Monday, December 29, 2008

Yawnnnnn....guys, as I dey type this, I am still in bed....and like my facebook status says... "It feels so good".. Anyways now, merry xmas in arrears to you all, and a happy new year in advance. This might be my last post in 2008...
Men this year was crazy. I entered this year scarred from my battles in 2007 which was a year of facing some deep inner issues I had had for ages, which had basically attracted a lot of nonsense into my life. I am into personal development, and there's something called the law of correspondence which is that "Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world"....and that pretty summed up me.. I stumbled on a book which contained some wisdom in focusing my mind on all what I wanted instead of the things I feared.... I took a lot of risks this year, getting an extra job to pay for my fees and still graduating on time, which most guys said was impossible, flying out to finally lay eyes on my gf...getting the job I am in now, with company accommodation, and the was crazy...after so many rejections
But then, I wanted to fly like the eagles, and I had to leave that thirty thousand naira a month job in Lagos....when I told someone in church this, he told me that was pure wickedness, for someone to pay that So this and a whole lot more (i.e being separated from my woman) was the price I needed to pay, to be where I am now.
I have become an inspiration to many of the Nigerian students here. They hear my story and look at me, and they know its possible, to graduate against all odds. I had friends and my gf supporting me through the hard times. Times when companies rejected me, saying I wasn't good enough, times when my account was in the Negative. All these made me a stronger man, and I am grateful to God for all the hardship I went through.
I believe God has been showing me how to be happy in the present moment. We think when we get married, get that new job, car, etc, we will be happy, but we have to just learn how to be happy in this present moment. I have experienced this.... I thought getting a first class (which I didn't) would make me happy and earn my folks approval(which it didn't)....I felt a lot of cash would, or getting a different chick all the time...but if your inner world is in turmoil, your outer world will be crappy.
My relationship has issues, we have been seriously racking over so many things. Its mostly due to the distance factor, so when someone says something, the mind is trying to interpret it in a well a lot of misunderstandings...but seriously I am not bothered, because I believe everything is working together for my good. If it doesn't work out...well, I have shown I can stick to one person, except if some extreme shit happens to me (which hasn't happened in ages)...and learnt a lot about myself...and conquered most of my inner issues which will make me a better person for the next chick that comes along...which I pray will be the last...only that I don't want a next chick. In spite of all her wahala, of which I got mine....shes MY wahala causing woman and I like it that it doesn't work out, God knows best and I choose to be happy....and if it does of course I will be happy, when I am not mad.
Ehen, lemme gist u guys. My naija friends and I were coming back from one city here (After hearing some guys speaking yoruba in one station), so we met one dutch guy in the train who deduced we were from either Ghana or Nigeria. When we mentioned nigeria, he said his ex wife was Nigerian, and he lived in edo state (where I was born), and used to drink star beer. We all laughed...he now said "hmm in Nigeria, if someone dies, they leave the body on the street for ages, no one picks it up"...which was true. One of my dads oyibo friends tried to get the naija police to remove a dead body from the road....I will leave what happened to your imagination.
The dutch guy said he chats with a lot of Naija chix online....then he said "After sometime, the girls will start asking ....'Do you have money?'"
That was so freaking embarrassing men...when will some people know that their actions color a lot of innocent guys like us?
Another funny story, at my former redeemed church in delft, my guys were like, "The difference is clear" as in how I look now that I have started work. One of my friends was asking me about my woman, and I said she was in a country far away. He was like..."Hmm, when una jam for Nigeria, in fact, No be small jamming" it was funny, but I didn't want papa God shaking his finger at me...He now went on to say "Abeg make it official in Naija ooo, so you can get proper blessings....hahahaha"...guys and guys....well all of us are mostly in this position, having a fiancee or girlfriend back home, waiting.... I came here without any attachments, but how I met mine is another story..
I remember one 'brother in the lord' who before he went back to naija, vowed he must "score" at least two goals in his wife, before he came back here for post masters. Me, ooo, I no dey read again, abegi.
Men, my level of aggro has increased, and Mrs hand and her 5 daughters, rashidat, bukky, wunmi, efe, and joan, have been tired of my visits. Its become to crazy that I hope the thing doesnt come out of my nose and hurt
God dey sha, I go make am...if God be for me.... nothing do me.
I will put up my vision/revelation for 2009.....let the spirit lead me...and don't worry, I will finish straffe okon... I have been toying with the idea of publishing it, but my conscience seems a bit

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Xmas!

Hey my peeps... I just wanna wish you all, merry xmas. Lets thank the Lord, its been one heck of a year. Don't know about you, but it has been for me. Anyways that's for my new years posts. So whats up? Got into Delft last night, then went to the redeemed for xmas eve dinner...don't blame me... the moi moi was yuck...but the peppersoup overcompensated for that. My chick used to tell me never to eat moi moi outside, but I just My pally and I had fun inserting parts of Dbanj's lyrics into Christmas carols. I can remember my friend looking at the length of my samsung earphones, and asking, 'why are your headphones a loong thing?' lmao!
Some strange ish is happening to me.... its like my senses are open and I am seeing attractive babes everywhere...even the ones in hijabs are looking haawwt.... it reminds me of one dude I met during NYSC. The guy was one spiro guy mehn, the guy jisted me that according to him, he used to be one baddo...then after he gave his life to Christ, he told God, if he ever panshed outside marriage, that God should strike him dead on the spot. When he told me... I was like ..."Gulp"..I love Jah, but the guy upstairs knows crazy nerd aint gonna make a vow like that....but my guy told me when he made that vow, all sorta hot chicks began crawling out of that's how I feel now. I also remember a preacher telling us he made the same vow...but with a variation....God should make him run mad(beats dropping dead anyways), and even if he gets prayed for...let it not work. no do
So sha, I am at Delft now, at my bros crib,and we had the Christmas present unwrapping, which my lil nephews were looking forward to, and it was fun to watch the expression on their faces when they saw their gifts. One of my lil nephews was so excited, he kept twitching, and tossing and turning in his sleep. My bros and his wife loved their gifts...OK I got em novels, my gf said its cus we are a family of geeks it was her idea to get em stuff for xmas. I got a 24 euro book check to buy books anywhere in I will update my "Artermis Fowl" series...
Anyways I get naija party to attend today, and enough rocking.
The person doing the party told me... "In the spirit of you fleeing from temptation, I have refrained from inviting any of your...'kind' to this event..."....those of u who know me know what she meant..
I can unashamedly say this is like my best xmas in this country, and I spoilt myself silly, enough baffs...guys and to yourself is awesome and therapeutic...try it one day! LOL!
Merry Xmas too baby, love you loads!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Hey my, xmas is around the corner ooo....anyways speaking of xmas, I decided to give myself some presents....psychologists tell u that you gotta treat urself well, after you accomplish looking back on this year, I felt I did deserve some gifts so I went out shopping. I wanted a new phone....the one I had before was horrible, and I had my eye on the iphone...but over here, t-mobile has locked all functions, and I didn't want a phone which didn't have bluetooth or copy paste. My friend disagrees with me, but yeah, no I got myself for xmas

1. Samsung omnia 8gb

2. The first book in the "Artemis Fowl" series

3. Couple of scarves

Then I shopped for my family, etc...I had settled madams shopping last week, sure she wuld like it.

Anyways, as always I got naughty things on my mind, so I remembered an experience I had in secondary school. I was just getting into puberty, and my love for big big somethings was manifesting, especially with those lovely Ghananian woman selling puffpuffs...but I digress. Anyways I was in the local fellowship, which basically gave me psychological issues for years later, and I also had a "small-boy" crush on the female fellowship leader. Anyways I confided on one of these so called people, and he prompty informed me I was possessed/afflicted by the "Spirit of Jezebel"....or whatever that means....took me years to accept the fact that my high sex drive was healthy if channeled in the right direction.
Anyways the person I confided in now leaked my jist, and apparently the female fellowship leader heard it, when said person used me as an example of how lust was eating into the fellowship...kai, see my life.
When he/they later repeated a class (actually there were 2 of em who I confided in...cmon, my house and family weren't exactly confidante material), I felt it was vengeance from the most high.

Anyways I talked to the fellowship leader when we were in SS3, telling him I had a problem with lust, etc, and I needed help. See my life. Guys, abegi, no laff o. So he takes me to one spiro teacher, who was married to one intergrated science teacher who was hot. Chei....those days I no soji..
Anyways one saturday we go there and the guy begins to start carrying out "deliverance" on me. Casting out demons and shit. Now, I didn't feel anything. Seriously. After reading all the trash labelled as christian literature about demons, I expected lights, flashing, deep voices...but I didn't get anything like that, and time was going and I was getting bored.
So what did this crazy eficco do?
I began to act...check it out:

Teacher: I bind you in Jesus name, get out of him
Other student holding me.
wavemasta: (thinking) ol boi, this thin dey take too long...ok wetin be d name of that mount zion movie about demons...wetin the guy dey yarn..ok, ishawuru from agbara nla
wavemasta: (impersonating): no way, we are from the sea, we arent going lai lai

Teacher: entering into more frenzy: yes, leave him , go etc

wavemasta: Ehn, no way

It went on sha, till It ended...cant remember how....then the guy now said when he first saw me he saw the "contact point" was my eyes or something like that...we sha became friends till I left..and he always had fine honeyz always in his looking back, I wonder why....

Anyways most of my fellowship boiz just sojied (woke up) and became bad bad leader above us stole his mums stuff, and there was jist about one of them touching someones breasts during a closed eye session prayer meeting.. well it took me a while to deprogram myself, accept my sexuality, be normal, and have a relationship with a God who knows that I'm very randy but I try (and sometimes to channel it in the right direction.
When I janded after WAEC, nna men I had to deprogram myself, almost made me go mad...lots of confessions with my priest, lots of accepting my sexuality and my issues, and sorting myself out all on my own. When I have my kids, I am gonna be there for them during this period of their lives...I will accept them and not judge them. I will teach them and let them make their own mistakes n learn from em.
Anyways guys, hope you had a good days in secondary school. Kai, loving big big somethings, well, I'm hooked and my chick would have apoplexy if she heard me mention second
I love myself, my sexuality, and apart from all that, I got my goals, and where I am going in life...ahh my wife go so
Guys, I love you all....have a good week, I will blog some stuff later on.

