Thursday, June 28, 2007

what have I done?

Right now, Im currently listening to linkin parks......"what have I done" nice song, but a depature from the normal way they sing. Right now its crazy, I did something that I should have done a long time ago, and yeah, maybe I did the right thing, and maybe I didnt. Its about julie, my internet chick. Yeah,remember I told you how we met online, 2 lonely Nigerians with issues who just needed to connect, and were just friends, and told each other abt stuff we never told anyone we did........yeah you guessed right "freaky stuff". Some details of what was revealed chooked me...and you know scientist, and mr curiousity. I began to dig deeper and get her to talk, and yeah it made her look deep within her self and heal.
Shed blamed herself for years, and held herself responsible for what she told me about.She blamed herself for starting the whole incident, but after looking inwards, she discovered that she wasnt actually to blame, and that shed been carrying this guilt around for nothing.
I had a conversation with my counsellor about it, and she told me that, yeah in the process of "revelation" its not good to get too graphic, as some details could like yeah break my heart and all. I now began pondering........yeah thats my middle name, and began wondering if I did the right thing by probing and asking questions, I began wondering what would have happened if she hadnt said it the way she said it, and all. Because the way she described what went down, led to me asking those questions, which lead her to look inwards again, and which helped her to heal.
Cus she opened up to me , after I confided in her about some stuff I was involved in back then.
When we spoke yesterday, well julie told me I had to also let go of my past issues, my hurts and beef with my family, my problems with all the chicks I had been with and all. She was like if I dont forgive myself and let go, then I wont be able to forgive her and let go of her past.
This morning I called 4 women who sort of played an "important" role in my life, and I called them to set things straight. To the ones who hurt me, I called to let them know, that I had moved on and there were no hard feelings . To the one I hurt, I called to offer an explanation as to why and how I did things the way I did them. These were the most important ones. To the flings and one-night stands I had, well if I ever run into them again, yeah I'd set the record straight, same thing. Only thing is that I could only reach these 4, at this point in time.
After that, I sat by my pc for almost 2 hours, and typed an email to my mum. I poured out how I felt, all my fears, hurts, rage, from secondary school till now. I let her understand that I wasnt beefing and all, and that I appreciated everything herself and my dad had done for me, and that they were just trying to be good parents . Sending the email, made me heave a sigh of relief, as if yeah I was moving foward with my life and dropping all the excess baggage.
Dunno what mumsie will say when she reads my email, but well, I can defend it, and yeah Im hoping for the best. This was thanks to julie, making me take this step.
The only thing is that what she confided in me still chooks me at times, and yeah Im in love with this girl, shes got me in lockdown and I dont think I can escape.
Is there any hope for me? What have I done? Did I do the right thing , by probing her, making her open up to me , and letting her heal? Or should I have behaved like a typical african man, not wanting to know anything about his chicks past.even gory details, and bury his head in the sand?
Like 50 cents said......I got 21 questions, and theyre all about us........

On a lighter note, you remember my friend akom, the erithrean dude? I call him akom because thats how he pronounces akons name. Well we went today for a graduation party of some guys who had just finished their Msc in my department. The Computer engineering masters program from Delft university of technology isnt beans, so I went to celebrate with them.
They declared free shayo for boiz. Na so akom begin shack. After he took the first one, he began to see visions..yeah the cele kind of vision. Akom began to toast a greek dude with long hair, calling him a beautiful woman and admiring his lips.
Soon men akom overtook me in the shayo race. The guy begin ask me if the woman whose picture was displayed on the menu was for sale. Before you know anything, akom had consumed like 5 beers men, no be joke. Sheila, my friend from the installation story, came into the pub. The pub is in the basement of our faculty, so after coding and programming and doin freaky stuff all day, you just come and shayo.
Sheila came in, and next thing, akom began to move verrrrrryyyy close to her. Drawing his stool closer and all. I began to just laff. I asked akom what 1+1 was, and he told me that yeah it was a marriage.
When we threatened to tell his fellow erithrean friend that he had shayoed, he began to beg, because his friend would report him to his parents. I have never laffed so much in ages.
Sheila told me to leave akom to shack as much as he could, so he wouldnt walk and find his way back to his crib. He left before me though, I hope he was sober, cus he kept telling me how he needed to "enjoy" himself and all.
Anyways guys, I have to go back to my existence, and my normal life.

