Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Long thing, strong thing

Ma peeps, whats up, no long thing, strong sorrry, Dbanj has been corrupting me and all that. Well I havent been so motivated to update my blog and all, but well a lotta things have been happening, since I wrote "eye of the storm". I discovered that if ure in the middle of a storm, omo men waka comot from the storm oh, take shelter!!! Ok sha, seriously, Life is too short, and whatever will be will be, so men dont kill urself. Now After a lot of thinking about my future and what I would do when I graduate, I placed my CV in a very "strategic" spot, now I got companies calling, me telling me they got interesting vacancies for me.
I just had to tell them that Im doing my thesis right now, so If they can wait till next year, no probs men.
Yesterday was also good, I got a call from a global company, with a branch in naija, which everyone in naija would kill to work for....and my partner(lab-partner oh!), and I finished the first part of the deadly compiler construction assignment, and this course is one that has held back even some of my indian mentors, so we thank God for his grace.
Well things are happening, I am looking foward, determined to face my life squarely, and all that. Its based on a conversation I had with God......I pulled out a chair, and made the old man sit down,while I yarned him some seriously deep koko. No, I did pull out a chair. The old man and I yarned about a lot of things, which I aint gonna talk about, except one of them had me feeling like something had been ripped out of me this morning. Well I have asked him for the strength to do what has to be done, thats if he wants me to make some crazy choices.........damn, Im rambling again.
You know one thing about this place is that I have been waking up at some crazy ass hours, like 11.30. I used to feel guilty till I found out that my greek partner has bin doing the same thing.
Cmon, I almost worked meself into the ground last year, so son of Jah needs to enjoi.
I was complaining abt the loniless here, to someone, and the guy was I should go look for a chick......I was like, well I didnt want to take advantage of anyone, and he's like, dude, some pple want to be used.......that touched a raw nerve inside me, for reasons I wont mention, but its crazy, but maybe he had a point, I dont know.
Anyways sha, God, dey, Im moving foward, nuthin dey happen, no long thing, long thing, strong thing.(I think I need help)

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Eye of the storm

In the eye of the storm, Raging all about me,
My most precious treasure about to be torn from me,
My enemies seem to chortle with unholy glee,
Still I stand calm and determined.
I cry to God, and listen to my spirit,
Telling me to hang in and not give in to it,
Telling me the mountains are gonna become like plains,
And that all the obstacles are gonna disappear.
God Im stumbing in the dark, without any illumination,
Wondering if Im still using my full mental constitution,
God, Am I doing the right thing, I ask?
Press on, the inner voice tells me back.
Devils and Doubts speaking to my head,
Telling me my desires will not be granted,
That I will always be supplanted.
Telling me that once again, that inner fabric of me shall be rendered.
God, to your perfect will I have surrendered,
Determined to hold on to the very end,
Through thick or thin, and whatever mountain,
Still I will hold on and keep on fighting,
Never quitting, and strength undying,
Cus I know I must keep holding on,albeit all alone,
Even in the eye of the storm.

I wrote this to describe my present situation, unfortunately, I cannot give any details, except that what I consider the best thing ever in my life, seems about about to be taken from me. I am still keeping on till the end, and fighting on, hoping against hope........

Friday, October 5, 2007

I am hunched in front of a PC in my lab, thinking of what to type........wondering what to type, simply cus I havent typed anything in a long time.
Well I first gotta say I am extremely grateful to God, that I am alive. The gift of life is something we should never take for granted. To just wake up in the morning is a blessing on its own.
Right now, I am in a stage in my life that could be described as a lull....... Im making progress little by little which is a good thing. My financial problems were solved, thank God, now I am my former self. In 2 weeks time, I should have finished all my electives, aand then I will just have 1 course left, before I can claim freedom.
Im still looking for a final project in a company though, but Im confident things will pan out.
All I know is that this whole studying abroad thing has bein so good for me, Ive being stretched, and I think Ive matured in all areas of my life............its amazing what can happen to you when you are far away, and all alone by yourself.
Right now, Im working on myself and my relationship with my babe..........weve come through a lot together, and faced a lot of challenges..........I feel shes the one, and hope so, but well, Gods the centre of my life right now, so whatever he says, I submit.......
Ahhh shit (I said that to let u know say my leg still dey ground), I feel tired, I am gonna watch some movies, and all......
I havent gone clubbing in ages, I should go out after my exams, so far, things are going on great, Im alive, and well, I got a lot to thank God for.