Monday, December 15, 2008

My people wassup? Mehn I am tired, tired and horny...wait first, lemme sexplain...sorry Today was our first day at our new building in a new city. You know I said my company moved and all that. So we got to the place today sha, it was tight, tight place to work, etc..but since it was an open space, I had to be careful wetin I dey look for internet, so all those crazy posts on some Nigerian forums like.. "Is virginity a good thing" were out of the question, and of course afrobabes blog was out of the question, before one stiff dutch man sees one picture and gets me
Men, its like those winches from my village sent them again oo...hmm, as I was in my new office chilling like the good boi that I am, I saw this chick...well she was older, but men, orobo, big,the way I like them, in a miniskirt again, plus leggings, ahh, next thing anaconda just began to see the binding and casting I use for the tin...readers, why is it that snakes are so hard to tame, ehn?
I sha removed my eyes, u know, this celibacy of a thing, can be hard especially for someone like me, but well I dey tell myself say na for good cause.
Then after lunch I saw her again, bent over, the miniskirt hugging her backside, as she was pushing something..kai, no be something sef me I wan push? lol...and she had specs again, and was looking serious...secretary fantasy anyone? lol
Next thing I went to the coffee machine to get myself some coffee, or was it to use the bathroom, I can't thing my hot-chick-sense (as opposed to spider sense) went off, I just turned to see one bakassi sticking out of a door...then the bakassi moved, and the owner of the bakassi revealed it was one of these Moroccan immigrants, fine...and so anaconda begin dey yarn me:

Anaconda: wavemasta, no mess up ooooo, no mess up...
wavemasta: Dude, cmon celibacy..wait sef, how u take wake up
Anaconda: bros leave that thing, just step to the chick tell am salaam aleikum, yarn am some deep koko like dbanj, she go chop am...shebi na foreigner?
wavemasta: oloshi, I bind you..

After this conversation, I went back to "work" sha, then we had lunch, the seats were so soft, it was like making love to my body, this is why I love big I miss my chick ooo... and I love naija women in general, all my big sistas, but I can't marry you all, can I, even if I take enuff blood tonic..madam go do me strong
Ok fastforward to me walking around looking for a secretary ok look this time it was thing, my senses go off again...what on earth is wrong with this place? Ol boi, the next chick I saw taking some coffee from the, she could give some naija chicks a run for their money in the ikebe department...while I was still cum-templating, she looks at me and goes.. "Hello"....ahhh anaconda was about to be fully know I have locked up the snake till his owner is around...but men at times, especially in situations, he begins to stir, waiting for a chink in my Armour...but I AM STRONG! Amen brother!
Ol boi, after that hello, I just went and sat down jejely. Hmm, seems these chicks here might be verrry friendly after all, and language might not be a barrier. After all, "I want you", can be translated into many languages.
But men, seriously, what will I gain...especially in the light of what I really want from a relationship, and from life in general?
But omo those chicks set
On how this place affects us, I got a facebook message from a guy living here who told me he was gonna run nuts, he'd been here working for a major company, which if you mention its name some naija chicks would screw you silly, right there and then...and said he hadn't met any Nigerians, and he was just in his own world, and all...and we had a mutual friend, so we talked, connected.He sounded like he was really going to lose it. Anyways he told me he'd go to naija for xmas to see his chick,(lucky bastard), me wey I never come home for over 2 yrs, well sha, he'd come see me maybe around new years day...he told me about some dutch dude working in the same company who committed suicide. And he told me "seriously, there's more to life than working for a good company...everything else has to be in balance"...and I totally agree. In naija we believe that once we "make it", by getting the cushy job, etc, then all our problems will be solved....that's not it.
I remember looking at my GPA of a first class, my first year in university back in naija and asking myself "Is this all there is?"
I now have hustled, gotten my MSc, and yeah am working here in a comfy job, but I still feel the emptiness inside...and no its not because I don't have Jesus...its that through no fault of anyone..the bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh isn't here..that special someone I can be vulnerable with....
And no amount of fake sex can erase that, or compensate for that....the loneliness can be killing, the lack of intimacy. Yes even as crazy randy as I am..I know whats up. I take refuge in God and pray and all...but at times you ask yourself.."Is this all there is?"
God knew what he was saying when he said "It's not good for man/woman to be alone".
So I felt my brother, so I understood where he was coming from. You gotta be strong minded to survive here.
I even met one of my naija guys here, the guy dey yarn me say I don dey here for 2 yrs say wetin, say make I go home.. I told him I would go next year anyways.
I know that if I am not single, men no chick go catch me lai if I am not, men, na God oo, biko... let me not count when last I released anaconda.
Oh, and the "no chick can catch me part?" Abeg, this isn't an invite to tempt me, abeg, joo, sorry ooo, to whoever might decide to take it personally. Hehe.
But it's all good...we go dey rock am dey go...naija no dey carry last.
Overall, work was good, I had fun, nice perks.. now 2moro it's the same thing.Argggh!
Make I go rest.
Laterz guyz!

Monday, December 8, 2008

I will. Yes I will!

Hey how far...hows it going? Well like I always say, I don't have anything to report...nothing like some other bloggers I know...anyways I am writing this as therapy for me, so well, sorry, no straffe okon, or any juicy
Work is going's just that the system I have to learn is so large, and everything looks so complicated, and I am a bit scared of not performing well...remembering the reasons my last company didn't renew my contract..but its all good. Xmas is coming and well I don't feel too good about it. I was supposed to see my gf(If I can still call her that) this xmas after 8 months, but well at the last moment, something just messed up the plan...this winter and season that was meant to be joyous for me is just looking dark and dreary and I do not like it one bit. But wetin man go do? I checked out flights and stuff but they are just too damn expensive. I choose to just see it as I gotta work harder to reach my dreams of being a billionaire philanthropist.
Apart from this all, well my relationship seems to be ...rocky.... there was this disagreement which sorta pushed me to breaking point... and it looked like there was no light at the end of the tunnel..I blogged about it sometime back but well I took it down cus it was like my friend said.."looking very much like something" I am just going to just chill out.
You know, I am someone who has always battled, always fought to get to where he is today. To top this off, some kin spiritual yawa began to try getting me down...just imagine some thing whispering obscenities into your mind about people you love n shit..but mehn, I didn't reach where I am by being weak, I have fought, and kept on just get every part of my life in order.
At times I wonder if the devils and people from my village had a special meeting about me. Maybe they saw my future (Which my former pastor said was impossible), and decided I was just too hot to handle, and so they should gimme special
As a guy, society expects a lot from us, and a lot of things have been written about maturity and what it entails, but I found out that we are always growing...there's no point where one can say hes "arrived", and knows it all. As guys we are thought that we are just meant to be hard and bottle shit up inside, and even from our chicks...but well, I guess wisdom is needed to handle all this, and you do not want to offload the devils poison on people, and also, cm on u need to be vulnerable with someone. It's hard being a dude, and expected to be superman and solve everyone's problems and then... see, this is why some guys actually cheat. They have a girlfriend or wife they display this macho side to, and they got someone they go lay their heads on their laps...check out Samson, the strongest dude in the Bible. The guy must have been freaking lonely men, solving everyone's problems, kicking philistine butt...and he just needed someone to accept him for who he is, and that lead him to Delilah..and we all know how that story ended.
Sometimes guys have someone they have to just show male dominance too...i.e sex, etc, and they get their emotional support from someone else...which is why you see some issues in marriages...Some men cannot just reconcile the 2.
So girls and now have a valuable key in your hand to understand your men. Use it wisely, and send your appreciation to my swiss bank

I solved that problem or God solved that for me by providing a temporary solution. I had a female friend that I wasn't attracted to (She was thin, thin as a rake :-), L ure my friend, and she was older (Not an excuse but the combination was ewww...), and I could talk to her about anything, about my nightmares, and stuff, and not be judged, I felt free to speak to her, cus I didn't send her like a girlfriend. If she went off and said hey..."Dude ure a freaking nutcase"..I wouldn't have cared, because she wasn't my chick...but I felt terrible talking about those things to girls I was actually dating....that's because I was scared man...scared they'd run...scared of showing them my fears, insecurities, etc...insecurities don't fly ...not in naija, not in our world..even guys with insecurities pull others down to make themselves feel good...Don't believe me? Well its true. Everyone's wearing a mask and hurting inside..only God can heal us.
L...thanks for your help God bless you loads, though he already has.

My current or (I don't know the state of) girlfriend was the only gf I had whom I could let inside completely, but men, it got to a time I had to prevent my battles from affecting her.. I always felt that no chick would be able to enter my world because of my issues...spiritual, family, etc...and that's why I restricted myself to flings...yeah I let the devil screw me bad...but well I am out of all this...I cried to God and he helped me. Although at times its hard. My friend once told me she thinks God put me in this position (i.e the wilderness position) because I needed to be in a place alone with just God and myself dealing with me... and yeah I had the madam...and I thought I found someone that I could give my gift to. I always knew I had the gift of loving..women...or rather one woman...for me when I fall in love its consciously.... I have let off the brakes for some wrong peeps before...but this was different. I wonder why I never ran mad, especially when I was studying for my masters, wonder why I didn't commit suicide like my friend did...but God kept me....all those bible verses I crammed just would come out and I'd just keep battling em...and keep smiling.
Anyways I had to stop depending on L so much, and face this on my own...cus I had to take responsibility for the gf..and turning to others when ure in a relationship seems somehow.. So here I am...

The world can be a bitch my friends. You got demons screaming at you, and ure meant to just smile at people...lets try and reach out to one another, you might just save a life.
I wrote this as therapy for me. I do not have any issues with blogging about my issues or fears online, cus well who knows who it might help? There's different sides to me. There's straffe okon :-), and there's so many parts. We all have someone who's reading this should just be encouraged. No matter how much you feel you are screwed up inside, trust me, someones going through the same. But I am here and still alive, still sane, (I didn't end up in a mental hospital...or dead), I managed to graduate from my masters, get a job...

