Friday, May 29, 2009

Men, let me blog this thing before it gets to the end of the month and I haven't updated. A lot has been happening sha, but lemme start.
I almost fell into temptation sha, ko easy, God helped me out of the thing. I now realize that as a guy its only God that can save you, because there are some things that you see, and you will just enter 'hunter mode', funny thing was that I feel, and want to believe that if I had gone home and slept and spent two days on it, my 'rational mind' would have kicked know the one which reminds you of your commitments and blah blah. But I think God stepped my brothers out there, just pray that jah doesn't allow you to meet your waterloo..
Speaking of commitments, I can say I have learned a lot about myself, and about what I can and cannot stand in a woman, and one of those characteristics I cannot stand is that shes 'Thin'! ewwwww.....(I have cake beside me...don't want to lose my appetite)
Afrobabe said one benue babe would finish me in my last post....see, lets put this thing to the test, last man standing...hmm, let me not begin calling my oriki for
Men, work has just been there, 3 projects all on my head, and me just coding and coding trying to reach the customers deadline. Luckily we have ANOTHER holiday (Eat your heart out guys!) on monday, so I get 4 days...bliss..
Now, all I need is a large calabar babe to....preach to...lemmme win 'souls'...
Lets talk football. Yeah football.....
Now I am not a footie fan, I am more of a political football fan.
Lemme break it down for you.
My number one team is Man U.
Then, if arsenal plays another team, I always support arsenal.
Then if arsenal and man u jam, I always support man U.
Yes, its dirty, sleazy, and amala politic-like, but its my system, and I'm sticking to it! lol...
There was so much beef against man U esp when they it the inherent dislike for people who are at the top of their game, or was this just friendly 'yabs' in the name of football? Some nigerian dude went and drove a van into Barca supporters, and killed 4 of em.
I stopped being so interested in football, after peter rufai messed up at france 98. I mean why on earth would you go clubbing the night before a match?
Then when I saw a player being driven to work in his hummer, I asked myself one question:

'Who's gonna watch you on TV, wavemasta'?

And I decided to make a future for myself, instead of killing myself like nigerians do, over guys who will make millions from a single match, win or lost. Don't get me wrong. I don't hate the game....I just do not understand lengths people take it to.

I have goals, and dreams, written goals with plans to make them happen. I have burnt my bridges and theres no turning back....

My friend and colleague at work was gisting me about ways of scoping chicks here, because frankly I had to ask, though I wasn't going to implement:

'Why do dutch girls act like they don't like to have sex?'

I mean, for a country known as the sex capital of europe...I mean I had a former classmate suggest I go stay in a room with one of the prostitutes in the red light district, and that would take care of free accommodation....I wondered if it was just me, or why were they acting as if they had things stuck up their backsides?
My friend was telling me that well, they want a lot (Typical chick behavior), and they are always sizing the guy up to see if he has a good position at work so he can take them for vacations....kai.......
He then told me of how an African man walked up to his chick and demanded her phone number just like went home fuming and told my guy, of course he found it funny...which is why he kept saying 'hmm here, we cannot do it like they do it in Africa'...oh and my friends black, but theres some white in him somewhere...
I felt sorry for his poor our brother was tired of all the agro,and decided to 'take the kingdom' by force.....

I had a nice toastmasters meeting today, I was grammarian of the evening, which mean't I was in charge of monitoring peoples 'bullets' shot during the course of their speeches....a role I destroyed naija
My romanian friend is my mentor...very nice one though, I think she will make a good teacher....

Now before I go, lemme show you a picture of another fine bebe (Ibo accent), I am going to buy. I claim it in Jesus name, loruko jesu, amin, amin...all enemies that want to prevent me from stepping into my destiny, fall down and (insert favorite torture here)...
This bebe in fact, odikwa riski, not to have this bebe...

Her name is BMW (Be My Wife) X6....
Please dear, will you marry I hear an amen somebody? LOL!

Now guys, my tea and cake are calling me at past one o clock sat morning...

I miss my (non-existent) big burriful wife, and lovely kids...

Una go manifest soon, no worries...

