Monday, January 28, 2008

Wassup pple......I just had to blog about my first day at work...yup, my first day!
Twas cool, got there before 10...Chatted with everyone, then my direct supervisor set me many tasks to do men, apart from the normal coding runs, we also got to do some house chores like fill and empty the dishwasher and all that.
The MD is a nice guy, a sharp man, but well na yankee man, so wetin we go expect?
So in this place, all of them are linux freaks as opposed to me wey sabi windows, so sha, they gave me one wicked computer, formatted it and all that....the guy who set it up just dey act like wizard...but He let me watch anyways....and was also explaining stuff to me.
These guys didnt put me under any pressure, they believed in asking questions and sharing stuff, which is cool, if it were home, some peeps would keep the knowledge to themselves for fear of losing their edge, and in my uni, I cant ask my supervisors any kind of questions before I get accused of not being "independent" enough.
I just gotta write about Nespresso coffee.......damn! Its so good, and the flavor is so tight, I can see why they are an expensive item, and why they had to use George Clooney in the advertisement.....I think I had like 2 cups.
I walked back to the station with one of my ogas, and began applying principles from Brian Tracys audio program "The Luck Factor", where he said that if you want to reach a particular level, find out from someone whos reached there, and do what he I began talking to my new oga about coding techniques, and all of that.
Thank God, one of the craziest eficos in my class is working on almost the same thesis as I am, so at least we can exchange Ideas, and I wont be alone.
On a serious note, one of my exes dropped me an offline, saying she wanted to talk to me, and shed "lost" my number, and I should call her back...I began wondering what on earth she wanted..I was curious at first, so I asked a friend if I cud use his phone to call, and when he didnt have any credit, I just fashied. I wasnt gonna use my hard earned cash to call someone who didnt even know the country I was travelling to, and a lot of all that...and funnily enough, last time I called her (on madams prompting) was last year to make peace, and she hadnt replied or anything since then.
Im not interested in people calling me for "emergencies", and besides I keep my exes in the past, she wasnt even on my messenger and all all for being mature and cordial, but please, let the boundaries be...son of man dont look well...I sorta have an Idea of what the "emergency" constitutes, but omo, I just dey do my thing jare.
Anyways, lifes good....tough tyms have come, and they dont last, but tough people like me last, Jesus is alive, God is on the a bright life ahead of me....tonight its "Ugly Betty", me reaffirming my goals, and me falling asleep dreaming of how I want to plaster madams face with kisses.
Something funny just happened...I just remembered how I used to enter molue from one place (chei, I don forget the name)..ok, its the area to the right when you come out of unilag gate...I used to walk past one place where they sold fish, and ud see the eels trashing about in the water in the basin, and I used to hold my breath as I passed...that was also where I saw my first lynch victim (Apparently, he stole clothes)....and I remember some other crazy things I wont mention...its amazing how time flies...thank God for taking one forward..
Am out guys...holla!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

whats up people? A lot has bin going on since my last post....Ive had to do a lot of things, but we thank God sha, things are happening ok.
Lets see, I had some little finance wahala where these people here were threatning to send debt collectors after was crazy. The term "Debt collectors" is just a legalized way in this country of organizing boiz to brush you if you owe anyone money, and to make matters worse, you will pay them on top.Chei, oyibo. Anyways it was about cus I missed decembers tuition fee...omo sha, to cut a long story short, I was able to raise the cash, dem go carry their wahala go, Jah is there and will every come thru.
They wanted to now deduct cash for januari when dem neva pay...hmm I go sue them oh!, anyways, its all cool here.
About my thesis, I went to meet my oga prof, the guy liked my yarns, and decided to keep me on the project, then they gave me some more code to re-write...when I saw that thing, I wished I was in naija with star and pepper soup, I was like, these pple wont kill me....but then I listened to the voice inside me, that still small voice that doesnt allow me to settle for less, and always urges me on....that voice that gently reminds me that the thoughts plaguing my mind are just from some jobless demons, and I shouldnt worry......I listened to the voice...and I began to calm down, and approach the challenge from a different angle, and I did that, and today I began to see some results...Ive learnt to thank God for everything even when things do not SEEM to be working, cus tough times never last, but tough people do.
Whatever comes at me, I will keep on, whatever thoughts come at my mind...if I tell u some of the crazy ish these spirits keep throwin at me, but I just know one thing...I am one hungry man, hungry to achieve my goals, hungry to make it, hungry for the good life, and nothing, and no one will stop spirit, or human being or whatever..
Now guys seriously, madam has dissappeared, I for call am, but lets just say my billions are still in the spiritual realm right now, I wonder where she is.
Anyways guys, e go be, I have discovered "ugly betty", and I am enjoying it.
Cheers people, n remember, keep pushing!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Ok, son of man is writing this from his cafeteria, I think I have bin working here for close to 6 hours straight, fixing stuff in my report, and going through those damn papers, just imagine me doing all that for the rest of my life..God 4bid.
Anyways I managed to arrive at a consensus with the thesis chick, and I have been having a good time so far, yeah ur crazy nerd has bin clearing all his courses, 8 and 9, men e no easy, but the thing is this thesis.....anyways God dey.
People dey tell me say I don dey lean , say make I eat well, hmm, well I suppose cook soup anyways.
Men I gotta work on my sleeping hours, I sleep crazy hours, wake up like 12-1, and then work for 7 hours daily..this ish is freaking me out, yeah I know all that matters are results, but still...I mean I remember a day/morning when I slept 6am, now that aint funny. Let god just see us through and let me run away as far as I possibly can.
I am listening to Jack Canfield.....omo we go yarn later.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

