Thursday, September 27, 2007

Its been a while, a long while. Lots of stuff have been happening, you all know I lost a friend a while back, committed suicide.....RIP man, though there was another way.
Lets see, we are in a new academic year, Im trying to finish the rest of my courses, my girlfriend keeps nagging me to succeed. What else, Im fighting spiritual wars in my head, its like im being bombarded from all sides, and I cant say anything cus I dont want to be thought of as mad,(happened yest), I had to go into my prayer closet and pray like mad.
Yeah I am still hunting for a thesis project in a company. All of a sudden I am tired and I want this bloody program to be over. In fact, ehn, let me not talk. The place is lonely, but well I got God for company. Like I said I am not spiro......wasn't born to do the whole I dont do this, touch this, wear this, etc, but I believe in Jesus, and I follow him as an individual, not imitating self-righteous freaks.
Went to look at a company today, and while they were doing some nice stuff, it wasnt exactly what I was looking for. Ehen, today at the train station, I saw this naija woman, who I knew earlier, the one who made us install XP on her system some time back, whose kids speak both dutch and their native language. I wont mention her tribe so that people dont crucify me, but nna men, you guys can take a guess.
Men as I was speaking to her, I just realized she had pancaked herself men, pancake to the max. Im sure she would have given the late stella obj, a run for her money. Her face was like a mask, totally a different color from the rest of her body. I was supposed to be talking to her, but all I could say in my mind was hey, na ojuju be this?
Please ladies, if you wanna attract men, painting ur face like a masquerade wont attract guys oh! (But if she has some structures, well I might decide to bypass the mask..........oops I got a chick....just remembered)
Im retaking a course I passed last year, just to improve the grade, and Im doing the first assignment, and wondering, why I decided to stress myself.....
Im wondering that if my relationship crashes(which it wont), Im gonna lock myself up inside and never let anyone in again....
What else? The african party will soon be over, its holding this saturday, soon I wont need to be running around collecting contributions.
Whew...well I have nothing more to say....I got rice, and chicken, soooooo I am off to wack.


bam bam said...

lol at the pancake faced lady

bam bam said...

yey am ist and second here yipeee!