Good night people!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Today's a public holiday, yesterday was one also, and I am just chilling. Later today, I'm going to delft to hook up with some of my boys..theres also some singles program in the church there, and free jollof rice...hey don't blame me, wetin man fit do? The weather here is now excellent, and so sunny, and it's lifting my spirits...hehe..
Well, nothing much has been happening, I saw 'star trek', and once I got past the 'sylar' persona of zachary quinto, I admit he did a good job and the movie wasn't screwed up. A valuable lesson this place has taught me is the art of taking care of myself, i.e pampering myself, and handling myself with care. If you don't do it for you, then who's gonna do it? My former flatmate is back to italy, after finishing his thesis, and so I have a 3 floor crib to myself, complete with all the works. Do I hear houseparty, women, and booze anyone? lol...
Speaking of the chicks....I've noticed that my hunger has become harder to control, and that sometimes I am chaffing at the restraints. I bin wondering about the virtues of polygamy..I mean if I have like 5 big beauties, that should be enough to keep me 'gainfully' occupied...then each of those 5 would be from different tribes...lets say 2 Yoruba, one Ibo, one Calabar, one Benue (*running away from afrobabe..)...
I do pressups and workout with my dumbbells so I won't have any injuries..hehe
But seriously, being in this position has made me understand why some guys do what they do, and the difference between guys and chicks. I know girls who have told me they have no issues just being on their own..but you see, girls do not wake up in the morning with a certain part of their anatomy pointing towards the ceiling...for us it seems its more of satisfying an urge without any emotional attachment..but for chicks, its the emotions...which is why girls are always like 'hold me'...thats after the *ahem of course...
And to think I go stay with just one for the rest of my life...well sha, I guess thats why you always make sure its worth it :-)
It explains why and how guys can cheat and well, its socially acceptable than if a chick does the same....a guy can just do his thing and walk without any meaning attached to it, but my sisters have their hearts in there....not an excuse though..I advocate fidelity from both parties...anyways e go better.
My work is good, just that at times I put myself under pressure especially if my code doesn't work the way I want it to...being your own motivator can be daunting but God dey anyways...
On another note, I just bought eminems new album, 'Relapse'. Check out 'medicine ball' track where he imitated christopher reeve rapping...slim shady won't make me lose my head laughing..

Now, I am so in love with this ride, I just salivate over I will buy it, prolly before I get married..

Audi S5

Next, I absolutely am getting this


My Dutch is improved...went for a bank interview, the guy just dey speak the thing to me..well I understood a bit, and could flow back..
Gosh I miss naija...

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Well, I can blog this cus I am sitting in front of my departure gate back to my hood...arghh...
The emirates is lovely. I got to see the fishes, and all of the nice things its known for. I really wish we could have lovely things like that back home in places like Lagos, where normal middle class families would just be able to chill with their families, and take their sons out without fear of harassment or intimidation.
I won't even consider blogging from MMI airport back asked me if I would still remember how to get back from there to my crib in naija...
Anyways sha, now I am back to my old life and routine, and to tell you guys, I am not so happy about it at all. I try to reach out to my colleagues at the office, but everyone seems to have their own thing going on, so to just go out and have a drink after work seems outta the question. I got my naija peeps here, but some dey write project, some are still trying to escape "Alcatraz"

Well, I will just keep on doing my projects and keep my attitude positive in that land of bread and cheese...gosh!

I am looking forward to watching "Star Trek". I want to see sylar (Zachary Quinto) play spock, and see if he got the role right.

What else...well, I got to see different kinds of exotic fish in the aquarium, and was joking with my friends that if it was back in lagos, they would have used the fish to do pepper

Well, my gist is boring, nothing much happening.
I have followed the situation back home in Ekiti State, with those old ladies who went naked to protest. In spite of all that the "owners" still did what they wanted to do with the elections.
It's so crazy, and I hear fuel scarcity is on the rampage, and we are supposed to be exporting a large amount of petrol everyday. I heard some gist about us being suspended from OPEC, because we export oil, but the money isn't showing in our country. I mean, check out these dubai people...when did they start? We had oil before them, but, no, some corrupt dudes just want to chop it all.

I also heard theres a "Brain Gain" back in Nigeria, because Nigerians in diaspora are coming back home to take up good jobs. I even hear some companies are recruiting. I saw some posts on nairaland about it...I got to see typical bad belle from some home based peeps..I mean, theres enough of the pie to go around. No one would hire a naija only university trained graduate over someone from a prestigious foreign uni like Harvard, MIT, or my very own (hehe) TUDelft, except if they were highly exceptional.
I saw a lot of complaints about phonetix, and the usual rhetoric about diasporean peeps not having "skillz" or complaining about the size of their paycheck in comparison to their Nigerian counterparts. Guys should just stop beefing and begin to
appreciate.If you are not satisfied with where you are, then upgrade! Add to yourself instead of whining. The whiners didn't make the sacrifices some made to succeed and yet, some still beef them when they succeed.
The link is here.
Imagine, one %$##@ said that the beneficiaries from this "Brain Gain" are kids of the "elite" or the "rich". Dude...stop whining. Become rich. Serve others, make an impact. Me, I am rich, will be rich, and screw anyone who beefs me chopping the fruits of my labor.

Whew! I just ranted.....*sigh

I just had a stimulating conversation with a pretty business developer half-french Moroccan and an engineer beside me and made good contacts..

Well guys, seems my flight is about to be ready,I just saw stewardesses in red *wink so I gotta run...ciao!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Hey peeps how far?
After being fed up of this place where people eat bread 3 times a day (I always wondered how they would cope if they ran out of flour), and getting seriously stressed, I just decided to do what any normal omo boy would do... which is I bailed.
I took out some time out of my allocated holiday time given to me by my company and just bailed... I planned my vacation to make the most of weekends and public holidays.
Men, vacations are very important. So, I hung out with the gf, had fun, watched 'X-men origins: Wolverine' which is a very tight movie by the way. Spoiler Alert: They shot a scene in Nigeria,and the guys were speaking
Now, I am in a nice hotel with a nice view of the all I need are orgies...wait, I didn't say that..I mean't .....

Ah, never

I have one project waiting for me back at my base.. not to mention other things.....

Anyways Jah dey.

See you guys later.