Sunday, June 24, 2007

Right now my head aches like mad. I decided to go with a friend to the african catholic church in the hague. Of course now being the usual african stiz and all, they wasted time and all. I regret to say that I was sort of "observing" the sisters in the lord.......dont worry, all I did was observe, I am already addicted, and hooked,and also in this place I dont have time for woman, so I basically just look and then leave quietly. I want to graduate in peace next year in Jesus name amen.
My friend had told me yesterday that she wanted to visit one woman and help her fix her pc after the service. We went to the womans house, and I was suprised to find it was an Ibo woman who spoke dutch, Ibo and english, and her kids likewise. The pc had some password protection problems, so my friend (lets call her shiela) sheila had decided to format the system...she had 2 cds, a pirate and an original cd
instead of using the pirate cd, she used the original to install the operating system, and that took like 45 then hunger was beginning to set in..........after that one she now said that since the original one would be demanding a license and would expire in 45 days, that we had to redo the installation all over using the pirate then I dey ask myself who dey ask me to do follow follow. She now re-installed the crap all over again, and this wasted another 1 hr . At this moment hunger headache had already finished omo-boy. The woman now decided to offer us some rice which she hadnt cooked, but all I wanted to do was just to go home, and do some revision, and eat.
I managed to snag some sandwiches at the train station, and we walked home in the lousy rain. Dutch weather sucks. One minute its sunny, and the next its raining, so we cant even decide when to carry our jackets with us when we go out. I was still able to do some work and print out some papers.
Right now I am tired and fagged out.

On a lighter note, I got this friend from erithrea. One day we are in the lab working next thing the guy was like......"ade do you know akom?" Initially I was like WTF? Until I realised say na akon the guy wan talk oh! So I always call him akom privately. Anyways sha yesterday, the guy was yarning yesterday that he wants to bring his chick over for summer hols, and he was asking me which joints and clubs to take her too. I was like chei life don finish. The guy no dey ask me to help am solve problem, na direction of club in dey ask me for. So in the elevator, the fool decided to demonstrate how he was gonna dance with his chick in a party, and he was trying to demonstrate on in come close to me , na so I give am blow for ribs, the guy just shout! So he went to sheila and was using her to demonstrate.
I swear men if this guy danced like that in a club, the bouncers go evict am forcibly. If he danced with a chick, the chick would either stand and laugh at him or just run.
Anyways men make I run, gist go everly dey.


sugarlomps said...

well tell akom dat dance moves in movies is diff from dancing wit a chic.

Daydah said...

y dont u take akom to the DVD store and buy him Hitch? He needs it if he wants to meet, date, and keep a chick!