As I am typing this I still got issues. Jobless demons still trying to mess my mind up, telling me I think this and that....relationship issues...devil telling me "Hey, you are gonna be alone" telling me my insecurities won't go, and that one of the major blocks in my relationship won't be removed.... and maybe I might end up lost in Europe, and I will never be the man I was meant to be...or maybe someone better than myself will always get my chick or future chick. I am also trying to sort out this family issue of mine...cus even though I am on my own and stuff....this whole family-dictate-your-life thing has gone on too far enough. I have a harder time breaking free cus all my older siblings are used to this, and they use the "Honor your mum and dad" verse for it all...imagine what that would do to the self esteem of a soji man like myself in the 21st century..yup...emasculation.
My relationship seems like something you just put plaster on, treat the wound, another one comes up again...thing is the love is so strong, I never experienced something like this b4...which is why it got me that we might not see this xmas...but men, I wonder...I have asked God....whats the way 4ward? People say "love is not enough"...but where did we get that idea from? Love made God send his son to die for us.... Love the bible...first Corinthians...
Loving a chick can be hard hard work...especially the way God wants u to.

Yup! I got issues....but you know what? Jah dey... God dey. I look at my "achievements" for my age, and yeah I try small. Still got a long way to go, but I still try sha.
We all have issues, but if I am still here and fighting, then who the hell are you to give up?
Nothing do me men, I am more than a conqueror through Christ who loved me...
If you're from another religion... God is still your strength and he will sort you out... As for me... I am determined to win in this life. Make the cash, get the girl, touch lives, in no particular order.
And you know what?
I will.
Oh yes I will.
See you at the top..hurry up though..I might be so big I might end up taking your

Saturday, December 6, 2008

My people wassup, hows it going? Enuff gist dey...ok lemme start. I moved into my new crib today. The company got us a sweet crib, modern furnishing looks like something out of IKEA, pimped up kitchen n living room...and us 3 engineers get to bunk in there...sorry, 3 crazy, my italian friend alberto, and reza from indonesia. The house needs some changes though... I need a heating, and rezas key is stuck..we also need
I got my friend felix (raw food dude) to come stay over...hes snoring right now..I always told him his snoring sounded like a generator. You know those ones in naija wey go dey sound as if the diesel is adulterated? Yup, na so my guy snore dey sound...and of course I snore, but mine sounds like a quiet hum...the one u get from a silenced
Well sha, enuff things have been happening, and enough challenges, but you know what? I am getting better and better, and God is leading me through my own unique training programme, and its cool. I have had issues with madam and coping with stuff here, but I am sure its going to be ok. I edited this post... I had seriously vented, but make I cool down dey watch...
Ciao guyz....sorry oo...nothing interesting has been happening, I havent dressed up like a chick or gotten laid

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Mehn, my people its not been easy, we thank God anyways. Nuthin much has been happening, just me settling into work...I swear the hard part is getting up every morning, and biking to work...arghh! And its snowing again, OMG....when I get to work I need coffee to shock my system back into shape. But I thank God, I cannot complain.
Speaking of the cold, that's just one of the challenges I face here....another is the loneliness and lack of intimacy.... u know am in a long distance relationship, bin ages I saw my gf, and I swear its crazy.....I miss the companionship u know...just having someone lying beside you, you could talk to...not just about sex, although speaking of that, I wonder if I haven't lost my skills, or I can still do some positions...see, its my blog, I can say whatever I
Someone from my past (a female) predicted I wasn't gonna be able to stay for 2 yrs without getting laid...while she wasn't totally incorrect, shed be surprised to see me now. I guess its true what people say...when you meet "The one" it's just different I guess..... I actually am here, and keeping to myself, u know being selective with any female contact here, just cus, well, what I got is worth it, and I am working to keep it. Although mehn, it can be was so so not made to be alone, walahi, God knew what he did when he made woman for man.
It's reached the stage my best friend tells me my need to get laid reflects in my voice...kai, make I catch you foolish
Well, to compensate, thank (Insert name of deity here) for Mrs hand and her 5 daughters...guys guys, don't criticize me....dudes gotta do what a dudes gotta do, and Mrs hand always comes in "handy".
But men, at times I ask myself, Ol boi, are u sure u can still do...etc etc...
But the loneliness and all is of my friends is so scared that if his relationship with his naija babe doesn't work out, he will just go and carry one akata.. I keep telling him to cool down, but I feel where he is coming from.
Anyways I go see madam this xmas insha allah, companionship men, e no good make u dey think things make devil dey try do u bad things in ur mind.
Amazing how lots of Nigerians back home think once you are in Europe or abroad that automatically the key to heaven has been handed to you. Man, you pay a steep price, let me tell you, nothing good comes easy. At least back home you get to come back to your loved one.
I was even advised by a friend to consider having a fling as long as it was "harmless"....if to say I was someone who couldn't think for themselves maybe I might have bought I said, well, I can't hurt someone I made a commitment too, and he said the same abt his chick...and he promised her not to touch another chick...but well lets leave that.... but yeah there's that temptation, and I know some guys in relationships back home who would take that offer. I am not better than anyone or holier (Hell no!)..but I have realized...after sex is over, and you look at the person beside you, and realize you guys don't have anything...ure just like "Damn....why didn't I just wank?" Trust me....its happened to me so when I say that if you have something precious with someone, don't throw it away..I knw what I am saying.
I had a serious talk with jah today....went kinda like this ok not exactly, but u get the picture.

wavemasta: Jah, how far, see we need to talk

God: yeah I know, see u no dey fear dey call me jah..see your head...

wavemasta: Sorry sorry daddy but you know I love

God: So whats up?

wavemasta: God, thanks for everything, for blessing me, for...

God: Dude, cut to the chase, ure grateful, ok,I get it.. now whats the koko?

wavemasta: God, I'm lonely, I'm horny, and am being faithful....which is whats expected of me anyways

God: Correct, u dey represent.

wavemasta: But see, we need to sort out somethings and if you know you don't want me doing things, well, make it work out so we get married o...and yeah let this chick and I work out.

God: Trust me, its all working out for your good...

wavemasta: amen

God: Can I go now? Hehe, just kidding....

Well una get the full picture.
I need to sleep. Gotta get up 2moro, hit the office.
Ciao dudes and dudettes!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Agent Straffe Okon-6

I have decided not to wait for inspiration, but to dive in and write this. I know I get a lot of visitors on my blog. Please dont be lazy...make a comment..and not just on straffe okon, you pervs at least gimme feedback and let me know I am not wasting my time. So, back by popular demand..


DISCLAIMER: Yes, tantric sex works, but don't do it except you know what you are doing, and I don't accept any responsibility for any of my readers actions.


Straffe had had many adventures with many women in his short lifespan. So many that his aged mother would have a heart attack, if she found out. He was a mild mannered spectacle wearing individual who most girls never expected anything from...but beneath that quiet exterior lurked one of the sharpest minds in the world, and an agent of the covert Nigerian organization...the CABAL...dedicated to bringing down those who would cause terror to the fledgling Nigerian democracy.
The mysterious disappearances of different call girls in Lagos, had been traced to the enigmatic figure, the China man, and when Straffe was getting too close, they had dispatched Li Chang..their top assassin, to take care of Okon. But the assailants had not factored in Straffes attraction for big beautiful women, of which Li Chang was one....and right now, Straffe was trying to prevent himself from getting assasinated...
Li Chang had challenged him to a sex duel....if he won, he got to live, if he lost, he was dead....
Straffe fought to retain control, as Li Changs pussy muscles were contracting round his member, like a boa constrictor, squeezing its prey...he varied his rhythm and thrust inside her...harder....trying to relax....the assassin had put her big legs on Straffes shoulders, and that coupled with her vaginal contraction techniques, would have made an ordinary man cum in less than a minute...but Straffe like we mentioned earlier, wasn't an ordinary average person. Li Chang was getting a bit impressed....3 minutes had gone by. In this studies of ancient methods of Sex, Okon had come across scrolls teaching about tantric sex, and about how higher levels of sex, involved merging of essences of both parties involved...and he decided to give it a try... he relaxed, visualizing the sexual energies spreading throughout his body
and merging with that of the woman beneath him.....he heard her gasp...and he pushed deeper...merging his essence with hers....and then pulled....Li Began moaning, and thrashing against him....wanting the void in her essence to be filled.....Straffe pushed again.....and felt her body respond..
He began with circular thrusts touching the front wall of her pussy...and then he looked into her eyes, and a flash of revelation hit him. Her desire for approval, her being under appreciated because of the way she looked, and her hatred of men in general had led her on the assassins path..making her determined to use the men who had used her, and not cared about her feelings. Okon, stopped his frenzied thrusting, and slowed down, using his lips and tongue, tracing outlines over her body..speaking slowly into her ear.. "I understand what you have been through, and even though you hardly know me, I do care about you"..he whispered these words into her ears, as he began nibbling her earlobe. Li Chang began to moan, feeling her inner defenses crack, her nipples so hard...and she guided okons head to her chest as he began to suck those 40+ DD or whatever size breasts..he really didn't care about bra sizes at this point, as long as they were big, and he was in their centre.
He used his tongue to trace a line to her belly, and then buried his head in the muskiness of her womanhood, and began to drink of her nectar...he felt her body convulse, and she began to moan, and thrash around on the bed...he removed his tongue from her womanhood, and began loving her body inch by inch, her thighs, her calves, her toes, Li Chang was in heaven, she had never experienced this before, all she had encountered were men willing to take, but now, she met someone willing to give instead....the ache in her womanhood became unbearable, and she reached for okons turgid member, and once again put it inside her...Once again, Okon, closed his eyes, and imagined his essence spreading round his body, delaying his orgasm, and visualized it like a spear...then he launched his essence into hers....he felt her defenses crack, and she became open and vulnerable....he then began to thrust inside her, harder and deeper, telling her to trust him....and then for the first time in her life, Li Chang felt a tingling sensation moving all over her body..leading her to the brink of pleasure.....Okon pulled his essence back, leaving her shaking and helpless, and then plunged into her again....he kept doing this till she was almost incoherent, "Okon, please, I love you, you make me feel like a woman, please, complete me, make me yours", she screamed....
"You are mine..." Okon said..thrusting inside her..."you belong to me"..."Yesss, yess, I do, please Okon...ahhh" Okon began increasing the tempo of his thrusting, faster, harder, with Li Chang moaning, and groaning, "God, Okon, I do not know this feeling, Its coming, Oh, God" ..."Let it happen" Okon grunted has he thrust harder....Li Chang exploded..her climax making her vaginal muscles contract so hard, Okons member was almost forced out, the climax kept building, and all she could feel was she wanted his seed inside if he read her mind Straffe said, "Im about to come baby, to come inside show you how much I care", with those words, Li Felt another orgasm engulf her, just after the first, dragging on so she felt Okon release his seed inside her....
Okon came out of it all hearing banging at his door..."Mr Okon, everthing dey ok?" It was Harunas replacement...."Nothing dey happen" he shouted back. He looked down at Li chang....her body was still twitching, she was breathing heavily, covered with a heavy sheen of sweat, and traces of his and her fluids running down her legs. She was broken, and finally vulnerable. As an after thought, Okon looked at the clock...2 hours.."Na wa o" he thought..."What I do for my country. If Ibrahim doesn't increase my salary, I'm going to become a pastor." He imagined God shaking his head at him and saying, "Okon, Okon....hmmm", and he shook the picture out of his mind...and he noticed he didn't use protection.. "Chei, see fuck up" he thought..well since he wasn't thinking straight and he just had sex under duress (yeah right), it wasn't his fault...but HIV tests were a real bitch...
He tapped Li Chang, and she opened her eyes, staring at him in wonder..."I guess I get to live" Okon said. "Now tell me everything about who sent you to kill me".
She hesitantly began to tell him about the Chinaman, and how a group of rich expatriates in Nigeria had been using young call girls as part of an experiment to ensure unending aging, and how the serum code named "Black Magic" had already been tested, and was still undergoing modifications... Straffe listened with his mouth open...this was like ritual killings, minus a toothless medicine man/woman of course....
He had to report back to HQ as soon as possible...but meanwhile, he reached for his medicine cabinet for blood capsules and vitamins...he needed his strength back..