Through the steps I took today, I believe I have been reborn, and that I have let go of my past to face my future. This is a rebirth for me. I need to move to the next level in my life, and I cannot do it carrying excess luggage from my past. I'm getting older everyday, and I need to step up to the challenge, and let go....
This is my first step, and my baby step...........
I WILL get there.............

Thanks baby......I love you, and I hope I get through this....

Monday, June 25, 2007

I hope my spaghetti dosent burn as I'm blogging this. No body should laff at the fact that my culinary skills are triangular..........rice-pasta-spaghetti....I have some beans and palm oil but I havent eaten that in months.
Today was a random day, just so so, I did the usual revision for my exams next week, and then I got a text message from a friend about some deep family issues. When I discovered that I had forgotten my notes in my crib, I went back, and used the opportunity to call her and all...........ended up praying for her, and I'm sure she will be fine, cus shes a fighter.
I made a mistake and eat a lil bit too much for lunch. the end result being that yours truly acquired an ibo name called "dozie" and began to doze in the library when I should have been studying for my parallel algorithms exam. The thing be like nepa, off and on. I was able to do a lil bit, and then towards the evening, I decided to go to the gym, and work out since I hadnt worked out in ages. I want my muscles to be strong so that I can carry orobos, especially the eru agbas that people see and shout and remember that Jesus . I remembered that I had misplaced my mp3 player some months back, and it occured to me that I might have left it in the gym, so I rode my bike to the gym, and the first thing I did was to weigh my self cus I was definitely sure I had added weight, since I stopped working out. Sometimes Id be studying then Id remember that I hadnt worked out in ages, and I would feel......."oh crap, Im sure ive added weight"...Its amazing, I dont mind in fact I love it when I see a well fed woman, especially those ones that give off the "mummy" vibrations, but I guess I dont like it on me cus it dosent look good on me.
Anyways I hopped on the scales expecting the needle to fly past 100kg, and lo and behold, the thing dropped to like 95 point something kg.......I was stunned, last time I checked, it was like 97 or 98 or 96, cant remember exactly which one. Well I got down to gymming, working on my beautiful body (yes oh!).
When I was doing stuff on the cycling machine.lo and behold, some dutch chicks came in to exercise. That wasnt the problem....the "problem" was that one of them was orobo, the face was just there but men the at this juncture I began to have an Internal battle. Inside me are two people....good boy and scope daddy. Scope daddy does what his name suggests...scope chicks. His talent is neccessary at times, but his problem is that he likes or wants to overdo things and go out of control, and thats when good boy jjc comes in.
He is the jjc side of me, and comes out when I'm trying to convince people(women) that I'm just an average ordinary computer geek , and programmer, and as such know nuthin about life in general. When good boy jjc comes out, people tend to notice my glasses and my innocent look. So men this orobo came and took the machine beside me, and she was wearing some short things like this, and scope daddys telescopic vision came into play and began admiring the neccessary structures, and that is when good boi jjc came into the show:

good boi jjc: stop it now, focus, just do ur exercises and go. Youre meant to be repenting.

scope daddy: omo men bone story. chei! ade look at those thighs, so smooth...

good boi jjc: ade, youre hooked, you got someone, and u still have issues with her again, lookery leads to touchery. touchery leads to the dark side of the force. (star wars: yoda impersonation)

scope daddy: (slapping good boi) sharrap my friend!!!

good boi : yeeeee!!

by this time, scope daddy had taken over completely so my head turned to admire the beauty beside me, the thighs, skin, thick legs, etc.

good boi: (gives scope daddy blow): I bind you in jesus name

scope daddy: nooooo I will be back! (Terminator impression)

by this time , my head cleared, and I just focused on what I had to do, exercises and all. There were instances in the gym where scope daddy took over and I didnt know until good boi told me that I had been studying some "manchesters". Made me feel kinda guilty.

