Saturday, May 9, 2009

Well, I can blog this cus I am sitting in front of my departure gate back to my hood...arghh...
The emirates is lovely. I got to see the fishes, and all of the nice things its known for. I really wish we could have lovely things like that back home in places like Lagos, where normal middle class families would just be able to chill with their families, and take their sons out without fear of harassment or intimidation.
I won't even consider blogging from MMI airport back asked me if I would still remember how to get back from there to my crib in naija...
Anyways sha, now I am back to my old life and routine, and to tell you guys, I am not so happy about it at all. I try to reach out to my colleagues at the office, but everyone seems to have their own thing going on, so to just go out and have a drink after work seems outta the question. I got my naija peeps here, but some dey write project, some are still trying to escape "Alcatraz"

Well, I will just keep on doing my projects and keep my attitude positive in that land of bread and cheese...gosh!

I am looking forward to watching "Star Trek". I want to see sylar (Zachary Quinto) play spock, and see if he got the role right.

What else...well, I got to see different kinds of exotic fish in the aquarium, and was joking with my friends that if it was back in lagos, they would have used the fish to do pepper

Well, my gist is boring, nothing much happening.
I have followed the situation back home in Ekiti State, with those old ladies who went naked to protest. In spite of all that the "owners" still did what they wanted to do with the elections.
It's so crazy, and I hear fuel scarcity is on the rampage, and we are supposed to be exporting a large amount of petrol everyday. I heard some gist about us being suspended from OPEC, because we export oil, but the money isn't showing in our country. I mean, check out these dubai people...when did they start? We had oil before them, but, no, some corrupt dudes just want to chop it all.

I also heard theres a "Brain Gain" back in Nigeria, because Nigerians in diaspora are coming back home to take up good jobs. I even hear some companies are recruiting. I saw some posts on nairaland about it...I got to see typical bad belle from some home based peeps..I mean, theres enough of the pie to go around. No one would hire a naija only university trained graduate over someone from a prestigious foreign uni like Harvard, MIT, or my very own (hehe) TUDelft, except if they were highly exceptional.
I saw a lot of complaints about phonetix, and the usual rhetoric about diasporean peeps not having "skillz" or complaining about the size of their paycheck in comparison to their Nigerian counterparts. Guys should just stop beefing and begin to
appreciate.If you are not satisfied with where you are, then upgrade! Add to yourself instead of whining. The whiners didn't make the sacrifices some made to succeed and yet, some still beef them when they succeed.
The link is here.
Imagine, one %$##@ said that the beneficiaries from this "Brain Gain" are kids of the "elite" or the "rich". Dude...stop whining. Become rich. Serve others, make an impact. Me, I am rich, will be rich, and screw anyone who beefs me chopping the fruits of my labor.

Whew! I just ranted.....*sigh

I just had a stimulating conversation with a pretty business developer half-french Moroccan and an engineer beside me and made good contacts..

Well guys, seems my flight is about to be ready,I just saw stewardesses in red *wink so I gotta run...ciao!


chayoma said...


Hopefully the oil and electricity situation back home can be addressed!
it seems to be getting worse with all the so-called progress we are making!
Nigeria we hail thee.
May the Lord shine down upon us
and all Nigerians said

Afrobabe said...

lol..yeah I hears the same thing...funny I heard they had suspended recruitment cos too many nigerians were returning at the same time...