Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I have been yabbed and constantly harangued to update. A certain female personality has been describing me as lazy, due to the fact that I havent updated, but anyways sha I will try. Right now, I have like over an hour till my morning java exam.
Yeah we are in exam period for the fourth quarter, and I still have 2 exams in early july. Anyways some random interesting things have been happening to me so far, so I will just talk a lil bit......
Some 2 days ago, I was tired of my own cooking (Those of you who know me know that my cooking is kinda triangular.....rice-pasta-potato) -body should laff oh! Where do you expect me to get time to cook in this place...........("The chinese do it" I hear someone whisper........"whatever" I say). Speaking of chinese, yeah I was tired of my own cooking, and I took wasius replacement (Bicycle), and rode to the restaurant. On my way there, the bike chain messed up. So I put the gear in neutral (yeah right), and stopped to fix it. Na so I look up, see this chinese chick dey waka my direction. The chick try get body sha.......not my tastes, but manageable, but she has these glasses wey dey make am resemble a mixture of winch and headmistress. And one day I noticed that her teeth had some kinda weird color.
So she saunters towards me, says "Hi" and destroys my name in the process.
Imajine, this chick has remixed my name so many times its unbelievable. Sometimes my name is "andrea", sometimes is "ardjan" sometimes its "ada".
I was like look my name is "Ade" A-D-E.....I even help am phonetize the thing small..imagine oh, the chick was like "thats too there an abbreviation or something?" Well I insisted and she managed to get my name pronounced as "Adi".....I just let it go at that, and entered my bike got to the restaurant, and got my food.
If na their names now, your tongue go hang for throat for you to pronounce it.
Imagine having names like chinag-yin-yuang (And you want me to remember that..but I made up this name sha). Most chinese here just adopt one funky english name because if you try pronounce their chinese name una go quench, and heres one chick with colored teeth telling me my name "Ade" is "too long"......she no serious.
Yesterday I went for a get together for one of my naija brothers,and an ex akokite also, who just finished his masters thesis, and has effectively graduated. I went there cus I was feeling fed up with this school, and was a bit depressed and homesick.
So my being there was me connecting with the fact that one day by the special grace of God almighty, I was gonna leave this school, and get on with my life. During the get-together, my self and some other Nigerians were discussing issues ranging from why pple in Nigeria dont want to be lecturers, to the fuel strike. We also were talking about some pple going back to change the academic system. Me sha, I never intended to end up as a lecturer. I see myself in a company, or in my company, doing my own thing. So we were basically saying that one person couldnt change the whole system, and that if you went back to naija, within two months of arrival, the "naija virus" would have corrupted you and youd revert to the same level of thinking as you had before you left.
My take on education is that its not just about sitting in some classroom, listening to lectures and doing assignments. Its about your mind being affected. Its about you being able to reason, and using your knowledge to positively affect the society. At least thats my own humble honest opinion. One of us jokingly prayed out loud "Oh God use me to change the system"...I then reminded him that he mightnt like it so much if God actually answered the so my guy change the prayer sharp sharp to "God abeg, dont use me" or something along those lines. The guy who prayed was telling us about a guy who had stayed in yankee for a long time. He did his Phd there, and I think worked there for a while, and he decided to come home, and lecture. They said that when he came there, he was still operating yankee style, speaking phonetix and all, and that one day like this (I am already beginning to laugh), they just did something to this guy......dem frustrate am to the extent that my guy dropped the phonetics and began to shout.
So men, im a bit skeptical abt returning to naija...esp when you have guys there who wud want to frustrate you deliberately since you just came back from yankee.
I just received a fine call from ma baby, and she wants me to revise, so omo I gotta go .....bye!!


BlogVille Idols said...

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exschoolnerd said...

she has these glasses wey dey make am resemble a mixture of winch and headmistress.

lol..thats some crazy ass combo..that chinese girl get problem...ade is too long? maybe she's forgotten hw long their names r...

so whos is ur baby?

sugarlomps said...

well am sure the chic needs hearing aids hw can she say ade is 2 long 2 call
so u enjoyed ur chinese will i went back home with jollf rice i hope you got ur copy of the meal :)