I have a short testimony. In this place I have reached my limits and even surpassed them. I was hailed as a guru back in naija, and I came here n found out that I knew nuthing. When I was pondering over how I would do all my projects, exams, and assignments, I just remembered a bible verse "I can do all things through christ who strengtens me"....that cheered me up immensely. I couldnt believe that I didnt remember that passage when I was feeling so low, but now my confidence has been restored.

On a sober note, its good to thank God for all what he has done in our lives. I went to a bike shop on my way back from paying for my residence permit, to look into getting my bike fixed, and I saw that the workshop was made up of mentally challenged people, and they were the ones who would make and fix the bikes. They would just play pool, jist, drink coffee and do bikes.
They cudnt fix my bike cus I didnt buy it from them, but as I was leaving, I wondered how my life would have been if I was born like that.......if people had to look after me all the time, and if my brain wasnt functioning properly. I said a prayer, and a thank you to Jesus, for what he'd been doing in my life so far, and I also apologised for not being grateful with what he's been doing so far.

Back to the gym story, as I was leaving the gym, I asked the dude at the counter if he had seen my mp3 player. After describing it to him, he brought it out......I was so happy....but battery don die sha, but anyways nuthin dey happen. If na for my obodo country, the thing for disappear, and reappear in computer village.....chei, those people wey tiff 22k for my pocket, but thats another story.

I am gonna eat dinner, and then watch a serial......right now Im trying to decide between heroes, 24, and the "justice league" cartoon.
Which would you recommend?

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Right now my head aches like mad. I decided to go with a friend to the african catholic church in the hague. Of course now being the usual african stiz and all, they wasted time and all. I regret to say that I was sort of "observing" the sisters in the lord.......dont worry, all I did was observe, I am already addicted, and hooked,and also in this place I dont have time for woman, so I basically just look and then leave quietly. I want to graduate in peace next year in Jesus name amen.
My friend had told me yesterday that she wanted to visit one woman and help her fix her pc after the service. We went to the womans house, and I was suprised to find it was an Ibo woman who spoke dutch, Ibo and english, and her kids likewise. The pc had some password protection problems, so my friend (lets call her shiela) sheila had decided to format the system...she had 2 cds, a pirate and an original cd
instead of using the pirate cd, she used the original to install the operating system, and that took like 45 then hunger was beginning to set in..........after that one she now said that since the original one would be demanding a license and would expire in 45 days, that we had to redo the installation all over using the pirate then I dey ask myself who dey ask me to do follow follow. She now re-installed the crap all over again, and this wasted another 1 hr . At this moment hunger headache had already finished omo-boy. The woman now decided to offer us some rice which she hadnt cooked, but all I wanted to do was just to go home, and do some revision, and eat.
I managed to snag some sandwiches at the train station, and we walked home in the lousy rain. Dutch weather sucks. One minute its sunny, and the next its raining, so we cant even decide when to carry our jackets with us when we go out. I was still able to do some work and print out some papers.
Right now I am tired and fagged out.

