Monday, September 29, 2008

Agent S. Okon-5

Reader Discretion is Advised

She knelt down before him, waiting. Her sharp eyes trying to penetrate the darkness. She could only barely make out the silhouette of the person called the chinaman....
"We have a problem Li Chang"...the voice grated. Li felt shivers running down her spine, and felt her pussy begin to become wet, as she remembered that voice whispering dirty things into her ears....
"A Nigerian secret agent has been asking too many questions.." the chinaman said. "Project black magic is getting too close for any screw ups..I want you to take care of him" the chinaman said. Li rose, and took the dossier the chinaman handed over to her. "Here, you will find everything needed to accomplish your mission" he said.
She was breathing heavily now, breasts heaving, and her mouth parted... "Will there be any further orders sir?" she asked..."yes" the chinaman said. "Suck me". Li fell on her knees, and without any further encouragement, unzipped the chinaman, and took his erect member in her mouth, flicking her tongue over his scrotum.
"You exist only to bring me pleasure. You are my slave." said the chinaman. Li began to moan softly, as she felt herself being raised to her feet, and then his hands began exploring her large body...his hands stopped when they reached her pussy, which was so wet.... "Li chang...are you worthy enough for you to receive the gift of my manhood?" "yessss" she moaned....the chinaman caressed one of her large breasts, and began massaging her clit, through her trousers... he began increasing the pace, faster, until Li changs body shook as she came, hard....
"To prove you are worthy of receiving the gift of my manhood, fufill this misson" said the chinaman, as he walked away without any trace of an erection, leaving her gasping. She had to kill this Nigerian, and prove herself worthy..very few women were selected for the chinamans pleasure, and she was not going to miss this opportunity.

Some hours later she found herself in front of Straffe Okons house...the information in the dossier provided by the chinaman's intelligence was indeed correct. It was a simple matter to pick the lock and let herself in. She strode through his house, and ended up in his bedroom.. the fool had left his personal computer on. It could provide vital information before she killed him anyways. She noticed he had downloaded some files from the net. She clicked on one, only to begin to hear moans..the file was a movie file, showing a large woman with enormous breasts being taken doggy style. The male actor fucking her was big and built, and kept thrusting harder inside her...Li began to feel horny...the dossier did not mention that Straffe Okon liked big women...the thought of that made her extra excited, and she began touching her clit....after all, she was going to kill him anyways, no harm done..

Straffe let himself in, dead tired. He had been trying to trace any large Asian or chinese women in lagos all day, to no avail. Anyways, he felt tired, and went up to his room for a he pushed the door to his bedroom open, he felt a whiff of some exotic perfume which he could not place...he walked into his room only to be greeted with the sight of a large chinese goddess lying naked on his bed. She looked like she had been sculpted by michaelangelo, or any famous italian sculptor...her skin was flawless, her eyes mercilless and seductive, right down to her thick shapely legs, and large thighs....her large breasts heaved up and down with every breath she took. Her arms were muscular, and the calf of her right leg had a dragon tatoo..
Straffe wondered whether he had taken drugs or something, because this was some shit out of his wildest fantasies. He tried to be rational and logical, but unfortunately, or fortunately, his dick had already betrayed him, because it was fully erect. And she used dark toe nail polish...
"Chineke!" Straffe thought, "my own don finish o!" All of a sudden, the goddess spoke. "You are straffe okon, a secret agent of the CABAL"..."er....yeah" straffe said, mumbling like a 15 year old whose mum just caught him jerking off to porn.
She got of the bed, and walked towards him, clad in nothing but high heels, and she reached behind her, and brought out a gun which she pointed at him.
Straffes erection went down faster than you could shout "NEPA". "Ï see you lost your erection" Li chang said..."Thats not good...for you that is." "You have interfered with the wrong people, and I should kill you..but I have a proposition that might save your life" she said.
"I have had a large sexual appetite, and I have learnt many ancient techniques, including controlling the yin/yang sex energies of my no man has been able to stay up to 5 minutes with me in bed" she said. Now straffe understood that kind of language. "If you can last up to 5 minutes with me in bed, and satisfy me, then you walk....if you don't, you die." said Li Chang. "I am doing this because I can see that you like big women, don't you?" she asked.
Straffe nodded dumbly...he had to literally fuck because his life depended on it.
He called on his half calabar/half yoruba ancestors to grant him stamina...and haruna the mallam had gone back to kano...he always had some burantashi ready for such emergencies...
"There's no way you can last against me, Okon, but still lets see"..Li Chang said, as she walked up to him slowly, and began to caress his cock....



Afam Anigbo said...

LOL! Half calabar / Yoruba ancestors... u don crase men. That was a bloody idea.

But u make mistake, in d beginning, d chinaman was hard, and in d end, he 'left without a trace of erection'

Men. Balain 4 ur life... lol! Great idea men.

wavemasta said...

No be mistake, d guy controlled the thing, so he wouldn't hammer Li Chang..he just enjoyed the oral..lolz

exschoolnerd said... pesin go go kill anoder person just to

"To prove she is worthy of receiving the gift of his manhood, fufill this misson"

this ur obsession for orobo chicks is causing wahala oh!

IDK said...

i was lookin for dis blog for d longest time oo before I described it to chari..I wasn't even sure how to describe do u say in polite terms ur lookin for d horniest nigerian agent on the