Friday, November 14, 2008

Hey, well this is where I get to talk about whats been happening. Well I have started my new job, which is cool. I am doing some normal engineering services work before I actually begin building any software. The company tried a lot for me anyways, they put me in a hotel for sometime, thats where I live now, and rented me a bike...yeah a so we dey do am for holland o..and the company is 15 mins bike ride from here...and yeah I planned a whole lot of trainings with my manager. The weathers so cold its annoying, makes me long for an orobo to
These guys in my office, are kinda trying to imply that I gotta learn dutch by force..we had done some training, and my Italian friend wasn't around, and we were like the only 2 international pple in the company..and he had gone out for the I am sitting in the middle of all these guys speaking dutch, and then one of em asks me out of the blue "Hows your dutch?" Well I just yarned that hey, I was learning it at my own pace, and the person was advising me to go watch sesame street in wa o anyways.
We had a meeting today, and we had to introduce myself, and I did part of my introduction in my rudimentary dutch, to at least give a good impression, cus these people can silently shut you out and still be fact my manager has put dutch classes as number one on my training madam advises me to take it a bit easy so I dont look like a kiss ass, and I do get her point.
I got my people to pay for internet access at my hotel in exchange for dinner allowance...I mean, what on earth will I be doing without internet? When I was in naija, I was blind, now I doin that was madams Idea, and like her ideas it clicked. They just told me today that they were gonna pay for a month, instead of me just buying cards, so that its cheaper, and yup, yours truly is jacked into I am still lookin for a place though..
Men, ur guy is just there, anacondas just sleeping, waiting for the "chosen one" to wake him up, so that he can release his "powers" and born plenty
Well I'm keepin it real with the girlfriend, and I have destroyed my orobometer, so I could almost pass a lovely plump lady, and anaconda head no go raise.
On the madam issue, well sha, we've tried, and come a long way....although sometimes the spirits of past issues come back and try to haunt yours truly, and try to get me down...and then I get into this thing of wanting to try to unravel it all and make sense of it, and it tries pulling me down sometimes I think its karma trying to bitch back at me..but sha, I focus on God...thing is that, Its my destiny to make it, no matter... I always come out on top, thats my belief.

I have bin downloading movies, and series and ish like crazy, and trying to make the best of it all.... I got this scottish dude in my office, which a very delightful scottish accent, and brit sense of humor, so at times I am not sure whether hes stroking me or being serious. These people for my office never organize computer for me ooo...kai, guys, I feel anaconda stirring, I have to make sure he doesn't wake up, especially since his handler aint around..
Laterz guys.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Hey, well after a long time, I am updating... so lets see whats been happening, well I was basically chilling at my bros place waiting for my job resumption date, and for my work permit to fall I basically had this cycle....

wake up--->eat--->facebook--->lunch--->facebook/movies--->dinner---->sleep

Crazy ish, I know.... anyways sha I left Delft, where I lived for 2 years doing my MSc, and I have moved to another city to start work ..which is next week. My boss informed me I was start training soon, so I'm hitting the ground running. They put me in a hotel, where I am gonna live for a month plus, before we shift to a new city, and then they will organize something for me. Their meals here are so expensive, I am trying to bobo my company to pay for the rest of my meals, and my internet access, since of course they are the ones who chose to put me here ;-)

Well, sha, I know God will give me the wisdom to carry out my new job. Sorry, I do not have hot gist about chicks like some do...over here I'm a good boi, and my madam would break my head anyways. Oh yeah, I eat suya for the first time in 3 years at this naija club in Amsterdam, dancing "gongo aso" with some of my friends...well I guess I had to rock, its bein ages I had fun.

I got an email from mumcy advising me to stay away from "easy" Dutch of my friends was like, maybe I should target "hard" dutch women...hahahaha. I am not targeting anyone anyways, before madam does strong thing.

Anyways whatever, no gist...just updates...laterz.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Graduation Ceremony

Today was cool, officially signifying the end of my MSc study. Yup, I got my MSc certificate today...
The way it works is that you are called out on the stage, and then your professor reads a speech about you, and how well you did or did not do, etc. Today's ceremony was in Dutch, but they spoke English when it came to the turn of international students.
When it came to my turn, my legs were shaky, I couldn't believe that 2 years of a gruelling MSc program was over. Gosh, then my prof couldn't make it, but he wrote a speech which was read by a prof who knew me personally from my articles in the school magazine. Then he read my profs speech about me, about how awesome I was...etc...ok, he said I was one of the most focused and determined students he'd ever coached because I asked him from the onset what I needed to do to get a high grade, and did the work all by myself, something that 6 of his Phd students were working on...well sha, I thank God I finished....when I wanted to sign for the certificate, my bodi just dey shake, the woman at the signing table had to tell me to take it easy and calm down.
Anyways, later on, was shayo, and we took pictures with a Prof who lived in Katsina for 2 years, working for...get this...the ministry of works and housing, as an electrical engineer. This guy was blasting Hausa well,even yarning "Alhamdulilahi" ...well sha, it was a cool day, and yeah I put the pics on spybook (Facebook for people who have no sense of humor) :-)
Everyone's just been commenting on my status, and pics, its
Well, I thank God for the journey so far...two of my other colleagues made it at the last moment, so I Wasn't alone, thank God.. For this graduation, only 2 of us naija men, made it out on time, at least no one can now misyarn, and say they didn't know some Nigerians who knew what they were all about.
We really need to revamp our educational system in Nigeria, cus I compared the two systems, and the mindsets of our students, and we need a whole lot of improvement.
Good thing is now, according to my kpali, I am now legally authorized by dutch law to call myself Engineer.... over here we use the "Ir" title...ahhh life is good...
I called the madam, psyched her well for all her love and support over the past 2 years, she begin dey I know you will want to kill me after reading
Now I have one months forced holiday before I begin my new job... *groan..

Monday, September 29, 2008

Agent S. Okon-5

Reader Discretion is Advised

She knelt down before him, waiting. Her sharp eyes trying to penetrate the darkness. She could only barely make out the silhouette of the person called the chinaman....
"We have a problem Li Chang"...the voice grated. Li felt shivers running down her spine, and felt her pussy begin to become wet, as she remembered that voice whispering dirty things into her ears....
"A Nigerian secret agent has been asking too many questions.." the chinaman said. "Project black magic is getting too close for any screw ups..I want you to take care of him" the chinaman said. Li rose, and took the dossier the chinaman handed over to her. "Here, you will find everything needed to accomplish your mission" he said.
She was breathing heavily now, breasts heaving, and her mouth parted... "Will there be any further orders sir?" she asked..."yes" the chinaman said. "Suck me". Li fell on her knees, and without any further encouragement, unzipped the chinaman, and took his erect member in her mouth, flicking her tongue over his scrotum.
"You exist only to bring me pleasure. You are my slave." said the chinaman. Li began to moan softly, as she felt herself being raised to her feet, and then his hands began exploring her large body...his hands stopped when they reached her pussy, which was so wet.... "Li chang...are you worthy enough for you to receive the gift of my manhood?" "yessss" she moaned....the chinaman caressed one of her large breasts, and began massaging her clit, through her trousers... he began increasing the pace, faster, until Li changs body shook as she came, hard....
"To prove you are worthy of receiving the gift of my manhood, fufill this misson" said the chinaman, as he walked away without any trace of an erection, leaving her gasping. She had to kill this Nigerian, and prove herself worthy..very few women were selected for the chinamans pleasure, and she was not going to miss this opportunity.

Some hours later she found herself in front of Straffe Okons house...the information in the dossier provided by the chinaman's intelligence was indeed correct. It was a simple matter to pick the lock and let herself in. She strode through his house, and ended up in his bedroom.. the fool had left his personal computer on. It could provide vital information before she killed him anyways. She noticed he had downloaded some files from the net. She clicked on one, only to begin to hear moans..the file was a movie file, showing a large woman with enormous breasts being taken doggy style. The male actor fucking her was big and built, and kept thrusting harder inside her...Li began to feel horny...the dossier did not mention that Straffe Okon liked big women...the thought of that made her extra excited, and she began touching her clit....after all, she was going to kill him anyways, no harm done..