On a lighter note, I got this friend from erithrea. One day we are in the lab working next thing the guy was like......"ade do you know akom?" Initially I was like WTF? Until I realised say na akon the guy wan talk oh! So I always call him akom privately. Anyways sha yesterday, the guy was yarning yesterday that he wants to bring his chick over for summer hols, and he was asking me which joints and clubs to take her too. I was like chei life don finish. The guy no dey ask me to help am solve problem, na direction of club in dey ask me for. So in the elevator, the fool decided to demonstrate how he was gonna dance with his chick in a party, and he was trying to demonstrate on in come close to me , na so I give am blow for ribs, the guy just shout! So he went to sheila and was using her to demonstrate.
I swear men if this guy danced like that in a club, the bouncers go evict am forcibly. If he danced with a chick, the chick would either stand and laugh at him or just run.
Anyways men make I run, gist go everly dey.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I have been yabbed and constantly harangued to update. A certain female personality has been describing me as lazy, due to the fact that I havent updated, but anyways sha I will try. Right now, I have like over an hour till my morning java exam.
Yeah we are in exam period for the fourth quarter, and I still have 2 exams in early july. Anyways some random interesting things have been happening to me so far, so I will just talk a lil bit......
Some 2 days ago, I was tired of my own cooking (Those of you who know me know that my cooking is kinda triangular.....rice-pasta-potato) -body should laff oh! Where do you expect me to get time to cook in this place...........("The chinese do it" I hear someone whisper........"whatever" I say). Speaking of chinese, yeah I was tired of my own cooking, and I took wasius replacement (Bicycle), and rode to the restaurant. On my way there, the bike chain messed up. So I put the gear in neutral (yeah right), and stopped to fix it. Na so I look up, see this chinese chick dey waka my direction. The chick try get body sha.......not my tastes, but manageable, but she has these glasses wey dey make am resemble a mixture of winch and headmistress. And one day I noticed that her teeth had some kinda weird color.
So she saunters towards me, says "Hi" and destroys my name in the process.
Imajine, this chick has remixed my name so many times its unbelievable. Sometimes my name is "andrea", sometimes is "ardjan" sometimes its "ada".
I was like look my name is "Ade" A-D-E.....I even help am phonetize the thing small..imagine oh, the chick was like "thats too there an abbreviation or something?" Well I insisted and she managed to get my name pronounced as "Adi".....I just let it go at that, and entered my bike got to the restaurant, and got my food.
If na their names now, your tongue go hang for throat for you to pronounce it.
Imagine having names like chinag-yin-yuang (And you want me to remember that..but I made up this name sha). Most chinese here just adopt one funky english name because if you try pronounce their chinese name una go quench, and heres one chick with colored teeth telling me my name "Ade" is "too long"......she no serious.
Yesterday I went for a get together for one of my naija brothers,and an ex akokite also, who just finished his masters thesis, and has effectively graduated. I went there cus I was feeling fed up with this school, and was a bit depressed and homesick.
So my being there was me connecting with the fact that one day by the special grace of God almighty, I was gonna leave this school, and get on with my life. During the get-together, my self and some other Nigerians were discussing issues ranging from why pple in Nigeria dont want to be lecturers, to the fuel strike. We also were talking about some pple going back to change the academic system. Me sha, I never intended to end up as a lecturer. I see myself in a company, or in my company, doing my own thing. So we were basically saying that one person couldnt change the whole system, and that if you went back to naija, within two months of arrival, the "naija virus" would have corrupted you and youd revert to the same level of thinking as you had before you left.
My take on education is that its not just about sitting in some classroom, listening to lectures and doing assignments. Its about your mind being affected. Its about you being able to reason, and using your knowledge to positively affect the society. At least thats my own humble honest opinion. One of us jokingly prayed out loud "Oh God use me to change the system"...I then reminded him that he mightnt like it so much if God actually answered the so my guy change the prayer sharp sharp to "God abeg, dont use me" or something along those lines. The guy who prayed was telling us about a guy who had stayed in yankee for a long time. He did his Phd there, and I think worked there for a while, and he decided to come home, and lecture. They said that when he came there, he was still operating yankee style, speaking phonetix and all, and that one day like this (I am already beginning to laugh), they just did something to this guy......dem frustrate am to the extent that my guy dropped the phonetics and began to shout.
So men, im a bit skeptical abt returning to naija...esp when you have guys there who wud want to frustrate you deliberately since you just came back from yankee.
I just received a fine call from ma baby, and she wants me to revise, so omo I gotta go .....bye!!

