Thursday, January 10, 2008

All my enemies, somersault and ........(I will think of something)

Omo men, I am just there....I had a funny day today...seems my thesis supervisor and the PHd student under him decided that I mightnt be able to bring the project to the "desired end" , when this dude told me this via email, I was like WTF?
Ok, lets rewind to last night when I was writing code for this stuff, and I got stuck somewhere and sent her an email(Wrong, wrong!!) and she put me straight, and I was able to pass the first part. She told me in the mail the prof wanted to see me, and I wrote him a mail yest night, then this morning he began misyarning. The profs a cool dude, I kinda think its the chick, cus she expects me to 29 hours in a day?
The prof said she gave me something "relatively easy" (yeah right) to do, and since it took me such a long time, then maybe I should switch topics.
Men, I wrote one crazy mail (naija style) to the guy, he was like, calm down, etc, that if I can answer some questions, etc, he can let me continue.
I do not want to spend an extra day here, , and cus if I do, then I gotta pay extra tuition cash, which I dont want. I mean I had such a small time bracket...I started late october, I had to read a lot of papers, and I was working full time on the compiler construction project, and I handed in 2 chapters for the thesis, then in the middle of it, she drops the coding on me...and I have to read her documentation, understand the system, and now shes telling me Im slow?
And she never told me I was going wrong anywhere...Jah punish all of them, Im getting a distinction out of this school, dem no get craze.
I sleep 5 in the morning at times, cus of all this their stress, I gotta fix my finances, I almost fucking have insomnia for Gods sake...these people want me to become like them, smoking cigars and drinking copious amounts of coffee...thats what the chick does like DMX said..."what these B***** want from a NIGGA?"
Anyways I cant do anything on the project, till next week, because I dont know if they are gonna insist on re-assigning me(Then it means I wasted 2 months) or I will continue.
Anyways, I am not shaken , cus I already know the end of the story. I went for another interview yest, And I am expecting the best.
Some old demons from way back are sort of trying to torment me...but blood of Jesus dey. Anyways men, I am at the top already, all this is simply film trick.
On a lighter note, I found maltina in this place....ok not maltina but a malt drink, which reminded me of home, so I dey shack the tin anyhow...
Kai, person press my bell, I think say na fine orobo woman dey my door, instead na small ethiopian man...kai, I miss my country...
E go better, e don betta, nuthin dey happen. Now, I am listening to Brian Tracy...
Cheers guys.

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