Friday, June 15, 2007

The itching powder (werepe)

Helppppppp...........those wicked wicked people for my village have struck again.
God bless my baby, she made me call the doctor this morning, So after calling and calling, I finally got through.
For those of you wondering wassup, u remember I told you about that itch I developed right after the summer festival? Well it has become something else men!
Exams are next week oh, this wan no be joke.
Im sure one winch for my village flew here and poured werepe (itching powder.....remember sec school days) on my body........yes yes!! That must be it.
I used google maps to find out the hospital location and plan my route (Na hw dem dey operate here oh!), and sooo armed with a printout, I set out to the hospital thinkin I'd find it beans?
After getting lost sooo many times, and asking the policeman (yeah u heard......olopa)
I finally got there, and saw the doc. He gave me a prescription for an allergy called uticaria, caused by stress, alcohol, and some other things. I think its the stress....
So I made my way to the pharmarcy to get me drugs, and got lost soooo many times AGAIN, I went back to the hospital, was afraid to go in so they wudnt think I was a mumu, then I went back out and got lost again.
Finally I got back in to the hospitals, got new directions, and found the place!
While in the doctors office, he had already sent my prescription to the pharmarcy through his software application.
When I got there, all I had to do was tell em my date of birth for verification, and my ogun was waiting for me...even had me name on I gotta take it at night...cus it has a side effect of making me sleep..........
gotta go.......cus I gotta itch...........
All those bad bad pple in my village, die! die! by fire!
This is to ma baby........thanks for caring...aiite?

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sugarlomps said...

if she does not who will take care of you.ur baby has to dat its love