All my enemies, somersault and ........(I will think of something)

Omo men, I am just there....I had a funny day today...seems my thesis supervisor and the PHd student under him decided that I mightnt be able to bring the project to the "desired end" , when this dude told me this via email, I was like WTF?
Ok, lets rewind to last night when I was writing code for this stuff, and I got stuck somewhere and sent her an email(Wrong, wrong!!) and she put me straight, and I was able to pass the first part. She told me in the mail the prof wanted to see me, and I wrote him a mail yest night, then this morning he began misyarning. The profs a cool dude, I kinda think its the chick, cus she expects me to 29 hours in a day?
The prof said she gave me something "relatively easy" (yeah right) to do, and since it took me such a long time, then maybe I should switch topics.
Men, I wrote one crazy mail (naija style) to the guy, he was like, calm down, etc, that if I can answer some questions, etc, he can let me continue.
I do not want to spend an extra day here, , and cus if I do, then I gotta pay extra tuition cash, which I dont want. I mean I had such a small time bracket...I started late october, I had to read a lot of papers, and I was working full time on the compiler construction project, and I handed in 2 chapters for the thesis, then in the middle of it, she drops the coding on me...and I have to read her documentation, understand the system, and now shes telling me Im slow?
And she never told me I was going wrong anywhere...Jah punish all of them, Im getting a distinction out of this school, dem no get craze.
I sleep 5 in the morning at times, cus of all this their stress, I gotta fix my finances, I almost fucking have insomnia for Gods sake...these people want me to become like them, smoking cigars and drinking copious amounts of coffee...thats what the chick does like DMX said..."what these B***** want from a NIGGA?"
Anyways I cant do anything on the project, till next week, because I dont know if they are gonna insist on re-assigning me(Then it means I wasted 2 months) or I will continue.
Anyways, I am not shaken , cus I already know the end of the story. I went for another interview yest, And I am expecting the best.
Some old demons from way back are sort of trying to torment me...but blood of Jesus dey. Anyways men, I am at the top already, all this is simply film trick.
On a lighter note, I found maltina in this place....ok not maltina but a malt drink, which reminded me of home, so I dey shack the tin anyhow...
Kai, person press my bell, I think say na fine orobo woman dey my door, instead na small ethiopian man...kai, I miss my country...
E go better, e don betta, nuthin dey happen. Now, I am listening to Brian Tracy...
Cheers guys.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Talking to him....

Dear God

Thanks for today, and keeping me alive.
I have been here for over a year, and am still alive. I didnt grow mad or anything.
My days seem boring, at times its seems am trapped inside, like in a cage,
But I still got you here, to keep me company.
At times like this, stuff from my past haunts me,beating myself over mistakes Ive made,But I am learning to love myself, on this new level.
Ive decided to focus on you, and whats good in my life, and where you are taking me to.
Ive decided to thank you for everyday, cus its a privilege to be alive.
At times God it seems dreary. Ive reached almost the end of the course, but at times am just tired.
I will thank you very much for everything, and where you brought me from, cus it aint easy. A friend taught me to look at all whats working in my life, and thats good.
Thanks for carrying me over the rough patches.
Help me lord, and thanks for everything.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Thank God

My first blog of 2008...yeehah!!!I just got to blog this cus today is a special day. My partner and I just finished the second part of the compiler assignment, its a bad ass assignment which has held people back and prevented people from graduating, but men, God made us submit....last year I was wondering how Id cross this bridge, but not only did we cross it, we crossed with the best marks.
Anyways men what else...things are just moving up, I'm enjoying this new level I entered right from 2008, so I am having fun and exploring this...