Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I did some studying again today for some of the major courses I have to pass this summer. Im visualizing, and psyching myself that im going to blast all the courses well.
Right now, im just tired and moody. I had some rice but didnt have much of an appetite, so I just disposed of the rest. Right now I might just go check a friend, or take a walk.........I need to clear my head. Yeah what interesting thing can I write about?
Ok I was going to the faculty, and I saw a cleaner come out of the laboratory building for computer/EE practicals, and she just walked up to her car and put something inside, and I began to ponder.............hmmm this country is soo rich that even the cleaners have rides, and In my beloved nation, they jump on okadas and those death-traps called danfos.
Speaking of danfos, there was a time when I was a mumu, and I was going all the way to a place in Lagos called Ikotun egbe which is really far, and I was going to pay my then chick (no be only mine....we dey plenty wey dey share am) and then the danfo tire just burst.
What freaked me out was they wanted to pray b4 the bus took off, and I just waved it away, so maybe that was a sorta warning. I called myself a mumu then cus because of some silly person, I almost risked my life going to that place, and I remember me telling her about it and she just waving it away as if it were nuthin.
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh the good old dayz of innocent mumuism!
Hey guess what? I actually feel better typing this.....yeah this is great.
Ehen! I almost forgot........for the past 3-4 days my body has been itching me like mad. All parts of my body. Sometimes I cud be walking on the street and then my balls or ass begins to itch, sometimes its my head, or something.......I tried calling the doctor today but the number was always always busy. This thing no be joke men.....I tried retracing all the food I had eaten lately, and the only thing I can conclude is that the egusi soup that was "presented" to me is responsible. I mean cmon, my body is reacting to something! Anyways I used the egusi again today with some rice, and if the itching increases then I will know its the vegetable that was used in preparing it thats the cause. Maybe na one of these genetically modified vegetables wey oyibo people dey complain about and wey dem no too dey like buy, and then maybe market dey sell am cheap, and u know we naijas, we love cheap stuff........... :-) lol....just a theory................ And right now my neck is beginning to itch and yeah Im gonna go back to watching a p-square video (your name) and if you wanna see it you can click here.
Ok guys now I have to go..........

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