Straffe let himself in, dead tired. He had been trying to trace any large Asian or chinese women in lagos all day, to no avail. Anyways, he felt tired, and went up to his room for a he pushed the door to his bedroom open, he felt a whiff of some exotic perfume which he could not place...he walked into his room only to be greeted with the sight of a large chinese goddess lying naked on his bed. She looked like she had been sculpted by michaelangelo, or any famous italian sculptor...her skin was flawless, her eyes mercilless and seductive, right down to her thick shapely legs, and large thighs....her large breasts heaved up and down with every breath she took. Her arms were muscular, and the calf of her right leg had a dragon tatoo..
Straffe wondered whether he had taken drugs or something, because this was some shit out of his wildest fantasies. He tried to be rational and logical, but unfortunately, or fortunately, his dick had already betrayed him, because it was fully erect. And she used dark toe nail polish...
"Chineke!" Straffe thought, "my own don finish o!" All of a sudden, the goddess spoke. "You are straffe okon, a secret agent of the CABAL"..."er....yeah" straffe said, mumbling like a 15 year old whose mum just caught him jerking off to porn.
She got of the bed, and walked towards him, clad in nothing but high heels, and she reached behind her, and brought out a gun which she pointed at him.
Straffes erection went down faster than you could shout "NEPA". "Ï see you lost your erection" Li chang said..."Thats not good...for you that is." "You have interfered with the wrong people, and I should kill you..but I have a proposition that might save your life" she said.
"I have had a large sexual appetite, and I have learnt many ancient techniques, including controlling the yin/yang sex energies of my no man has been able to stay up to 5 minutes with me in bed" she said. Now straffe understood that kind of language. "If you can last up to 5 minutes with me in bed, and satisfy me, then you walk....if you don't, you die." said Li Chang. "I am doing this because I can see that you like big women, don't you?" she asked.
Straffe nodded dumbly...he had to literally fuck because his life depended on it.
He called on his half calabar/half yoruba ancestors to grant him stamina...and haruna the mallam had gone back to kano...he always had some burantashi ready for such emergencies...
"There's no way you can last against me, Okon, but still lets see"..Li Chang said, as she walked up to him slowly, and began to caress his cock....

Its been a nice quiet season, I have had time to recuperate from my 2 year battle for MSC in this land. This land where smoking normal cigarettes is against the law, but smoking pure weed is legalized, and no, I am not joking.
Well, I sorted out most of my issues, I am collecting my kpali on Friday.
Oh, and the son of man got a job finally, multinational Japanese engineering company, so I will be writing software for them. Place is cool, has wicked benefits, like woah! I'm now searching for an apartment. I plan on pimping the place up, and making it toosh...I need to enjoy mehn, I don suffer finish.
I also am planning on flying out to check the madam for xmas, nuthing do me sha.
I've had time to reflect, to sharpen my saw, get in touch with my inner self, and all that. Gods been good, I can't deny. Only 3 of us actually are getting our certificates this year, from my department. If Jah didn't see me through, men, I dunno where I would be.
Church was cool on Sunday, although seeing some female body parts bouncing up and down during praise and worship kinda distracted me a bit...but God and I are still cool.
My love life's still there, had a bit of an argument, and we are both in too deep for any of us to call it quits without feeling the scars. So sha we just trying to patch things up best as we can cus we do have something people just dream about...
Well, I have nothing better to do, so lemme see if I can think up something for

Monday, September 15, 2008

I shouldn't be blogging now...but well, tis a way of dropping my thoughts. Since I graduated, I have basically been job hunting, and chilling at home, babysitting my nephews. I got some offers, now, its just picking the right one.
I have turned to a lot of things..created straffe okon....I don't know if the series is ok, or I shld discontinue... and just waiting to get to work.
Spent today sorting out issues, playing husband, trying to sort out some stuff madam was experiencing...all from behind my computer....mehn, oyibos dey try ooo...I can run things from x miles away...
Has this ever happened to you before...when there was a time in your life you settled for less than you could have been? When you lived below your talent, and you werent a man...or afraid to assert yourself, all in the name of being "nice" and "understanding"....and you were afraid to be labelled as "jealous, controlling, " and all in were afraid to have BALLS. Thats right my friend...BALLS.
That was me ages ago, before my awakening, before I discovered the king locked inside me...before I discovered my zanpaktou (soul sword) .....
Even some days back, as I struggled with some mind battles, I felt I was gonna go down...and I would never move forward, and past mistakes would pull me back...till its like I heard Gods voice in my ear telling me ..."You have NO excuse, for not being the man I called you to be."

I learnt to be strong, to be assertive, to have my own opinion, to stand up for what I believed command respect...and be true to define what I can stand for, and what I cannot stand for....esp in relationships....
Now, it seems, I am being presented with a test.....somethings come up that I have vowed not to stand for, even at the risk of giving up my idea of happiness.
Will the wavemasta of now, have the BALLS to make a decision, and stick by it....or what......will I have what it takes to walk away from something I care about...even though an issue that violates my code looms on the horizon? Will God show another way, or am I gonna hit the highway once again? If I do, it will be a pity...but hey, life goes on....Interesting....
Anyways guys, if you do want me to continue with straffe okon....leave me a message on the last episode....

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Straffe Okon 4


Straffe took a deep breath and wondered what this world was coming to. Not "coming" as in "cumming", but you know, coming in the right sense. His pastor might have said it was a sign of the end times but....straffe killed the guilty feeling, remembering his escapade with the big assed female choir leader, and brought his thoughts to reality.
He examined the dead body in front of him. Witnesses said they had heard a shout at night, and the sound of broken glass, and they had found his body near a cheap hotel at Ikoyi...with a nice bullet hole in his head...
Straffe allowed the forensic guys from the CABAL to carry the body to their secret lab for testing. They had already bribed all the MOPOL (Mobile Police) guys, so there wouldnt be any issues about jurisdiction....who cared about such anyways? All a guy wanted in this country called Nigeria was to get laid...sorry paid.
He went into the hotel, and checked the room where the body was thrown out off. The guys had swept the room clean, but he didnt want to take any chances..
He had just finished checking the bathroom, when he saw it...a hairpin, small and ornate. He picked it up, and examined had chinese markings. So either our dead guy was gay, and was with another dude with a chinese hairpin, or he was straight, and was with a chinese woman. Being the naija man that he was, straffe opted for the latter theory.
Asking around was proving abortive because not many people were willing to talk, till he bribed one of the hotel cleaners. "Yes sir, ahh dat man na greedy man, na only im wan carry dat kin tin". "Which kin tin?" Straffe asked?
"Ahh sir, the woman get body ooo, if you see the ikebe and the front...kai...and she big well well"....Straffe was getting horny for some strange reason....anyways, he gave the hotel cleaner some cash....the CABAL gave field agents "bribe allowance" which some of them diverted into their private accounts of course...but our hero was an honest guy.
He got into his beat up car, and drove back to the head office....and was so intent on driving that he didnt notice he ran past a red light, and all of a sudden, he was being asked to park.
"Shit!" he thought. "Oga, wey your particulars" the officer asked...on closer inspection, straffe saw the officer was a woman, big, and burly, with a large chip on her shoulder. By straffes deduction, he was sure her husband (If she had one) hadnt touched her in ages.
"Officer, see, how we go take do am?" he asked....."Oga you go follow me go station, except you drop 20k". "20k ke?" he said in this time the woman had opened the door on the passenger side, and gotten inside, planting her huge behind on the seats, which by now were groaning in protest.
"I no get money for here..e dey my house" he said calmly. "Ehn, dey drive"...the officer instructed. Straffe took his car onto the main road, swearing under his breath, but he began to notice that his erection had reached full strenght...and the officer had noticed it also. "Why your prick dey rise? ur girlfriend dey for house" the officer leered at him. "Wetin your eye dey find there...abi u dey fear the thing?" he asked. He took a short cut and within some time was at his apartment.
He let himself in and offered the woman a seat, and went into his room, came back and gave her the cash.

"Oga, na only this 20k you dey give me?" she asked...."Wetin you wan make I give you?" he asked "you suppose put extra, as you be oga" this time, straffes erection had reached full level....he walked up to the woman, and pulled her to him, his tongue invading the depths of her mouth...she responded hungrily...straffe began fondling her breasts through the uniform..he freed a nipple and began flicking it with his tongue..."Ahhhh" the woman moaned.....straffe undid her uniform, exposing her big breasts and began sucking them, while caressing her huge ass, he led her into his room, which was fully air conditioned, and began ravaging her body...he removed her skirt, and her panties, and began to caress her between her legs...."yeee, yee" the female officer groaned....she undid his belt and brought out his member, and took him in her mouth....she began caressing his balls, as he thrust in and out of her mouth...she was too wet by this time...she pushed straffe on the bed, and then straffe slapped on a condom, before she guided his erect pole into her...."ahhh" she moaned...and she began riding straffe was so long since a man had touched her...since her last boyfriend left her for a skinnier woman, straffe held onto her big breasts, watching her ride him..he reached behind, and held on to her large ass, as he thrust inside her...soon, he flipped her onto her back, and she spread her big thighs for him....straffe entered her with full force...slamming into her...she began to moan..."ahh ye! ye, do mi, do mi, dont kill me...." she was in 7th heaven as she wrapped her thighs around he thrust into her..he felt the buildup of semen in his loins...he then made her stand up, and bend over....she obliged....straffe could see how the opening to her love hole glistened with their juices...he held his member and eased into her....and began to thrust deeply into her...harder, faster....holding her breasts....the woman was delirious with pleasure...this man was good...better than anyone she had been with...and she felt a warm feeling in her loins...and then she screamed as she reached her climax....straffe kept pounding her large ass, making her scream, till he shot his load deep inside her.....

Gosh....he thought...I need to stop doing all this.... he turned around to see the woman with a large smile on her face.... "Oga, you sabi fuck well ooo" she giggled..
Straffe felt himself getting a hard on again.... well he still had time before he reported to headquarters, and besides, he had to make this police officer chick pay for messing up his schedule.... he reached for her again...

