Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy New Year!!


 I don't know where to begin. Since I relocated to Naija, I haven't blogged. Life has just been so crazy.

Where do I start?

  • Is it the job hunt where I sat at home for 6 months pushing out mails till I got something?
  •  Is it the business ideas that failed, for me to try again? 
  • Is it one chick I left Holland to come and see, only for her to use the *cough* fake preg ish on me...later found out she was cheating on me during the time we were together, cus she had a baby sometime after, and no, the lil critter looks nowhere like me!

 Lagos is crazy men....

 I took my leave on the 24th of December...gotta resume work this Monday and I aint looking forward to it...

 Sigh....God dey.

 Happy new year guys! Its been 2 years since I blogged, and I just wanted to drop this in case some of you passed this way...

 See you soon hopefully! wavemasta