Monday, June 25, 2007

I hope my spaghetti dosent burn as I'm blogging this. No body should laff at the fact that my culinary skills are triangular..........rice-pasta-spaghetti....I have some beans and palm oil but I havent eaten that in months.
Today was a random day, just so so, I did the usual revision for my exams next week, and then I got a text message from a friend about some deep family issues. When I discovered that I had forgotten my notes in my crib, I went back, and used the opportunity to call her and all...........ended up praying for her, and I'm sure she will be fine, cus shes a fighter.
I made a mistake and eat a lil bit too much for lunch. the end result being that yours truly acquired an ibo name called "dozie" and began to doze in the library when I should have been studying for my parallel algorithms exam. The thing be like nepa, off and on. I was able to do a lil bit, and then towards the evening, I decided to go to the gym, and work out since I hadnt worked out in ages. I want my muscles to be strong so that I can carry orobos, especially the eru agbas that people see and shout and remember that Jesus . I remembered that I had misplaced my mp3 player some months back, and it occured to me that I might have left it in the gym, so I rode my bike to the gym, and the first thing I did was to weigh my self cus I was definitely sure I had added weight, since I stopped working out. Sometimes Id be studying then Id remember that I hadnt worked out in ages, and I would feel......."oh crap, Im sure ive added weight"...Its amazing, I dont mind in fact I love it when I see a well fed woman, especially those ones that give off the "mummy" vibrations, but I guess I dont like it on me cus it dosent look good on me.
Anyways I hopped on the scales expecting the needle to fly past 100kg, and lo and behold, the thing dropped to like 95 point something kg.......I was stunned, last time I checked, it was like 97 or 98 or 96, cant remember exactly which one. Well I got down to gymming, working on my beautiful body (yes oh!).
When I was doing stuff on the cycling machine.lo and behold, some dutch chicks came in to exercise. That wasnt the problem....the "problem" was that one of them was orobo, the face was just there but men the at this juncture I began to have an Internal battle. Inside me are two people....good boy and scope daddy. Scope daddy does what his name suggests...scope chicks. His talent is neccessary at times, but his problem is that he likes or wants to overdo things and go out of control, and thats when good boy jjc comes in.
He is the jjc side of me, and comes out when I'm trying to convince people(women) that I'm just an average ordinary computer geek , and programmer, and as such know nuthin about life in general. When good boy jjc comes out, people tend to notice my glasses and my innocent look. So men this orobo came and took the machine beside me, and she was wearing some short things like this, and scope daddys telescopic vision came into play and began admiring the neccessary structures, and that is when good boi jjc came into the show:

good boi jjc: stop it now, focus, just do ur exercises and go. Youre meant to be repenting.

scope daddy: omo men bone story. chei! ade look at those thighs, so smooth...

good boi jjc: ade, youre hooked, you got someone, and u still have issues with her again, lookery leads to touchery. touchery leads to the dark side of the force. (star wars: yoda impersonation)

scope daddy: (slapping good boi) sharrap my friend!!!

good boi : yeeeee!!

by this time, scope daddy had taken over completely so my head turned to admire the beauty beside me, the thighs, skin, thick legs, etc.

good boi: (gives scope daddy blow): I bind you in jesus name

scope daddy: nooooo I will be back! (Terminator impression)

by this time , my head cleared, and I just focused on what I had to do, exercises and all. There were instances in the gym where scope daddy took over and I didnt know until good boi told me that I had been studying some "manchesters". Made me feel kinda guilty.

I have a short testimony. In this place I have reached my limits and even surpassed them. I was hailed as a guru back in naija, and I came here n found out that I knew nuthing. When I was pondering over how I would do all my projects, exams, and assignments, I just remembered a bible verse "I can do all things through christ who strengtens me"....that cheered me up immensely. I couldnt believe that I didnt remember that passage when I was feeling so low, but now my confidence has been restored.

On a sober note, its good to thank God for all what he has done in our lives. I went to a bike shop on my way back from paying for my residence permit, to look into getting my bike fixed, and I saw that the workshop was made up of mentally challenged people, and they were the ones who would make and fix the bikes. They would just play pool, jist, drink coffee and do bikes.
They cudnt fix my bike cus I didnt buy it from them, but as I was leaving, I wondered how my life would have been if I was born like that.......if people had to look after me all the time, and if my brain wasnt functioning properly. I said a prayer, and a thank you to Jesus, for what he'd been doing in my life so far, and I also apologised for not being grateful with what he's been doing so far.

Back to the gym story, as I was leaving the gym, I asked the dude at the counter if he had seen my mp3 player. After describing it to him, he brought it out......I was so happy....but battery don die sha, but anyways nuthin dey happen. If na for my obodo country, the thing for disappear, and reappear in computer village.....chei, those people wey tiff 22k for my pocket, but thats another story.

I am gonna eat dinner, and then watch a serial......right now Im trying to decide between heroes, 24, and the "justice league" cartoon.
Which would you recommend?

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Daydah said...

Tout! We your friends have always known that there are two people inside you.....