Somewhere somehow, Li Chang stepped on the accelerator of her vehicle...the car roared, and she threw back her head and laughed... the look on the foolish mans face when he saw her gun was so was even more funny when she put a bullet in his head and tossed him out of the window.... she really hated guys who bragged about their sexual prowess, and couldnt really pissed her off, and Li Chang did not like to be pissed off....
Her phone sms from the chinaman... although she knew him by a more intimate name... something had come up...she had to see him urgently...seemed there was some trouble...


Thursday, September 4, 2008


Eyin peeps mi......finally, after two years living in this land, I have managed by the grace of God, to finally get my MSc.....I defended my project last Monday. I wished I would have gotten a distinction, but well sha, we give God the I got foreign MSc...and I finished the program on time, and within the bounds of my scholarship....anyways yeah yeah I know everyone now wants to read about the adventures of straffe okon, but there's more to me than that...I am a geek you its to receive the job, cus I do need more cash now...but God, thanks for setting me free from here. The journey's been tough, tis been hard, but you kept me, and I didn't run mad.
I never imagined, when I was going through hell last year, and parts of this year, that I would be writing this blog today..
Thank you lord.
Eyin pple, pray for me ooo, son of man needs job ASAP. Since I've graduated, I wanna thank my fans, and my mummy, my daddy, and my dog.... and seriously my madam....for been a rock and support....lolz....kai, I still dey hear, I no kolo....God dey

Okay, straffe will return next week in another instalment...just got a call from a fan..he complained this weeks episode was too

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Straffe Okon-3


Straffe sat across the table from Mr Ibrahim, in the secret headquarters of the CABAL. For once, Ibrahim had stopped watching porn, and both of them were intently watching the security camera tape from the Blue Lion hotel. Straffe watched the chinaman speaking to a pretty girl at the party and whisper in her ear...she giggled and they both left. "So its obvious that the chinaman does pick up women, but what does he do with them?" straffe asked. Straffes member stirred, and he had to speak to it, to cool down. "So, we know where he stays?" straffe inquired... Ibrahim answered "Well, somewhere in Lekki, but we need to crosscheck. One of our guys is disguised as an okada rider and he is going to acquire all the details you need". Straffes member began to grumble....the tent in his trousers the result of the grumbling....straffe sighed....

.....Her name was Li Chang, and she was like 6'2 in height, and big. Big in every ramification. Her insatiable sexual appetite, and her natural ferocity and skill in the martial arts made her the prime candidate for head of the chinamans security. Right now, she was busy. Quite busy. Extremely Busy in fact. She looked up at the man between her huge thighs, humping away like there was no tomorrow. She was disappointed...he was supposed to be from some tribe in Nigeria called the calabar and who had the reputation for being beasts in bed....all she got was this mans endless pumping. And to think he actually bragged about how good he was....Li decided to teach him a lesson. She flexed her pussy muscles around his dick making the man groan in delight...then she began flexing in a rhythm, the man began matching her thrust for thrust...then Li employed her taoist training...combining her inner yin and yang energies and sending the stream towards her pussy...the surge of energy made the man begin to shout...then Li began moving her vagina muscles ..starting the counter movement which had unmanned many men before him, moving her large hips against his...the look on the mans face changed to bewilderment, as he struggled to keep rhythm with her, but could not..slowly he felt his control slip away, as her thrusting pussy muscles pushed his member out of her, while he came at the same time. The man looked away, embarrassed, not knowing what to say. Li looked at her watch....3 mins...what a loser.....She'd yet to meet a man who could have lasted above 5 minutes, after facing her technique....never she could kill this weak fool.....

In a hidden lab, somewhere, a naked old Caucasian man eyed the incubator suspiciously. A potential investor in Nigeria, he was also about to test the prototype for Dr Guttenbergs research, the extraction of the chemicals purported to give black men, particularly Nigerians, their drive, their sexual power, and their boldness. "Don't worry sir, it's quite safe..." the chinaman said. The old man stepped into the incubator, and a technician took a few vials of a clear dark fluid, and put them in side containers in the incubator. At a nod from the chinaman, he pushed a red button on the console. The old man shouted, as the needles pierced his skin, and as the chemical worked its way round his body, then the shouts faded away...the technician watched as the door of the incubator opened, and the (former) old man stepped out...the wrinkles were all gone...he felt alive vibrant, and young, and he felt a stirring in his loins that he had not felt in 50 years, even with all the viagra treatments...he looked down to see his member, hard, long, and pulsating...and for the first time in years, he threw back his head, and laughed...

The chinaman smiled...project code name "Black Magic" was working just as expected..

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Agent Straffe Okon-2

I am personally loving this character...I could write this today due to the fact I stayed at home to here goes..and I might not continue unless I get good feedback! Here goes!


Parked across the street in his beat up mercerdes, straffe eyed the imposing structure of the blue lion hotel. Owned by a wealthy Lebanese man, the blue lion hotel served as a meeting point for expatriates in Nigeria. Which meant one thing...a whole lot of cash was been exchanged around there...which meant loads of call girls wanting a piece of the action.
Straffe walked into the hotel excluding confidence...the concierge saluted and let him in. He walked slowly looking around...women of all sizes and shapes hanging on to expats.... Straffe waved a hand and the waiter appeared. No one noticed straffe secretly giving the waiter a blue card alongside the money for the drinks. The waiters eyes widened..and his opinion of straffe went up a notch.
"This blue card is an invitation to a high class orgy" his contact had explained days earlier. "This is highly secret and top notch. I had to call in a few favors to get it". When straffe had inquired as to how he could return the favor, his contact had requested for the phone number of a very big beautiful calabar girlfriend of his. "The things I do for my country", straffe thought, as he reluctantly handed the phone number over.
Across the room, straffe noticed a man with Asian features...and from his movements, straffe could tell he was dangerous. The man moved with the grace of a dancer, muscles moving like an oiled snake.."hope Im not turning gay...." straffe thought. He summoned the waiter over, and inquired who the man was.
"No one knows sir. People just call him the chinaman" the waiter replied.
Straffe sipped his drink and amused himself by admiring the various kinds of women in the room. Since there werent any big chicks, straffe wasnt in the mood for anything..
He felt movement at his elbow, and looked up to see the waiter. "Come with me sir" the waiter whispered. He followed the waiter out of a room and into an elevator. The waiter opened a panel in the elevator and pressed a button.
"Normally people think the elevator stops at the ground floor", the waiter explained. "but in reality, this goes underground once the right button is pressed".
The elevator doors opened, and straffe found himself face to face with a giant. The dude must have been like 6 foot tall..when okon showed him the blue card, the bouncer stepped aside, and opened the doors.
The room was dimly lit, with blue lights, and soft, sensual music. When straffe entered, a bikini clad woman came to him, and took his coat, and led him to a sofa.
"Someone will be here to take your order shortly" she said, as she sauntered away.
Straffe wondered how to begin asking questions about the missing call girl, but he decided to let things happen naturally.
Another lady walked up to where he sat, and asked "so sir....whats your pleasure?"
Straffe whispered into the ladys ear, and she smiled..."come with me sir" she said.
She led okon into another room, and made him wait. In 20 minutes the door opened, and he was face to face with 5 big beautiful women....big breasted beauties...straffe felt the familiar ache in his loins...."I am madam Fatima" the woman in front announced..."I am the madam in charge of here, and when I heard ur request, I decided to personally take care of it".
Straffe eyed her up and down...madam Fatima was about 6 feet tall, big legs, thick thighs, and an enormous backside...her breasts were like 48F, and were straining to escape from her shirt... "I want to ask you a question" he said. Madam Fatima eyed him appraisingly..."Na only if you fit perform na in we go fit discuss anything".
Straffe sent the other girls away and stood this time , his member was about to tear his trousers...madam Fatima began caressing his balls through his jeans...okon said a silent prayer not to come too soon, as he had spent a fortune on laundry....she unzipped his pants, and took him in her mouth, sinking to her knees, making hums of approval as she sucked his cock.

He was so turned on, looking at the view of her big ass...."I-want-to-ask-a-question" he panted....Madam Fatima stopped long enough to lick his scrotum...."We go see" she replied. He began caressing her breasts through the shirt, and she let out a moan...straffe began massaging her belly and began talking dirty into her ear.. "u this woman, I go straffe you tire with my okon" ..Madam Fatima began panting more heavily "yeh, yeh, ahhh"..straffe put his hands between her legs and felt her wetness. He removed her underwear slowly, pulling it off. He bent her over and began biting her ass....Madam Fatima was in ecstacy....she felt his wet tongue licking her, and all she could think off was how this stranger was different...she wanted to f**k him immediately she saw him, since he radiated such masculine force..
Madam Fatima went down on all fours giving him a view of her p**y, so wet, and dripping...straffe freed his member and slipped on the condom, and slammed into her...."Ahhhh!" Madam Fatima shouted...straffe began pounding into her hard and fast, locating the sensitive spots in her vagina... Madam Fatima began thrusting back into him "Damn it" straffe thought..."I love this job" he began slamming into her harder..."you like it, ehn, you this ashewo" he panted..."yeh, yeh, harder, harder" madam Fatima gasped....when her first orgasm hit her, it racked the whole of her body, she began screaming....then just when she thought her orgasm was about to end...okon pulled her hair and rotated his member inside her almost touching her cervix..."AHHHHH! You wan kill me....yeee, olorun," she shouted as she came again....straffe turned her over and began thrusting inside her in missionary position, madam fatima was in a trance, bucking her hips against his, and then he began feeling the familiar ache in his loins before coming inside he came, he could faintly hear madam fatimas screams as she reached her third orgasm...
Madam fatima lay on the bed, half dazed....still naked, straffe took out a picture from his trousers and showed it to her. "You sabi this woman?" he asked.
Madam Fatima stretched out her hand to touch his member, but okon slapped it away...this was now business. Playtimes over woman...get to work.
She reluctantly took the picture and looked at it. "Ehen, this na helen. The last time wey I see am na for one chinese man hand" she said.
She then proceeded to describe the man which began to sound very much like the man called "The chinaman"...."So wetin happen?" he asked? "Well, I know say she dey go service the man well well, since na her customer, but she just disappear..." she replied...
As straffe put on his jeans Madam Fatima said "Han han, u no even make we do again. Oya tell me your name now", she asked with a coy smile on her face.
"The name is Okon. Straffe Okon" he said, as he walked out of the door. Time to pay a visit to the chinaman..he made a mental note to watch some Jet Li movies...seems some kung-fu was gonna come in handy...

