Monday, June 11, 2007

I was woken up today by the sound of some dude mowing the grass near my window.......crazy guy.....felt like screaming at him, but I figured he was simply doing his job, and that I had no buisness being in bed at that time.
Anyways julies issue weighed on my mind.......and sooner or later I will have to take a decision, to leave or to stay. We had an arguement yest, which was my fault........abt whether or not shes really called it quits with an ex-lover.
We will still hook up and see each other this summer, and talk it out.
I was studying some past papers with a friend, and it got to an extent when I couldnt focus good........and this shit is scaring me. I hope this dosent affect my exams.
If it does, its gonna be my fault so I just have to grit my teeth, and just hang in there.
This was why I preferred the lonely life.....people not coming close to me.......not getting too attached, and yeah well if I wanna get down I do so and then I step.
She does need help, and I will give it, but after that is another story entirely......

sometimes I feel that this is karma and im suffering for all the wickedness ive been involved in.

Anyways sha, I gotta go babysit today, and the childrens mumcy is gonna be here any sec.......ciao folks!

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