Friday, June 15, 2007

The itching powder (werepe)

Helppppppp...........those wicked wicked people for my village have struck again.
God bless my baby, she made me call the doctor this morning, So after calling and calling, I finally got through.
For those of you wondering wassup, u remember I told you about that itch I developed right after the summer festival? Well it has become something else men!
Exams are next week oh, this wan no be joke.
Im sure one winch for my village flew here and poured werepe (itching powder.....remember sec school days) on my body........yes yes!! That must be it.
I used google maps to find out the hospital location and plan my route (Na hw dem dey operate here oh!), and sooo armed with a printout, I set out to the hospital thinkin I'd find it beans?
After getting lost sooo many times, and asking the policeman (yeah u heard......olopa)
I finally got there, and saw the doc. He gave me a prescription for an allergy called uticaria, caused by stress, alcohol, and some other things. I think its the stress....
So I made my way to the pharmarcy to get me drugs, and got lost soooo many times AGAIN, I went back to the hospital, was afraid to go in so they wudnt think I was a mumu, then I went back out and got lost again.
Finally I got back in to the hospitals, got new directions, and found the place!
While in the doctors office, he had already sent my prescription to the pharmarcy through his software application.
When I got there, all I had to do was tell em my date of birth for verification, and my ogun was waiting for me...even had me name on I gotta take it at night...cus it has a side effect of making me sleep..........
gotta go.......cus I gotta itch...........
All those bad bad pple in my village, die! die! by fire!
This is to ma baby........thanks for caring...aiite?

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I did some studying again today for some of the major courses I have to pass this summer. Im visualizing, and psyching myself that im going to blast all the courses well.
Right now, im just tired and moody. I had some rice but didnt have much of an appetite, so I just disposed of the rest. Right now I might just go check a friend, or take a walk.........I need to clear my head. Yeah what interesting thing can I write about?
Ok I was going to the faculty, and I saw a cleaner come out of the laboratory building for computer/EE practicals, and she just walked up to her car and put something inside, and I began to ponder.............hmmm this country is soo rich that even the cleaners have rides, and In my beloved nation, they jump on okadas and those death-traps called danfos.
Speaking of danfos, there was a time when I was a mumu, and I was going all the way to a place in Lagos called Ikotun egbe which is really far, and I was going to pay my then chick (no be only mine....we dey plenty wey dey share am) and then the danfo tire just burst.
What freaked me out was they wanted to pray b4 the bus took off, and I just waved it away, so maybe that was a sorta warning. I called myself a mumu then cus because of some silly person, I almost risked my life going to that place, and I remember me telling her about it and she just waving it away as if it were nuthin.
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh the good old dayz of innocent mumuism!
Hey guess what? I actually feel better typing this.....yeah this is great.
Ehen! I almost forgot........for the past 3-4 days my body has been itching me like mad. All parts of my body. Sometimes I cud be walking on the street and then my balls or ass begins to itch, sometimes its my head, or something.......I tried calling the doctor today but the number was always always busy. This thing no be joke men.....I tried retracing all the food I had eaten lately, and the only thing I can conclude is that the egusi soup that was "presented" to me is responsible. I mean cmon, my body is reacting to something! Anyways I used the egusi again today with some rice, and if the itching increases then I will know its the vegetable that was used in preparing it thats the cause. Maybe na one of these genetically modified vegetables wey oyibo people dey complain about and wey dem no too dey like buy, and then maybe market dey sell am cheap, and u know we naijas, we love cheap stuff........... :-) lol....just a theory................ And right now my neck is beginning to itch and yeah Im gonna go back to watching a p-square video (your name) and if you wanna see it you can click here.
Ok guys now I have to go..........

