Sunday, February 22, 2009


Sunday....enuff things men..anyways lets jump into it. Had my pastor and his wife over at my crib yest, it was nice, they liked my neighborhood..anyways they talked about trying to set up some singles events to link up all the 'decent sistas' and 'brothas' over here, who've graduated and are working, and well, looking for a yarinya. I wasn't down, since I am off the market, but I mentioned these to some friends of mine, who incidentally didn't belong to my church and they were more than interested...see the depths people would go to to just come to
Something happened today which made me thank God I didn't take the Sunday school post, especially when they taught about stuff I do not believe in. From my position as technical person...I coordinate the slides for the service, so imagine when I saw the title.. sunday school "The moral dangers of modern dancing" my spirit filled head, I Was like WTF? These people done come again...and yeah it was exactly as I imagined. Let me break it down....dancing in the world today is meant to be evil, as it contains guys holding women they aren't married to, etc, and the choreography involves stimulating parts of the promotes nakedness, etc.

They now linked it to the story of the golden calf, cus the Israelite where worshiping that thing and dancing....But for crying out loud, their sin, was worshiping an idol, not dancing. They even said it was the "devils" strategy for luring people since its the end times, etc. Men I began to ask myself, wetin be all this? This was the kind of things, and issues I had with xtianity, and even though I know these things are just peoples opinions, it still disturbs one. I had visions of myself not being able to celebrate my birthday, call my boiz, and just relax, or not been able to dance at my own wedding, cus I go dey think....what will they say?
Ol boi...f** that... If I wanna do konko below anywhere, I go do am, and if no one likes that, or think I'm any less of a xtian, because I do not carry the badge of always listening to gospel music, then so be it.
Of course I know people can go to extremes, and all that, and that one should be moderate in all stuff, but just to condemn an entire genre is wrong. They now said the dancing must only be for "Gods glory"..pray, who defines what Gods glory is? If I am happy, and having fun without trying to hurt anyone, is that not gloryfying? Soon, it will extend to what we listen to, read, etc...

I almost lost my mind over this some time back and never had anything to do with church folk because of that...its only madam that psyched me to go back, now I had to hear this....unfortunately, I will just have to just bone face, and just take what I Agree with and discard what I don't cus I can't say I wont go to church again because of that....wait till you see what they wrote about marriage algebra....jah dey sha. We were asked if we wanted to agree or disagree with what was said, but u know our naija pple, if I now raised my hand, dem go tag me as bad I just remove mind comot...
Sigh...religion...we got so much of it in Nigeria, yet we aren't moving forward...makes u ask some very tough questions.

I got so many novels, and books to read, and I am doing my language homework...arghhhh...which kin thing be this? We had a deliverance service today, and I was determined not to fall when hands were being laid on me...but I received a lot, and prayed for my loved ones n their families...
And my pastors son, likes to drag the keyboard with me, when I am trying to do the presentation slides for the service...anyways he's just still
Anyways back to the issue of hooking us single brothas n sistas up...ol boi....after seeing some of the specimens here, no offense, I'd rather stay single n visit mrs hand...and thats in the event that I was single anyways which I Am not...thing is, I am not one of those people who settle for less because "ahh you cannot always have everything" , and "ooh, let us just manage"...someone once said something I like which is..."when the available becomes desirable, simply because the desirable becomes unavailable, then you are in bondage"....thing is, what I got going with my chick is too special, so if I have to wait longer...(almost a year now), then so be it...if I go one like this, I hope I don't begin to suffer from premature... afro can fill in the part, I am

Anyways guys, I am still here, still aiming for the top, and for my goals...and nothing, is gonna stop me...

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Hey guys, whats going on? Hows it been? It's been ages since I blogged..don't know where to start, so I will just rant. what is this with our president and his vacations? Do presidents do vacations? Isn't it too early for one? From what I gathered its like he didn't tell anyone anything, which I find a bit odd. And to my next favorite story, the goat which was apparently a former human being called 'salihu' (I kid you not) has been auctioned for like 3k naira...I will check it out and be sure. I wonder about our Nigerian witches and jazzmen. Seriously if I was a wizard, I'd be pimping on the highest levels. Today, na yankee, tomorrow, na london...shebi they have one special magic which allows em to teleport, just like the 'jumper' movie. In fact, I'd be so cool all the ladies would be tripping. If anyone comes to me for consultation, I'd bring out my laptop and load Oracle 9.1 (Ifa version), and use it to divine their futures.
Methinks Nigerian witches and jazzmen need some PR and rebranding.
Imagine, they even have some bulletproof jazz. Imagine what that would do to Nigeria's GDP. Making patents for the US make I no talk.
I finally began taking steps towards my dream. Yeah my company, and for world domination. I was basically scared, cus I didn't know what I would do or what problems I would solve, but I wrote my plan down, and some things became clear. I sent it to a friend of mine, whose company specialises in mentoring people who want to start up...I am still working at my day job, and keeping my fingers crossed.
Dutch lessons are fun, its just that the combination of the lessons, and work makes me spend like 10 hours on my feet tuesdays, but wetin man go do? lol, and I am getting the hang of it.
My pastors wife, tried to psyche me into teaching sunday school. When I heard that, my eyes wanted to bulge. Ah, straffe okon in sunday, I had to decline, and instead opted for the technical department. At least I get to be in front of a computer, and at least it's small work for the church. The downside is that I have to wake up an hour earlier on sunday.. *sniff, * aint my fault, my weekdays are long... I work like 9 hours everyday now (see me as eficco, na 8 I suppose do), and well weekends are the only times I got to chill out, so I guard them jealously. As for Falentines day (yeah, I can spell valentines day well, thanks a lot)..well, it was just there. Had a female friend over, she needed to buy a ticket via a credit we just chilled in my room, got her a chair, but well, I'm in celibacy mode, and she doesn't conform to my specifications, of big big, and me not talk, cus e get some big I no fit carry, though I champion the cause of big ladies everywhere. So we just jisted, called another mutual friend of ours here, and just talked, had per guest. It would have been nice to be with the madam, but oh well, she no dey here...but it will work out, insha allah.

So, what else...lets see, I can now cook a mean jollof a nice recipe from a female friend of mine...tis on the fire And yeah last week I took another step towards developing another gift of mine, a gift I haven't exercised in ages. Thing is, I'm trying to make my stay here as positive as I can without whining. Life outside you is a reflection of life inside you. If you smile at the world, it smiles back at you, same goes to if you frown at the world.
As per women and relationships, well the one I am in has taught me a whole lot about managing women, being patient, building bridges even if you feel you were the offended one, and a whole lot. I thank God for all the lessons I had to learn and I am still learning. As for mine now, well, I think I have given it the best I can, and the other party also, so we will see. Trying to get her here, and well we believe it will work out for the best.
Whew...see me see typist......
Laterz guys!