Sunday, May 18, 2008

Hey my peeps.. hoped u liked the video. It cracked me up, esp the yahooze part, we get talent for naija oo plenty shaking. Well,nuthin muchs been happening.
Popsie was a year older today, so I called him and wished him the best. Imagine, dem no get light, na wa oo na gen den still dey use. Seems PHCN (please Hold Condom/Candle Now) is still busting their balls, back home. Im good, madams good, life is generally flowing, sha. My thesis is trying to prove, but I already know the end from the beginning, as per, I wrote my script for 2008 in 2007, so nuthin dey happen.
Well guys, there aint much jist..except for my past activity...which is hunting down some woman who scammed me of some cash on facebook. On facebook market place, she advertised iphone. This was before I went to see madam for her birthday, so I was excited about getting one to rock. After I send money..she begin dey yarn story. First she said she accidentally sent 5 phones instead of one, and they are in transit, say make I pay for all five, or pay for 3, make she pay for the rest....ol boi, na when my naija 419 detector went we have bin dragging this back and forth, I sent the cops after her, but its like shes dissappeared. I sent her a mail, saying, I didnt mind if it took me a week, month, or year, say I go track am ..too much movie..
Well, if ure on facebook, dnt buy stuff from suzan elizabeth....shes dangerous ..
Anyways, am reading x-men, and its yall!