Monday, June 11, 2007

I was woken up today by the sound of some dude mowing the grass near my window.......crazy guy.....felt like screaming at him, but I figured he was simply doing his job, and that I had no buisness being in bed at that time.
Anyways julies issue weighed on my mind.......and sooner or later I will have to take a decision, to leave or to stay. We had an arguement yest, which was my fault........abt whether or not shes really called it quits with an ex-lover.
We will still hook up and see each other this summer, and talk it out.
I was studying some past papers with a friend, and it got to an extent when I couldnt focus good........and this shit is scaring me. I hope this dosent affect my exams.
If it does, its gonna be my fault so I just have to grit my teeth, and just hang in there.
This was why I preferred the lonely life.....people not coming close to me.......not getting too attached, and yeah well if I wanna get down I do so and then I step.
She does need help, and I will give it, but after that is another story entirely......

sometimes I feel that this is karma and im suffering for all the wickedness ive been involved in.

Anyways sha, I gotta go babysit today, and the childrens mumcy is gonna be here any sec.......ciao folks!

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Summer festival.

My school decided to focus on Africa, and launch projects and all to think of ways to help Africa improve. Some african students here like a certain ethiopian friend of mine felt it was strictly political. Others like me felt, it would be nice to roll along and see what would happen.
We have an african students union in our school, and so we decided to showcase african snacks and all. this means that......yeah omo boy dey sell meat-pie, egg roll, and moi moi. And we had some jamz playing in the jamz i mean some makossa, some camerounian music, and it was fun. I then discovered that I could dance and Look men selling these things at our stall was sooo funny. We had to "oyiborize" our products. Look oh, meat-pie (As we know it) is just a naija creation.
No one else has those patents. Ok im putting a list below........the naija name for the snacks and the oyibo name we came up with

meat pie.................meat pastry

egg roll................ ok ok ok egg roll, its been oyiborized already

moi moi...........OMG, do you have any idea whats its like trying to explain what moi moi is to an oyibo? I was like "look, we crush the beans" (one oyibo dey ask me wetin be beans)"then we mix them with pepper and onions and then we cook em"
finally , I had to cut the BS and just settle for calling it "bean cake". But then I stil had to Later on after I had changed and settled myself, I put on my agbada top, and went for a so-called fashion exhibition. We had to stand beside some sculptures and ..........just look good i guess. So trust me men, I see statue of one woman like this, sharp sharp ur guy just go handle the thing. I find out say the statue name na black virgin.
I was like abt that. Dem tell us say one party go happen for an all night thingy. They had one nice cute star called isle delange, but I didnt get to see her sing. We had to use some bracelets to get in and all that, and those bracelets cost money, and u know.............(yeeeee I 4got to put onions in my meat..............gimme 5 mins abeg readers!!)
Ok, now where was I? yeah the bracelets cost money and omo boi wasnt gonna shell out any of this scholarship euro to enter a bash, except if it was absolutely neccessary.
Earlier before, the organizers of the festival wanted some of us african students to work with them in organising the event. Son of man was supposed to be in the information unit, doing a 6 hour shift, and I was meant to have a crew tshirt. They were supposed to send me an email telling me when my shift was meant to happen. But I didnt get any email (wink wink), and I got a crew t shirt allowing me to enter any party I wanted to.
So by this time, I had been on my feet for over 12 hours, and oh boi no be small thing, but my inside was like......bros eee we gotta party you know!!
I walked up to the fenced area, and the guards saw me , and my tshirt, and just cleared the way.......they even wan shake my hand sef. This is a far cry from the nerdy kid who used to try and hustle to get in in those lag parties......I remember me and some pals pooling our money to bribe the

