Wednesday, July 16, 2008

This is my blog.
I can say whatever it is I want, how I want, and if you like it, you can click the little "x" button on the top right side of the screen and leave.
This is the deal. As I am writing this, I have a headache, and I am damn damn horny. Horny as hell.
I've had it with here. I have to find a place to stay in soon, luckily madam forced me to take my brothers help. I will stay there for a bit, till I get my own place..They are off to Nigeria for vacation, and I am just imagining the amount of big big things walking the streets in tight fitting.....


Its my anaconda....its raising its head. Glowing with a blue eerie light. Its been in a state of unrest for a long time. I feel the thirst overtaking me...
I love the person I'm with and I believe in being with one person and staying true to that person. Afam's right...I need bala.
I can see why people say that for a woman its all about the emotions, and touch, and for a guy, it's about release, and until he gets that release, his mind will only be focused on satisfying his thirst.

I have a headache because I have been chasing down bugs in my program, and having to deal with stuck up PHD students telling me "It's my problem". You created the damn device driver you geek, I want to fucking graduate, not stay here. Oh wait...I saw my supervisor today, and we selected my defense jury, and set a date..august next year...shit...sorry, next month (joke).

I'm fed up with arguing with the woman I'm in love with. I think I will just shut the heck up, even if I am annoyed. Anger doesn't work for me, and turns me into something else. You get into a raging fight, and then 10 mins later, ure back apologizing cus u cannot imagine life without this person.

Then in my moments, the evil one resurrects ghosts Ive laid to rest, and tries to torment my mind, and screw up my relationship. I prize relationships above most things cus you can have all the money in the world, and all the success, but if you do not have someone beside you, to share with in the name of love, then I got news for you. Your success aint worth crap.

So yeah I have hung on to this one forever cus I think shes the one.
And yest, I resisted the urge to drown all the raging emotions in a large bottle of wine coming back from my interview. I drink, but I will be damned before I turn into an alcoholic :-).

I sneezed, and the white stuff that came out was looking suspiciously like cum. Its just a matter of time before the thing begins coming out of my nose, ears and mouth.
Damn...I had the misfortune of being born with a conscience.....well its a fortune, I guess. Damn thots running through my mind, of big big things, market women back home, with large fronts and behinds, chicks of all big sizes (not all sizes, thin ones allowed!), calabar chicks, ondo, benue....damn damn damn, this is not good for me.

Anacondas threatening to "cum-sume" me. Sometimes I feel it stirring, like a slumbering dragon, waiting for the right moments, when the ancient seals will be broken, and evil will be released on every woman who weighs over 70kg. Skinny is definitely for punks. I was at the supermarket last weekend..(now why must it always be a supermarket?), this woman walked in front of me...had the biggest backside, I'd seen in literally shot out...or in the words of one of my friends here....appeared out of no where. Wearing a skirt. Then one dude who knew her, used that as an excuse to touch her there...cept if I don't remember correctly...
Men, trying to tie down the damn snake proved to be a herculean task. There were times the thing was leading me to go take a second look, till I showed it who was boss.
Alakoba Ejo oshi, foolish snake.

Yeah, whatever, I need to get a do you, else you wouldn't be reading my blog.

E go better, let me go shower, or use the hand techniques....I am graduating with a distinction, God pass them all. Yes, I am going to be faithful and not cheat and screw up...*sigh....


mizchif said...

1st time here! Enjoyed my read tho!

Afam Anigbo said...

Men, lolz, oloshi u don realise say u need bala abi?

Men, jah dey, no probs. But men, u and dubai, una too like to dey use taijutsu, when u suppose dey use genjutsu.

Omo men, ko eazy anywhere, na just HIS grace dey keep us. Men, just try ur best sha.