Thursday, June 7, 2007

bad habit

Ok I have been doing some studying, and watching desperate housewives at the same time (please dont ask). Now its 1.07 my time, and I am soo freaking hungry.
So I have decided to indulge in a bad habit, which is eating late at night.
As I blog this, my oil is heating on the stove and omo boy is getting ready to organize pancakes. I wish I could organize chicks

My fight with julie might have contributed to it. I mean anytime I talk to her, I see beauty, elegance, brilliance , all rolled into one, and yeah shes done some foolish things in the name of LSE, and when I look at her I get pissed off and im like "how?"
If youre a xtian, theres a bible verse where Jesus talked about "casting your pearls to swine, and throwing precious things to pigs"......well thats julie for you.

I have been there and done that, but for crying out got to see this babe to know what I mean.......I believe God gave her soo much talent, inside and outside........

........all this for someone who I met on hi5, where a lonely naija boy in the netherlands was just looking for a female naija friend to just talk to and keep his sanity..........This is one thing I hate about me..........drinking panadol for another persons headache, but I guess I will never learn...yeah I'm atlas, carrying the sky on me shoulders........
Am off to fry some pancakes...........holla!

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