To Be continued...

Monday, August 11, 2008

Agent Straffe Okon -1

I always said I was gonna write a story, so this is my mini series, about a Nigerian Secret will love the me I dont dissappoint.


The Beginning

His name was straffe and he was doing exactly what his name said....straffing. Straffe wasnt your normal average Nigerian. First of all, he was one unique individual, possessing an I.Q of over the normal...secondly, he worked for the CABAL...a Nigerian secret agency..dedicated to dont know exactly.
And third, he liked big big women.
The woman underneath him groaned with passion, wrapping her huge thighs around him as he thrust harder..she began matching him thrust for thrust, and then her screaming orgasm racked the air..followed by his grunt, as he came.
Straffe walked into the bathroom, looking at himself in the mirror..the face that stared back at him was gaunt, innocent looking. No one would ever guess about how he he was recruited by the CABAL while in university, after solving some obscure puzzle in the newspapers, then being informed that he was going to be trained for missions serving the Nigerian government....yeah right...
His phone was a secure number.. "Okon!" a deep voice over the line rumbled....straffe winced...why on earth did his name have to sound like that of a porn star....."Sir" he replied. "Somethings come up, report to the office now."
Straffe dressed up...."are you leaving" the woman asked, coming to caress his chest wearing nothing except a towel....straffe had to sternly speak to his member so as not to become erect....he had business to take care off.

Hours later, he sat facing the head of the CABAL Seun Ibrahim, who at that moment was watching porn. " said u wanted to see me"? Straffe wondered what kind of secret agency this was... "Okon, wait, this camera angle is the bomb"...Straffe silently prayed to God, and silently counted to 10.
"Ok straffe this is it. Lots of women have been dissapearing, particular call girls", okon said. Straffe held his breath..."I want you to find out how and why. The last call girl who dissapeared was from the Blue Lion Hotel, start from there."

Straffe walked out of Ibrahims office, and he noticed bose the cleaner...shed always had a big behind, and it was big...straffe went behind and pinched it. "Ahh oga okon, stop am ooo" she said. Straffe winked at her..."make we see now, haba, I get something for u for my office".
He walked to his office, she behind him, as they entered the room, he fell on her, squeazing her 44DD breasts, she immediately began to respond "yeee, oga okon, yeee"..he tore of her wrapper, and felt the wetness between her legs. He inserted his finger, and began massaging her g-spot. "yeee oga okon, u wan kill me"...Okon turned her around, and bent her over the table, so her big ass was pointing in the air..He thrust into her savagely, and began pounding her doggy style....bose began to moan and moan, Luckily, this was a secret agency, and it was soundproof. He flipped bose onto her back and pounded her savagely..."Ahh, ahh, oga okon, yeee, dis your bulala too big, yeeee"....his climax shook his body savagely, as he came inside her hard.
Now, he felt refreshed, and ready to investigate...


The girl groaned..but that was the only sound she could make, her mouth muffled by the cotton wool gag. Across the room, the man watched her silently, his eyes silently monitoring the instruments. The only other sounds were the hum of the machines, and the tubes connected to the womans body..
"Nigerians"..he thought disgustedly, just after the money, especially the women....worse than trash. If only these black savages knew about the secret chemical produced in their bloodstream which made them sexually powerful, and also gave extended life...but they didn't know. With the right amount of money, most of their women would do anything....
This breakthrough was brought about by Dr. Von Guttenberg, and since then, a powerful set of international businessmen was secretly financing his research, businessmen with powerful interests in Nigeria.
He looked at the monitor again....the chemical balance was a little bit off...he turned the knob up a bit higher....the woman across the room began to shriek, before lapsing into silence.
"Shes dead sir"..the lab technician reported, after a hurried survey of the girls body. "Dispose of her body", the man retorted...he would get another one girls were the cheapest...he felt the familiar stirrings in his was going to be a long night...he was being paid for results, and results, he would deliver.

To be Continued

Sunday, August 10, 2008

My people...I have just finished working on my Thesis presentation. In 8 days from now, things will finish.I will defend my project, and then this phase of my life is going to be over, and dedicated to the ways of pimpin :-)
Still job hunting, but things will be ok. I went to church for the first time since easter....yes I knw I'm bad...for send off...yes yes I know...the pastor enter me small sha, talk say I just dey come and, then we got to dance gospel fuji afterwards...AHHHHHHH jo jo....mehn I miss lagos, and the razz boi inside
Ive been getting close to Jah, and hes told me hes gonna surprise me..I have given him all issues to work on, and waiting for his guidance..
Mehn, I'm thinking of writing a some ideas, but I will keep u posted...
One love guys..
Anaconda still dey sha.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I turned 27 yesterday. I looked at myself, and was surprised. Once again, God did it for me. It was 10 years ago when a scared disturbed teenager was walking the streets of London convinced no woman would ever love him. Wondering where his life was leading to. He craved love at that age, but it wasn't given. What was given was a lot of abuse, and put downs from people who were supposed to be close to him. He constantly craved approval, wanting to know what he was good at.
10 years since he decided he was going to make it, and be free one day. Making that vow even with a non existent self esteem.
Now I look back and I smile. Back then I wanted to be loved and important, and to feel manly. On my birthday, one of my main friends here, and some others, spent their cash on me, and threw me a birthday party. Pictures are on facebook, but not on my profile :-). My guys realli took care of me, and I had loadsa fun.
Madam called me first thing after midnight...I love this woman, she knows me, understands my weaknesses, and strengths, its awesome. If someone had told me 10 years ago, that one day I would be with the woman of my dreams, I would have shaken my head.
Now, all thats left is for God to take it to the level where I will be producing my offspring. And she was scared that I would be alone for my birthday, but I wasn't.
I did not feel alone, and I had fun. What happened the next day, i.e today, is another story.
Some people close to me are not in this world, and did not live to see their next birthdays. So I am grateful to him.
Thanks to all my guys, including pimp daddy for organizing this. Thanks to madam for her love and support...I always pray that God and his son Jesus Christ give me the grace to love u the way u deserve to be loved.
Ok, enuff of all this mushy stuff....lets enter anaconda levels.
Today I was walking and saw this big big big something....and anaconda said...
"see foolish guys wanting to read abt anaconda!" hahahahaha.
As for my Job hunt, I believe God, and that he will give me the best for me.
Its well.
Love u all.

Wavemasta is out...27 and counting...Ol boi, I don old

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Moved out

Moved out of the "spaceboxes". Housing accommodation provided by the school authorities for international students. Better than unilag standards fine, but as expensive as hell, and a rip off. Place looked like Alcatraz. Or more like a Psych ward, on account of the white walls.
The school guys are kicking us out, we had till the end of the month to vacate the premises. To go where? It's none of their business. They got new international students coming in, and they have once again hiked up the you can all see why I had to do an extra job. I took madams advice, and moved in with my bro, he's in naija now, so I got the crib to myself. And no, I am not gonna throw a house party.
I'm as tired as hell.
Took madams advice again, invited my naija boiz for a night at my place. Lots of shayo, meat, etc. I got some champagne given to my by my former boss on Friday, to congratulate me on being one of four guys who would graduate on time from the Computer Engineering MSc. It was nice, I invited felix, and we all shayoed and gisted....then I got kwok to come over, and help me move.
I have been moving all my stuff, but now I am tired, got another interview 2moro, and lets see. I still have to go back and clean out my former room, else, I don't get my deposit back.
These guys just mooched off international students like anything, and the dutch students pay less...and they say they want to promote integration, and "internationalization"...all this big big grammar....I shake my head.
I want to officially announce that I have been able to seal my anaconda, at least for the time more spooky blue lights.

And yes I joined a group on facebook, called "Lil wayne is the worst rapper ever". And I seriously agree. Theres this nice video showing how he stole other peoples lines...and theres this picture of him kissing Birdman, I mean....WTF?
What kinda song is "Lollipop"..ok fine, it's catchy and all that, but he-llooo?
One of my guys just came back from naija, and I got all the latest naija jamz on my pc....alaba boiz aint got nuthing on
Still on the lollipop thing, my naija boiz don remix am, theres a Nigerian version of lollipop...don't believe me? Check it out...

Well, I just gotta clean up my thesis, and then get ready for defense and all of that..
Laterz y'all!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

This is my blog.
I can say whatever it is I want, how I want, and if you like it, you can click the little "x" button on the top right side of the screen and leave.
This is the deal. As I am writing this, I have a headache, and I am damn damn horny. Horny as hell.
I've had it with here. I have to find a place to stay in soon, luckily madam forced me to take my brothers help. I will stay there for a bit, till I get my own place..They are off to Nigeria for vacation, and I am just imagining the amount of big big things walking the streets in tight fitting.....


Its my anaconda....its raising its head. Glowing with a blue eerie light. Its been in a state of unrest for a long time. I feel the thirst overtaking me...
I love the person I'm with and I believe in being with one person and staying true to that person. Afam's right...I need bala.
I can see why people say that for a woman its all about the emotions, and touch, and for a guy, it's about release, and until he gets that release, his mind will only be focused on satisfying his thirst.

I have a headache because I have been chasing down bugs in my program, and having to deal with stuck up PHD students telling me "It's my problem". You created the damn device driver you geek, I want to fucking graduate, not stay here. Oh wait...I saw my supervisor today, and we selected my defense jury, and set a date..august next year...shit...sorry, next month (joke).

I'm fed up with arguing with the woman I'm in love with. I think I will just shut the heck up, even if I am annoyed. Anger doesn't work for me, and turns me into something else. You get into a raging fight, and then 10 mins later, ure back apologizing cus u cannot imagine life without this person.