So I walked was an open field, and they had a stage and a band playing, and I was like "boring..." and I heard screams coming from another tent, and I heard what sounded like hip hop , and so I decided to check it out. Men na dutch hip hop crew I meet for there oh! I couldnt understand a word of what they were saying, but they had one nice beat and i was jumping up and down. They had done some very nifty stuff with the stage efizzy......They had some lights arranged in a pattern and they changed colors periodically. So after a while I wandered to the back of the crowd and then I jammed angel. Angel is like her name (na me give am dat name)......she is fineeeeeeeeeeeeeee. So fine she gives fine a whole new meaning. Shes one of this mixed race, 1/4 white 3/4 black chicks common around here and when I saw her I was like whoa!!
The only thing is that Im tied up(evil wink), and shes got a guy, and so we just gisted, the chick dey dance, and my eye dey turn, cus men she was fly, and she wasnt dressed in any indecent way at all. I quickly 4get all the pain wey my body dey feel and settled down to enjoi the moment. After a few yarns, we made plans to hang out some time.....just gist and see a movie, but with no strings attached.
I have been going through some issues with my girlfriend, and I dont think I wanna screw anyone I dont think I might not get married to.
A couple of other naija friends joined in, and we had a cool time, enuff shayo, enuff gbedu. The thing came to an end, and angel told me Dj Don Diablo was gonna perform at the sports centre. Myself and my other bobos went out into the main field, killing time till then, and by this time, angel had gone looking for her friends.
We left the field and went out, only to discover that the party was happening in that same tent we had left, but we needed another special bracelet to get in, and of course we didnt wanna pay, so guys suggested I use my "magic" t-shirt again.
I tried it, and it worked. First hurdle scaled. I walked to the tent, and saw people pushing, I pushed confidently to the front, the way I pushed to the front during the hip hop concert, with the confidence of a naija man, and attempted to get in.
Na so the bouncer wan stop me , begin dey speak dutch. I show am shirt, e be like say in ear dey pain am, until some dutch guys wearing my kind of t-shirt told him the same thing, then na dat time the winch wey dey worry am comot, and then he let us in.
The guys kan dey congratulate me, dey shake my hand, say yes the tin work....
The concert was just know these europeans, they cant play better music, na only techno or trance or some kin mix wey we never hear, anyways I just tried to feel the vibes and enjoi. I had already exchanged some dough for coins to buy drinks, and I was just about feeling like I had reached my limit, so I just bought enuff shayo for the other naija guys that were there, and gave the last to a friend. By this time, I had to use tha bathroom, and there werent any available in the tent, so I was on my way out, and also trying to find a friend, when I ran into angel again. She just smiled at me, and just danced up to me , and turned..........I wan shout....yeeeeee, but sha I didnt touch oh...........(angelic look on face) , just danced for 2 mins, and then stepped out.
After answering natures call, I was abt to get in again when I saw my naija crew just coming out, and I felt sooooo tired, and I just decided to go to bed.
I hit the bed at, and Id been up since 11 the morning, so I had been up for like 16 hours......damn!!

Well sha it was fun, except that someone sold my moi moi, yeah you heard me. I bought it, and could have eaten it there but there werent any forks, and I didnt wanna use me hands, not for moi moi sha, and I put it on the table and was monitoring it, until I entered the sports centre for a while, and by the time I came back, my moi moi had gone. Another person was claiming the one which I thought was mine. Oh well, na so I lose moi moi. But the good part was I got some egusi soup. You guys are asking "how?"
ok I will tell you. Theres one Ibo woman who came to do a cooking demo, on how to cook an African dish, and she prepared egusi and fufu. The egusi was lying somewhere, and It was passed down to me. When I reached my room, I first scraped that pot eh, I scrape am well well, put am for freezer. Now all I need is garri.............

Some Phd guys in my department went to eat some fufu. Someone told me say dem just dey look the thing. Once they saw that our nigerian phd rep, in the same dept wasnt around, then they just run, dem abandon fufu, kai, thunda fire them!!

