get money for here..e dey my house" he said calmly. "Ehn, dey drive"...the officer instructed. Straffe took his car onto the main road, swearing under his breath, but he began to notice that his erection had reached full strenght...and the officer had noticed it also. "Why your prick dey rise? ur girlfriend dey for house" the officer leered at him. "Wetin your eye dey find there...abi u dey fear the thing?" he asked. He took a short cut and within some time was at his apartment.
He let himself in and offered the woman a seat, and went into his room, came back and gave her the cash.

"Oga, na only this 20k you dey give me?" she asked...."Wetin you wan make I give you?" he asked "you suppose put extra, as you be oga" this time, straffes erection had reached full level....he walked up to the woman, and pulled her to him, his tongue invading the depths of her mouth...she responded hungrily...straffe began fondling her breasts through the uniform..he freed a nipple and began flicking it with his tongue..."Ahhhh" the woman moaned.....straffe undid her uniform, exposing her big breasts and began sucking them, while caressing her huge ass, he led her into his room, which was fully air conditioned, and began ravaging her body...he removed her skirt, and her panties, and began to caress her between her legs...."yeee, yee" the female officer groaned....she undid his belt and brought out his member, and took him in her mouth....she began caressing his balls, as he thrust in and out of her mouth...she was too wet by this time...she pushed straffe on the bed, and then straffe slapped on a condom, before she guided his erect pole into her...."ahhh" she moaned...and she began riding straffe was so long since a man had touched her...since her last boyfriend left her for a skinnier woman, straffe held onto her big breasts, watching her ride him..he reached behind, and held on to her large ass, as he thrust inside her...soon, he flipped her onto her back, and she spread her big thighs for him....straffe entered her with full force...slamming into her...she began to moan..."ahh ye! ye, do mi, do mi, dont kill me...." she was in 7th heaven as she wrapped her thighs around he thrust into her..he felt the buildup of semen in his loins...he then made her stand up, and bend over....she obliged....straffe could see how the opening to her love hole glistened with their juices...he held his member and eased into her....and began to thrust deeply into her...harder, faster....holding her breasts....the woman was delirious with pleasure...this man was good...better than anyone she had been with...and she felt a warm feeling in her loins...and then she screamed as she reached her climax....straffe kept pounding her large ass, making her scream, till he shot his load deep inside her.....

Gosh....he thought...I need to stop doing all this.... he turned around to see the woman with a large smile on her face.... "Oga, you sabi fuck well ooo" she giggled..
Straffe felt himself getting a hard on again.... well he still had time before he reported to headquarters, and besides, he had to make this police officer chick pay for messing up his schedule.... he reached for her again...

Somewhere somehow, Li Chang stepped on the accelerator of her vehicle...the car roared, and she threw back her head and laughed... the look on the foolish mans face when he saw her gun was so was even more funny when she put a bullet in his head and tossed him out of the window.... she really hated guys who bragged about their sexual prowess, and couldnt really pissed her off, and Li Chang did not like to be pissed off....
Her phone sms from the chinaman... although she knew him by a more intimate name... something had come up...she had to see him urgently...seemed there was some trouble...


Thursday, September 4, 2008


Eyin peeps mi......finally, after two years living in this land, I have managed by the grace of God, to finally get my MSc.....I defended my project last Monday. I wished I would have gotten a distinction, but well sha, we give God the I got foreign MSc...and I finished the program on time, and within the bounds of my scholarship....anyways yeah yeah I know everyone now wants to read about the adventures of straffe okon, but there's more to me than that...I am a geek you its to receive the job, cus I do need more cash now...but God, thanks for setting me free from here. The journey's been tough, tis been hard, but you kept me, and I didn't run mad.
I never imagined, when I was going through hell last year, and parts of this year, that I would be writing this blog today..
Thank you lord.
Eyin pple, pray for me ooo, son of man needs job ASAP. Since I've graduated, I wanna thank my fans, and my mummy, my daddy, and my dog.... and seriously my madam....for been a rock and support....lolz....kai, I still dey hear, I no kolo....God dey

Okay, straffe will return next week in another instalment...just got a call from a fan..he complained this weeks episode was too

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Straffe Okon-3


Straffe sat across the table from Mr Ibrahim, in the secret headquarters of the CABAL. For once, Ibrahim had stopped watching porn, and both of them were intently watching the security camera tape from the Blue Lion hotel. Straffe watched the chinaman speaking to a pretty girl at the party and whisper in her ear...she giggled and they both left. "So its obvious that the chinaman does pick up women, but what does he do with them?" straffe asked. Straffes member stirred, and he had to speak to it, to cool down. "So, we know where he stays?" straffe inquired... Ibrahim answered "Well, somewhere in Lekki, but we need to crosscheck. One of our guys is disguised as an okada rider and he is going to acquire all the details you need". Straffes member began to grumble....the tent in his trousers the result of the grumbling....straffe sighed....

.....Her name was Li Chang, and she was like 6'2 in height, and big. Big in every ramification. Her insatiable sexual appetite, and her natural ferocity and skill in the martial arts made her the prime candidate for head of the chinamans security. Right now, she was busy. Quite busy. Extremely Busy in fact. She looked up at the man between her huge thighs, humping away like there was no tomorrow. She was disappointed...he was supposed to be from some tribe in Nigeria called the calabar and who had the reputation for being beasts in bed....all she got was this mans endless pumping. And to think he actually bragged about how good he was....Li decided to teach him a lesson. She flexed her pussy muscles around his dick making the man groan in delight...then she began flexing in a rhythm, the man began matching her thrust for thrust...then Li employed her taoist training...combining her inner yin and yang energies and sending the stream towards her pussy...the surge of energy made the man begin to shout...then Li began moving her vagina muscles ..starting the counter movement which had unmanned many men before him, moving her large hips against his...the look on the mans face changed to bewilderment, as he struggled to keep rhythm with her, but could not..slowly he felt his control slip away, as her thrusting pussy muscles pushed his member out of her, while he came at the same time. The man looked away, embarrassed, not knowing what to say. Li looked at her watch....3 mins...what a loser.....She'd yet to meet a man who could have lasted above 5 minutes, after facing her technique....never she could kill this weak fool.....

In a hidden lab, somewhere, a naked old Caucasian man eyed the incubator suspiciously. A potential investor in Nigeria, he was also about to test the prototype for Dr Guttenbergs research, the extraction of the chemicals purported to give black men, particularly Nigerians, their drive, their sexual power, and their boldness. "Don't worry sir, it's quite safe..." the chinaman said. The old man stepped into the incubator, and a technician took a few vials of a clear dark fluid, and put them in side containers in the incubator. At a nod from the chinaman, he pushed a red button on the console. The old man shouted, as the needles pierced his skin, and as the chemical worked its way round his body, then the shouts faded away...the technician watched as the door of the incubator opened, and the (former) old man stepped out...the wrinkles were all gone...he felt alive vibrant, and young, and he felt a stirring in his loins that he had not felt in 50 years, even with all the viagra treatments...he looked down to see his member, hard, long, and pulsating...and for the first time in years, he threw back his head, and laughed...

The chinaman smiled...project code name "Black Magic" was working just as expected..