Thursday, September 27, 2007

Its been a while, a long while. Lots of stuff have been happening, you all know I lost a friend a while back, committed suicide.....RIP man, though there was another way.
Lets see, we are in a new academic year, Im trying to finish the rest of my courses, my girlfriend keeps nagging me to succeed. What else, Im fighting spiritual wars in my head, its like im being bombarded from all sides, and I cant say anything cus I dont want to be thought of as mad,(happened yest), I had to go into my prayer closet and pray like mad.
Yeah I am still hunting for a thesis project in a company. All of a sudden I am tired and I want this bloody program to be over. In fact, ehn, let me not talk. The place is lonely, but well I got God for company. Like I said I am not spiro......wasn't born to do the whole I dont do this, touch this, wear this, etc, but I believe in Jesus, and I follow him as an individual, not imitating self-righteous freaks.
Went to look at a company today, and while they were doing some nice stuff, it wasnt exactly what I was looking for. Ehen, today at the train station, I saw this naija woman, who I knew earlier, the one who made us install XP on her system some time back, whose kids speak both dutch and their native language. I wont mention her tribe so that people dont crucify me, but nna men, you guys can take a guess.
Men as I was speaking to her, I just realized she had pancaked herself men, pancake to the max. Im sure she would have given the late stella obj, a run for her money. Her face was like a mask, totally a different color from the rest of her body. I was supposed to be talking to her, but all I could say in my mind was hey, na ojuju be this?
Please ladies, if you wanna attract men, painting ur face like a masquerade wont attract guys oh! (But if she has some structures, well I might decide to bypass the mask..........oops I got a chick....just remembered)
Im retaking a course I passed last year, just to improve the grade, and Im doing the first assignment, and wondering, why I decided to stress myself.....
Im wondering that if my relationship crashes(which it wont), Im gonna lock myself up inside and never let anyone in again....
What else? The african party will soon be over, its holding this saturday, soon I wont need to be running around collecting contributions.
Whew...well I have nothing more to say....I got rice, and chicken, soooooo I am off to wack.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

akom proverbs

Those of you who read my blog would remember my erithrean friend who I have christened akom, cus thats how he pronounces akons name. I have decided to write a bit about some of the funnythings hes said and done .........enjoi

Today: wavemasta is in the lab and trying to do assignments on sunday afternoon. Next thing he hears celine dion(my heart will go on) playin in the background.

wavemasta: No, No, not celine dion! Shes the last person I need to hear right now

akom: you dont like it?

wavemasta: No.

akom: I want to marry her, but shes married to an old man.

friday night party:

akom: Hey are there free girls at the party?

wavemasta: No, leave me abeg

akom: We must see lots of girls

Now in the party, im dancing, and just chilling out, next thing, like a ninja, akom appears beside me.

akom: I wanna dance with you

wavemasta:(moving away from akom sideways faster than usher+micheal jackson ) WTF?

akom: Let me dance with you

wavemasta: I think the girls are right in front of you.....(He cudnt have been drunk cus the beer
was diluted)

Friday night in the lab

We are all discussing, me, a friend from kazakhstan called V, and my bolivian friend M. And of course akom.

akom: V I have been waiting for you.

V: why?

akom: I am in love with a girl from kazakhstan, and you are the only one who can introduce me.

V: Who is she? Is it the one in first year?

akom: yes it is, I like her

V: Sorry, shes married and has a 3 year old son.

at this point, everyone begins laffing at akom, and you could see his expression change.

Gosh, this was the same dude we psyched that the beef he was eating one time was snake meat and that if he eat it he would grow in wisdom.......

Right now as im typing Ive psyched akom that im a muslim (no offence to my Islamic brothers), and that my muslim name is Ahmed.........ok now I really need to work. you rock!!

Conversations in an elevator

After eating free food at a church barbeque, I went to check on my chinese brit friend.......K. So I got to the complex, and made him get his lazy ass downstairs, to open the door. So we began gisting and all......I didnt feel like going back home, and all that, esp as it would have looked so depressing. We were discussing my finances, and then he mentioned asking B for help. When he made that suggestion, I offered to use him to disprove the law of gravity by throwing him off a building like in galileos experiment. He then replied......."Im a christian, so Im immune to gravity."(obvious joke by mel gibson in the family guy)
We were inside the building at this time, and were about to step into an elevator, and I was like "Its like saying, I dont belive in death since im a christian, and Jesus rose from the dead", which of course dosent work.
We entered the elevator and our conversation went thus:

K:Look the church has been obstructing science for a long time.

Me: Oh please they were really weird people

K: yeah but they were still church

Me: They must have had some weird brain function, caused as a result of celibacy, and lack

By this time the chick in the elevator was staring at us with an incredulous look on her face, she wanted to laugh, but I think she was just being polite.

K: So youre saying that the church did what they did because they werent getting laid

Me: yes

Ok,by this time. the woman began laughing, and K and I got off the elevator and hi5-ed each other. That was just a lil bit of messing around, nothing special.

But seriously men, seriously, I think not getting any over a period, might be detrimental to one's health.........hey cmon, Im only kidding!

Oh and I got this picture off the net, and Im sure you all are gonna laugh when you see this:

The Caption is African Ipod.....LOL

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

A new academic year has begun.....yaaay!!! But men, anyone thinking that studying abroad is a piece of cake........think again.........its not.
It seems im always goin thru a rough spot, but I guess none of you checked their acounts and saw negative, and my scholarship pple are refusing to pay, or are dragging their feet, which ever one. Thank God I just have a couple more months to go before I leave this place.
Like a friend of mine said and I quote "If my daddy wants a phd, then he should do it himself!"
Also, I had a bit of a tiff with my gf. Ive bin calling her, but its not been goin through.
Right now I have so many things goin on in my head............but I guess I have to be strong and positive, and believe that things r gonna work Goethe said "whatever dosent kill me makes me stronger" I have also began working on one of our notorious courses, I don tell the course say na me and am this semester, say nothing dey happen.
Its time for house fellowship. but I dont feel like being in the midst of spiro people, and listening to more depressing stuff from a manual, telling me things like the world is gonna end, etc. Yeah I know that the world is gonna end, and that the wrath of God will strike down all unbelivers cus this is holland and they have a red light district and blah blah (insert bored yawn here), but the best time to hear things like that is under the influence of a good glass of heineken (joke). Im trying my babys number again...............its not going.
I had to borrow some cash from a friend, to do my laundry after like 2-3 weeks, buy some milk so I can eat breakfast, and make some important girlfriend fone calls.........because using the laundry machines cost cash, and if ur account is in the negative like yours truly : ) well, fill in the blanks.
Now I was made the chairman of the african students comittee in charge of welcoming our new students, and I have to be thinking of crap like that, when I have more important issues to think about. Dont worry, I know what to serve them...........juice and groundnut, abi shebi most of them are from naija. They can chop anything.
My coordinator just told me he made an agreement with the scholarship guys, but he dosent know when they are gonna send the cash.
Chineke God, help thy pikin.