Friday, October 3, 2008

Graduation Ceremony

Today was cool, officially signifying the end of my MSc study. Yup, I got my MSc certificate today...
The way it works is that you are called out on the stage, and then your professor reads a speech about you, and how well you did or did not do, etc. Today's ceremony was in Dutch, but they spoke English when it came to the turn of international students.
When it came to my turn, my legs were shaky, I couldn't believe that 2 years of a gruelling MSc program was over. Gosh, then my prof couldn't make it, but he wrote a speech which was read by a prof who knew me personally from my articles in the school magazine. Then he read my profs speech about me, about how awesome I was...etc...ok, he said I was one of the most focused and determined students he'd ever coached because I asked him from the onset what I needed to do to get a high grade, and did the work all by myself, something that 6 of his Phd students were working on...well sha, I thank God I finished....when I wanted to sign for the certificate, my bodi just dey shake, the woman at the signing table had to tell me to take it easy and calm down.
Anyways, later on, was shayo, and we took pictures with a Prof who lived in Katsina for 2 years, working for...get this...the ministry of works and housing, as an electrical engineer. This guy was blasting Hausa well,even yarning "Alhamdulilahi" ...well sha, it was a cool day, and yeah I put the pics on spybook (Facebook for people who have no sense of humor) :-)
Everyone's just been commenting on my status, and pics, its
Well, I thank God for the journey so far...two of my other colleagues made it at the last moment, so I Wasn't alone, thank God.. For this graduation, only 2 of us naija men, made it out on time, at least no one can now misyarn, and say they didn't know some Nigerians who knew what they were all about.
We really need to revamp our educational system in Nigeria, cus I compared the two systems, and the mindsets of our students, and we need a whole lot of improvement.
Good thing is now, according to my kpali, I am now legally authorized by dutch law to call myself Engineer.... over here we use the "Ir" title...ahhh life is good...
I called the madam, psyched her well for all her love and support over the past 2 years, she begin dey I know you will want to kill me after reading
Now I have one months forced holiday before I begin my new job... *groan..