Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Eye of the storm

In the eye of the storm, Raging all about me,
My most precious treasure about to be torn from me,
My enemies seem to chortle with unholy glee,
Still I stand calm and determined.
I cry to God, and listen to my spirit,
Telling me to hang in and not give in to it,
Telling me the mountains are gonna become like plains,
And that all the obstacles are gonna disappear.
God Im stumbing in the dark, without any illumination,
Wondering if Im still using my full mental constitution,
God, Am I doing the right thing, I ask?
Press on, the inner voice tells me back.
Devils and Doubts speaking to my head,
Telling me my desires will not be granted,
That I will always be supplanted.
Telling me that once again, that inner fabric of me shall be rendered.
God, to your perfect will I have surrendered,
Determined to hold on to the very end,
Through thick or thin, and whatever mountain,
Still I will hold on and keep on fighting,
Never quitting, and strength undying,
Cus I know I must keep holding on,albeit all alone,
Even in the eye of the storm.

I wrote this to describe my present situation, unfortunately, I cannot give any details, except that what I consider the best thing ever in my life, seems about about to be taken from me. I am still keeping on till the end, and fighting on, hoping against hope........


sugarlomps said...

u just hang in there

the genius within said...

hey..hold on tight to your faith..
whatever is meant to be will be..
God'll be with you, amen!!

Take good care!!

Afam Anigbo said...

oloshi, i hope dis poem aint about u loosing dubai.

y d heck does everything just have to be freaky, y u go write poem wen u for go to d koko straight

i hope say no be like dis u dey toast woman o!

anyways sha, jah dey, na ur destiny to succeed, so u no fit fuck up even if u try

laters dawg.