Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Ok, son of man is writing this from his cafeteria, I think I have bin working here for close to 6 hours straight, fixing stuff in my report, and going through those damn papers, just imagine me doing all that for the rest of my life..God 4bid.
Anyways I managed to arrive at a consensus with the thesis chick, and I have been having a good time so far, yeah ur crazy nerd has bin clearing all his courses, 8 and 9, men e no easy, but the thing is this thesis.....anyways God dey.
People dey tell me say I don dey lean , say make I eat well, hmm, well I suppose cook soup anyways.
Men I gotta work on my sleeping hours, I sleep crazy hours, wake up like 12-1, and then work for 7 hours daily..this ish is freaking me out, yeah I know all that matters are results, but still...I mean I remember a day/morning when I slept 6am, now that aint funny. Let god just see us through and let me run away as far as I possibly can.
I am listening to Jack Canfield.....omo we go yarn later.

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