Saturday, January 24, 2009

I have been very lazy...but I had quite an eventful week... I had the flu and had to stay home for 2 days, which was probably given to me by my friend who is sleeping in my living room now.... I began my Dutch classes, and yeah things have just been moving slow and steady..
When I was playing around on the internet, I found a very interesting post. Apparently the Nigerian Police force arrested a goat on charges of armed robbery. Ok I know some of you wont believe me, and as such I will post the link. I laughed my head off so much....ok heres the gist...the goat was brought to the cops by members of a vigilante group..apparently they chased two armed robbers who wanted to escape in a mazda. The first dude escaped, the second put his back to the wall, and morphed into a goat a la harry potter, enough of that...Here's the link..

On the vigilante issue, there's a scary video which some of my facebook friends keep posting...which sickens me..the video shows the lynching of a suspected armed robber on the streets of Lagos, and for those new to it, the lynching involves putting a rubber tyre round the persons neck, dousing the person with petrol, and setting it all ablaze...I saw this shit once when coming back from university back in naija and it still gives me the creeps thinking about it...someone actually stood through it and videoed it all, and guys are posting it all over facebook...what kind of image are we trying to sell of our nation? Yeah I know our police system is messed up...i.e check out the goat issue, but cmon no one is entitled to judge anyone like that....and those guys burning people would go back to their respective churches and mosques and then wonder why their lives aren't moving...its so sad really. No one deserves to die like matter their crime...let God judge em, after all, the bible does say "Vengeance is mine..I will repay"...anyways God dey.
I managed to find the website which pissed off badderchic...wonder why we in naija love to copy the wrong things....its a naija version of "Gossip girl" and they specialize in publicizing whos sleeping with whom, how many times, where, how, etc, of some so called "Big boys" and "Big girls"...I wonder how or what qualifies them to be called that (big boys and girls)..but seriously, how people want to live their lives is their biz..lets focus on more positive things.
Guys, I am off to bed...cheers!
Oh yeah I found a redeemed church in my thats taken care of the spiritual side! the pastor and wife seem to like least we get to speak yoruba to each

Friday, January 9, 2009

Men, how una dey? Thank God its I am in front of the TV, watching cable, and my Grosch beer beside me...lifes good. Wetin I fit talk? But its cold now, really colleagues at the office say its not been this cold in 10 years, and that temperatures could go down to -22 degrees colleague was like, this is not Nigerian weather, and he has a point....add that to this freaking cold I have been having for ages, my people God dey.
For this cold, theres only one activity to keep me warm and satisfied, and its not gymming, those of you who know the koko will understand, to the rest, use your imagination. "Ahh wavemasta, you naughty eficco," I hear some ladies people no be my fault.Anyways sha, I am trying runs to organize my woman to come here, so by Jahs grace it will click. I don try o, its bin almost a year we saw last..
See my office oh, this orobo woman, well thank God shes married, she now wore one skirt like this, with tights again, and that thing was going from left to right when she was walking...but I rebuked the devil at lunch break today, one larrrge one was behind me...I think thats too big for me to carry (Abeg no tell people say I yarn this for public oo..), shes married too...hope the husband is treating her well sha.....I dislike it when orobo women are married to guys who dont appreciate long as shes healthy, and can move, and is presentable...omo, carry go!
Anyways one of my guys here, major friend went home to propose to his babe, his relationship was like mine...long distance. So to all of you who whine "Long distance relationships don't work" to all u girls who say "You men are all the same" lie! Show us you are correct, and can be faithful, and can keep your legs closed, and only accessible to the guy ure with, and then you will reap the benefits...except if the guy na back to my friend.. men I envy the guy...we never see yet. but if you see as in voice dey smile...I am meant to go and collect garri from the bagga tomorrow, as well as some naija CD's. I envy my pally, soon he will be married, have companionship, and of course the it will all be legal....well cmon I know marriage isnt about the koko, but I am sure my sisters, afrobabe and badderchic will tell you that the koko is a very important part of fact, scientific studies have shown that lack of koko has lead to the breakdown of most marriages....if you don't believe me, contact me for the er...'statistics'.
Speaking of naija CD's, I discovered this guy called that dude can RAP....damn...I fell in love with his flow in a song by some usher wannabee(though he was also good) called D.I.P.P....I am critical of rap coming out of naija, since ruggedman didnt seem as hot as his first album, and I don't dig naeto C that much, but thats just me...Ikechukwu seems to love screaming to compensate for the empty silences when he cant think of rap....and mode 9 is ok...but men, M.I na correct guy...check out the video called 'dangerous' with D.I.P.P..he rapped at the end anyways.

*Ps: if you do not know what the 'koko' are on a looooong tin....
Am out people!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Looking back on 2009: My year of unspeakable joy.