Then in my moments, the evil one resurrects ghosts Ive laid to rest, and tries to torment my mind, and screw up my relationship. I prize relationships above most things cus you can have all the money in the world, and all the success, but if you do not have someone beside you, to share with in the name of love, then I got news for you. Your success aint worth crap.

So yeah I have hung on to this one forever cus I think shes the one.
And yest, I resisted the urge to drown all the raging emotions in a large bottle of wine coming back from my interview. I drink, but I will be damned before I turn into an alcoholic :-).

I sneezed, and the white stuff that came out was looking suspiciously like cum. Its just a matter of time before the thing begins coming out of my nose, ears and mouth.
Damn...I had the misfortune of being born with a conscience.....well its a fortune, I guess. Damn thots running through my mind, of big big things, market women back home, with large fronts and behinds, chicks of all big sizes (not all sizes, thin ones allowed!), calabar chicks, ondo, benue....damn damn damn, this is not good for me.

Anacondas threatening to "cum-sume" me. Sometimes I feel it stirring, like a slumbering dragon, waiting for the right moments, when the ancient seals will be broken, and evil will be released on every woman who weighs over 70kg. Skinny is definitely for punks. I was at the supermarket last weekend..(now why must it always be a supermarket?), this woman walked in front of me...had the biggest backside, I'd seen in literally shot out...or in the words of one of my friends here....appeared out of no where. Wearing a skirt. Then one dude who knew her, used that as an excuse to touch her there...cept if I don't remember correctly...
Men, trying to tie down the damn snake proved to be a herculean task. There were times the thing was leading me to go take a second look, till I showed it who was boss.
Alakoba Ejo oshi, foolish snake.

Yeah, whatever, I need to get a do you, else you wouldn't be reading my blog.

E go better, let me go shower, or use the hand techniques....I am graduating with a distinction, God pass them all. Yes, I am going to be faithful and not cheat and screw up...*sigh....

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

What if?

This is about different "what ifs?" Things that scare for me, these are just deep musings of mine.
Put an imaginary "what if" before any line.

What if.....

when we die, we simply find out that all we felt about religion wasn't true?

We meet God and he tells us that..."ol boi, that no sex before marriage thing" was simply a clause put there by political psychophants? :-)(I know say I go come back earth, break someones head)

The pessimists are right and dreams do not come true?

Theres nothing like true love, and being with the one you care about?

When we leave this world, we simply become fertilizer?

A certain man who might change the future of the worlds most powerful nation, doesn't become president?

No matter how many times we pray and fast, things do not get better in our country Nigeria?

Every risk I have taken, or every decision I have made has been the wrong one?

Those gold circle condoms you used when doing the human wheelbarrow weren't safe? And "Ed the virus" is lurking somewhere inside?

My concept of Christianity and God as a friend is just an excuse for me because I cannot live my life like a deeper life member? And follow those incessant do's and don'ts..

I see God and he tells me that based on the above I was just deceiving myself, and I get kaputed?

Theres no hell? ever thought of that?

The person I'm in love with isn't the one for me, and I've simply been blind, and ignoring the signs?

I am actually destined to hook up with a thin (lepa) woman (olorun maje ) (God forbid!!)

My weaknesses never end, and change never occurs?

I never forgive and let go of past hurts and pains, and I end up miserable and alone?

Nigeria suddenly changes and becomes a world black power driven by research and development?

I achieve my dreams and become an IT billionaire and own my own private jet (Even though madam doesn't want one), and I get to have dinner with bill gates?

I actually do achieve my dreams and make my mark in the world?

I marry the woman of my dreams and overcome any obstacles in the way?

I overcome all the weaknesses in me?

I meet God, and he tells me I was on the right track,and he lead me on my own path?

I decide to do PhD instead of getting a job, and its a mistake, and I get caught up in a cycle that I never want to do again?

The world as we see it, isn't the way it is, and we actually can get along with each other and exist in peace and harmony?

We can all learn to love and accept each other, irrespective of age, tribe, race, religion, nationality?

We discover that all the barriers that we think exist, are simply those imposed by ourselves and society? And that they really don't matter?

I am actually the baddest software engineer alive, but I just don't realize it?

I will read this a year or some months from now, lying on a beach or in an exotic hotel some part of the world, holding madam in one hand, a tequila in the other, and laughing at myself a year ago?

I actually am just a dreamer, and I should stop deceiving myself and face the "reality" as some people would see it?

I am actually on the right path, and right now, I am standing in my acres of diamonds, as concerns the country I am in, my relationship with the madam, my job, etc?

So many what if's, where do we go, what do we choose, whats the next step?

God help us all.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Baraje II (Warning---long post!)

After a hectic week, I decided to go out again this weekend. My boys and I planned a party fiesta.Clubbing Friday and Saturday nights back to back. I took the next week off from work, since I had finished the final project with them, and I needed one week to just focus on my master thesis project. So, after resting from work on Friday, we took a train to one of the major cities here, to go clubbing. I had high expectations of the place, till we got there and the bouncers said they didn't know us and it wasn't going to happen tonight.Even though I tried being polite, and explained we were students and all that, they still wouldn't budge. It was so bad, my friends and I fell into a passionate debate about whether they bounced us because we were black. My other friend did not want to take that point of view, but my other one did. Anyways, we tried another club, called "Asta", and we got the same treatment, this time by some black bouncer telling us tonight was supposed to be just "Hard house" music, and so we couldn't get in.

One of my friends had to ask the bouncer what was going on and after explaining that it was the..."three black guys coming to the club together"..phenomenon, we generally got the gist. We went across to another club down the road called "Cocoon", but after paying the entrance fee, we found out the place simply sucked.The music was gay, and there was this dude whom I could swear was gay also. We just decided to forfeit our money and leave. We decided to take the train to another town. One of my friends has vowed to treat any oyibo he sees in naija like crap...he does have a point because some of them come to our country and act like we should kiss their asses, but thats another story.
After dropping at Rotterdam, we met one of my Indonesian friends who was telling us that Hollywood had a special program about Asians. So we tagged along, and lo and behold we got in.
Hollywood represented as always, but the Asians there didn't utilize the gbedu enough, and some of them did not have game. Scenario: theres a girl in front of you winding and stuff, and you just happen to be behind her. Now what would you do? Or..what would "Wizzy"(Lil Wayne) do? answer....grab the damn thing..but did he...nope..see what I mean by lack of game?
I didn't grab, since the madam and I had another argument, of which I am just tired of the whole thing, and I didn't want it to be as if I was looking for solace in another chicks body or something. There was an orobo dancing well though and hitching up her skirts, and she seemed to be looking at me. I wasn't going to go chasing and all that,anyways. She came up beside me and ordered a drink..I attempted a feeble "Hi", but she no respond, I wasn't in the mood anyways. Even Anaconda sef..the guy just dey in hibernate mode.

When we were leaving, we now saw chick fight, a brutal chick fight. Like 3 or more girls attacking just one other girl..and the thing is that the chick they were beating up was someone who would have taken any of them one on one. Their ring leader was one small girl who I am sure could not have been more than 15. Pouncing on the chick, pulling her hair and pulling her to the ground, and some were kicking the chick again.
My friend and I wanted to just leave, to avoid police wahala, and personally I've seen what happens when you attempt drinking panadol for another persons headache, but my other pally being bigger decided to intervene, and we went as back up. Even another guy whom we thought was the chicks boyfriend, was trying to separate them it didn't work. Even the bouncers were acting like botis, in the face of this rack.
There was a policeman, but he had called for back up. Anyways the cops came and took em away, and we were able to leave. The chick they were brushing had blood coming out of her nose, and even when people would try to separate them, the ring leader would still wait, spot an opening, drag the chick down, then the rest of the gang would brush her.
We were like 80% sure this was a fight over a guy. Imagine, at that tender wa oo.

Anyways the next day was Saturday, and I had slept in. I did my laundry, and went to get my groceries, and thats when I saw ..."her". I wasn't sure it was her, so I just went up and did as if I wanted to buy some croissants, and yup, it was Jane. I met her at one church function..was looking to test my lyrics, and make a new friend, and madam and I had split up that time. I hollaed at the chick a few times, thought we'd hang out and ish, but she never replied my offlines, or returned my calls, so I left the runs. I also knew deep inside me I still loved my madam, so I knew all this parole was just an exercise in self deception.

Fastforward to yesterday, and I'm standing in front of her in the supermarket, madam and I had another fight...(AGAIN....arghhhh), and this chick is looking fine...nice hairstyle, nice African wear, and shes like 5'5, with the right body configurations, caramel skin, and looking sweet. So, I just talk, enter psyche mode..."Ohh you haven't returned my calls", etc, etc anyways I invited her for a night out with us, but she had a paper to write, so she said she would be free next week. Called her phone, told her I'd like to see her again (Yeah right), blah blah. Anyways when I told my friend the gist, and mentioned that, men, I still feel what I feel for the madam in spite of her acting up, he was like...well, he can take over the "job" of handling Jane and all that....this is what going to a geek school can do to your It's like "This na temptation" like P-Squared would sing, but well, it will probably be just a friend thing. I want to be able to sleep at night, and I'm still in love, dammit!

Later at Night, we saw the movie "21" and let me just say that if you haven't seen it yet, then I definitely recommend that you go see that movie. It was one of those movies that gives you a warm fuzzy feeling after you watch it. And its about a gifted genius who wants to get into Harvard medical school, but cannot raise the tuition fee. And his professor (Kevin Spacey), recruits him to join his team of card counters, who basically beat the las Vegas gambling system and make loads of cash in the process. It's about a guy who started out straight, made some unwise choices, learned from his mistakes, and still came out tops..its a 5/5 movie for me, go watch it.

From there we went to the African disco, and we had to kill time because the DJ was late (African Timing as always), there weren't any chicks like last week, and I wasn't going to grab anything. Omo, it sucks having a conscience innit?
Anyways guyz...thats my gist for the I need to go time my application, and get results at least. Speaking of which I have the whole of next week off to focus on my thesis, and I have a couple of interviews, and tomorrow is our farewell ceremony for those of us international MSc students who entered in 2006. Jeez, time does fly, doesn't it?
Love you all.