Sunday, July 5, 2009

Agent S Okon 7

Reader Discretion is Advised

As he lay bruised and bleeding on the ground, straffe wondered how his life had come to this. He remembered after he had finished with Li Chang, and being debriefed by Ibrahim, in the deep subterranean offices of the CABAL.
Ibrahim looked really serious, at least this time he wasn't watching porn. He remembered looking at the contents of the disc which Li Chang had given him after a round of earth shattering sex.
"Okon, I have never known another man like you", the assassin purred in his ear, licking the outer area with her tongue, her voluptuous bosom heaving up and down. "I wanted so much to be taken by 'him', but you are like no other". By 'him' she meant the enigmatic chinaman. The shadowy figure behind the recent wave of female kidnappings in lagos state. Most of the victims were prostitutes, or girls no one would care about, so this ruled out MEND. Besides this had nothing to do with oil.

The chinaman was using the females as test subjects for something called 'Operation Black Magic' a project involving the use of DNA extracted from Nigerians to synthesize a 'fountain of youth' formula. Anyone who ingested this was instantly rejuvenated. And such a drug would sell for millions on the black market, so this was something a lot of international businessmen had a stake in.
They had gotten the location of the lab, where the final test was meant to be done, and after that, the chinaman was going to leave Nigeria finally with the prototype, which would be further synthesized beyond the shores of this country.
'We have to stop the final test Okon!' Ibrahim boomed. 'If we allow them to leave with the prototype, it will trigger a genocide, involving our people!'

The idea of a world without his big beautiful naija sisters, and being consigned to a lifetime of friendship with his right hand, held no appeal for our hero. Actually he didn't need his right hand since other nationalities were available, but you get the picture.
So, he had located the secret lab, taken out the guards, and was about to strap explosives to the containment chamber holding the chemicals, when he felt a numbing pain between his shoulder blades. He collapsed on the ground, and as he struggled to get up, a foot caught him in his ribs, followed by a left hook to his jaw. He went down again, and through a red haze, he could make out the features of his attacker.
High cheek bones, distinctly Asian, or Chinese, slanted eyes.
'Who are you?' he gasped.....
I am 'Nuo Long Tin' the man sneered. 'Wait, the Chinaman!' Okon exclaimed. 'Yes I am called that in some circles' the man said. 'And I can tell you came here to stop me, but you cannot hope to defeat me'. The man went into a martial arts stance, and launched a kick at Okons chest. At the last moment he moved out of the way. No way he was getting injured. Since his country didn't have health insurance..
Nuo Long Tin stalked him like a cat. 'I am a trained killer, and have killed with my bare hands.' 'I have also trained in advanced martial arts', he bragged.

'But I sabi one tin wey u no sabi' Okon said in pidgin english...
What did you say? asked the chinaman...
'This', Okon said, as he kicked the chinaman in the balls. Twice. Hard. The man went down like a bowling pin. He noticed a measuring cylinder or something similar and slammed it over the mans head. Not as effective as a Star or Gulder bottle, but effective.
Later on, following a call to the CABAL's clean-up crew, the unconscious Nuo Long Tin, was bound, and taken away, and the chemicals,destroyed. Okon was nowhere to be found.

'Why isn't he answering his cell phone?' Ibrahim asked in exasperation. He'd been trying to call Staffe for days, but the agent wasn't picking up his calls. He was also grumpy as his wife had found his porn collection, and was getting all spiritual on him..


The woman moaned with pleasure, feeling the waves ride down the base of her spine, as he licked the insides of her thick thighs slowly, ever so slowly, till he got to her enormous backside, which he began to bite softly....the woman moaned even louder, as she felt the throes of an orgasm consume her...again, for the fifth time.
The man bent her over, and slid inside her, holding her large ass...'Nackson aint got nothing on me', he thought, as he ignored the buzz of his cellphone as he pounded inside her hard. He felt himself, about to his orgasm arrived, he smiled....
His name was Straffe Okon, and he was doing what he did best. ....