I remember entering 2009 with a bang...I was out of the country reaping the fruits of my labor and it was wonderful. I remember feeling empty thinking of the constant state of my relationship, but I also remember it all working out through means I could not fathom. (Disclaimer...I do not always feel
I drew much closer to God in 2009, and I remember facing and finally burying something thats bin haunting me for was all negative...I remember looking at it and going...whew..
I rose higher at work, I began to take on new projects, and take new responsibilities. I structured my life better, and God thought me how to be happy in all circumstances and situations.
My relationship with my family entered a whole new dimension. They realized I was an adult reaching 30 and basically stopped bugging my life, and allowing me to make my own life.
This year was a year of victory. I was able to spend time and more with my girlfriend, and we bonded on so many levels, and we laid all our issues to rest, and decided to take it to the next level. I finally was able to hear the still small voice in my spirit saying 'This is it son, go for it'.
Also, I was able to add extra streams of income to my job income.....God blessed me financially, and in all areas of my life more than I Could dream off, and for the first time in ages, I could travel and do stuff without worrying about how much it would cost.
I finally was able to learn dutch...hehe...God my throat hurts bad from pronouncing 'G's ' the dutch way. I became an inspiration to many, and began reaching out, giving back to the Nigerian community, and my immediate society.
I remember looking back at this year filled with hope, and optimism for the future...growing more mature....increasing in wisdom and stature...
2009 was a wonderful year for year of unspeakable joy....

To my Dad, the king of kings and lord of lords.
God, I love you so much, as I write this I have tears in my eyes.
You know I always like to form macho anyways.
Thank you God, for when I walked through the fires, you were with me.
You did not allow me to be consumed.
You led me, lord, and kept me.
You protected my sanity. You allowed me to make mistakes and learn.
Learning without any crazy cost i.e my life.
For my job, my life, relationships, I say thank you.
No one can be like you, no God exists like you.
I praise your name, Rose of Sharon, el-shaddai.
I love you for who you are, not for what you can do for me.
If things in my life do not work out, I will praise you.
For I know all things work together for my good.
I love you God...
For allowing me to see 2009, for allowing me to live this long...I praise you.
I have had people die before me lord..but you kept me by your grace.
Not because I was the holiest person in the world.
I will praise you forever, awesome God.
Let my words be an offering to you, and praise to the excellence of thy splendor.
I love you Lord..
Your son..
My people whats happening, well on my side nothing much. I have been going out sight seeing, and went out today. We got to see the eiffel tower in paris, and it was really wonderful. They will be going on my facebook, cus I am such a
My french friend and I are going clubbing tonight before I leave here tomorrow to go back to that country where people speak from the back of their throats. This party tonight is supposedly free for all girls, and free champagne for girls...but why do the girls need to get all the free stuff?
Back to reality sha, I feel heavy, and empty, me and the madam don rack....we always do that, but I dont know about it this time. Before I entered 2008, I had goals, I had aspirations, and I seem to have achieved them all, but this year, I do not know, I do not feel any goals, and its scary. The goals I want, I do not know if its the right time for them, and all that. As I am typing this, I have this couple,(bf and gf) lying close to me...I envy their relationship and wish em the times I wonder why it seems mine had to be like this...I am not apportioning blame..I have anyways God dey. He's been teaching me how to be happy in all situations and all things, and its gonna be fine.
As una fit see, nothing much dey happen for my life....this year is just stretching out in front of me. Maybe I will face one of my fears thats bin haunting me for some time....
Now remember I mentioned the couple in my apartment....the guy dey ask me say he hopes my chick doesnt have low self esteem...cus people would make fun and most big girls wouldn't feel comfy with their bigness. I just told him we all do not have to like thin women, and those guys have issues. He responded that he feels the girls have the issue...well na dem sabi, he was looking through my fone to see a bigger sized picture...saying he wanted to "appreciate".... but well sha, in head don cool down...I love em big, and I am sticking to it. And I like my gfs size and all.
But well theres more to my relationships than
Well guys, am just there, nothing exciting has been happening...I will go into myself and see if I can get a vision for 2009....

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy new year guys! I wish you all the best.....and thanks for rolling with me throughout last year, it wasn't easy. There were so many ups and downs, but God brought us through it anyways. I was sitting in my bros place for xmas and I just had this desire to still do I booked myself a trip to paris...and here I am...I have been having so much fun, its crazy...seen so many sights...and God came through....I am bunking with a friend and some naija friends, so I didn't have to pay extra for and I crossed over to the new year at the avenue champs elysees...with all the lights and all that....I was just thanking God for allowing me to see things we all just dream when I dey read book for naija na so people dey call me eficco..but see moi now...
This is 2009, so many goals man, things to achieve, but I am relaxed and confident in the outcome...and yesss, I am going to see my madam very she comes to me or I go to her, nice way to begin the new year.
God is really merciful to us humans, he allowed most of us to see this year. So any time you feel low, just meditate on that...
Love you all...