Anyways guys, son of man has to go and check his meat................e go be.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

bad habit

Ok I have been doing some studying, and watching desperate housewives at the same time (please dont ask). Now its 1.07 my time, and I am soo freaking hungry.
So I have decided to indulge in a bad habit, which is eating late at night.
As I blog this, my oil is heating on the stove and omo boy is getting ready to organize pancakes. I wish I could organize chicks

My fight with julie might have contributed to it. I mean anytime I talk to her, I see beauty, elegance, brilliance , all rolled into one, and yeah shes done some foolish things in the name of LSE, and when I look at her I get pissed off and im like "how?"
If youre a xtian, theres a bible verse where Jesus talked about "casting your pearls to swine, and throwing precious things to pigs"......well thats julie for you.

I have been there and done that, but for crying out got to see this babe to know what I mean.......I believe God gave her soo much talent, inside and outside........

........all this for someone who I met on hi5, where a lonely naija boy in the netherlands was just looking for a female naija friend to just talk to and keep his sanity..........This is one thing I hate about me..........drinking panadol for another persons headache, but I guess I will never learn...yeah I'm atlas, carrying the sky on me shoulders........
Am off to fry some pancakes...........holla!


When I woke up this morning, I woke with a bit of a heavy feeling, especially when I remembered julie. Anyways I decided not to be lazy and to do my laundry. Then I filled out my residence permit in dutch. It was sooo crazy, I had this english translation from the office and it was as if i was writing an exam.
Just imagine if I didnt fill it in, and one night I was relaxing with an orobo chick and next thing.........

Knock Knock

Me: whos there?

Answer : Wey your particulars?

Men if i ever hear that kin thing na window I go use escape. My windows always Well I felt in a good mood, so I put in a naija Cd, and was blasting
"nuthin dey happen. nuthin dey par, for aj where we deyyyyyyyy"
And I was also studying, and it seemed to be entering my head. :)

Now I just put on my slippers (summer slippers oh), and just a simple t-shirt and walked to my faculty, feeling the breeze on my face. And I passed a side of the building and saw my reflexion, and I loved what I saw.
I saw a fine boi, no pimples, with muscles, men, and my body was beginning to be straight, and streamlined, and my ass had begun to shrink.
I was like ................"yeahhh baby , yeahhhhh".

I was reminded of when I was doing my laundry today and I had on my sleeveless, and I went to see our hostel caretaker about something, and I saw my reflexion in the window , men even me sef, I trip for myself, see muscles, see fine boi, see me see sexy.
I wondered about the times I felt I wasnt cool or good enough to pull the girl of my dreams. And I wondered why I used to complain and bitch about myself. Im sure God must have been laughing at me and just waiting for me to discover myself.

I mean I took stock of myself and I tripped real good:

1. Im intelligent

2. I think differently

3. I can emphatize with people

4. I can control me temper

5. Im fineeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

6. Er............I love all orobo women ....esp those above 70kg. (cmon, its a talent!)

Anyways this is just a tip of the iceberg.................and this is why Im HOTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!

We should learn to appreciate ourselves and the little things . And thank God for what hes done in our lives.

Its a sunny thursday, Im feeling fly and good.........and I gotta head to the train station to get some banners for our summer festival.


Wednesday, June 6, 2007


This is an article on my other site that I wrote today, before I decided to run to blogspot.........soooo come into my mind for a bit. But men if you overstay your welcome Im kicking you out!! drop the comments here, just in case you need reminding.


welcome into my domain

Well I decided to migrate here from multiply, cus it feels just too damn lonely there!
Who am I? well im just a normal average, friendly neighbourhood geek, who does things that you wont expect a geek to do. Hence the title of my blog.
I would like to warn you that I dont take crap comments from anyone, and I have inner wars I fight inside of me, and so this is an attempt to heal. If you see anything that you dont like.............theres a nice "X" button on the top right side of the screen...(Yup you guessed it). Just click on it, and the window will close, and your problems would have been solved.

So I guess its time for me to begin to spill...............