Sunday, November 16, 2008

Agent Straffe Okon-6

I have decided not to wait for inspiration, but to dive in and write this. I know I get a lot of visitors on my blog. Please dont be lazy...make a comment..and not just on straffe okon, you pervs at least gimme feedback and let me know I am not wasting my time. So, back by popular demand..


DISCLAIMER: Yes, tantric sex works, but don't do it except you know what you are doing, and I don't accept any responsibility for any of my readers actions.


Straffe had had many adventures with many women in his short lifespan. So many that his aged mother would have a heart attack, if she found out. He was a mild mannered spectacle wearing individual who most girls never expected anything from...but beneath that quiet exterior lurked one of the sharpest minds in the world, and an agent of the covert Nigerian organization...the CABAL...dedicated to bringing down those who would cause terror to the fledgling Nigerian democracy.
The mysterious disappearances of different call girls in Lagos, had been traced to the enigmatic figure, the China man, and when Straffe was getting too close, they had dispatched Li Chang..their top assassin, to take care of Okon. But the assailants had not factored in Straffes attraction for big beautiful women, of which Li Chang was one....and right now, Straffe was trying to prevent himself from getting assasinated...
Li Chang had challenged him to a sex duel....if he won, he got to live, if he lost, he was dead....
Straffe fought to retain control, as Li Changs pussy muscles were contracting round his member, like a boa constrictor, squeezing its prey...he varied his rhythm and thrust inside her...harder....trying to relax....the assassin had put her big legs on Straffes shoulders, and that coupled with her vaginal contraction techniques, would have made an ordinary man cum in less than a minute...but Straffe like we mentioned earlier, wasn't an ordinary average person. Li Chang was getting a bit impressed....3 minutes had gone by. In this studies of ancient methods of Sex, Okon had come across scrolls teaching about tantric sex, and about how higher levels of sex, involved merging of essences of both parties involved...and he decided to give it a try... he relaxed, visualizing the sexual energies spreading throughout his body
and merging with that of the woman beneath him.....he heard her gasp...and he pushed deeper...merging his essence with hers....and then pulled....Li Began moaning, and thrashing against him....wanting the void in her essence to be filled.....Straffe pushed again.....and felt her body respond..
He began with circular thrusts touching the front wall of her pussy...and then he looked into her eyes, and a flash of revelation hit him. Her desire for approval, her being under appreciated because of the way she looked, and her hatred of men in general had led her on the assassins path..making her determined to use the men who had used her, and not cared about her feelings. Okon, stopped his frenzied thrusting, and slowed down, using his lips and tongue, tracing outlines over her body..speaking slowly into her ear.. "I understand what you have been through, and even though you hardly know me, I do care about you"..he whispered these words into her ears, as he began nibbling her earlobe. Li Chang began to moan, feeling her inner defenses crack, her nipples so hard...and she guided okons head to her chest as he began to suck those 40+ DD or whatever size breasts..he really didn't care about bra sizes at this point, as long as they were big, and he was in their centre.
He used his tongue to trace a line to her belly, and then buried his head in the muskiness of her womanhood, and began to drink of her nectar...he felt her body convulse, and she began to moan, and thrash around on the bed...he removed his tongue from her womanhood, and began loving her body inch by inch, her thighs, her calves, her toes, Li Chang was in heaven, she had never experienced this before, all she had encountered were men willing to take, but now, she met someone willing to give instead....the ache in her womanhood became unbearable, and she reached for okons turgid member, and once again put it inside her...Once again, Okon, closed his eyes, and imagined his essence spreading round his body, delaying his orgasm, and visualized it like a spear...then he launched his essence into hers....he felt her defenses crack, and she became open and vulnerable....he then began to thrust inside her, harder and deeper, telling her to trust him....and then for the first time in her life, Li Chang felt a tingling sensation moving all over her body..leading her to the brink of pleasure.....Okon pulled his essence back, leaving her shaking and helpless, and then plunged into her again....he kept doing this till she was almost incoherent, "Okon, please, I love you, you make me feel like a woman, please, complete me, make me yours", she screamed....
"You are mine..." Okon said..thrusting inside her..."you belong to me"..."Yesss, yess, I do, please Okon...ahhh" Okon began increasing the tempo of his thrusting, faster, harder, with Li Chang moaning, and groaning, "God, Okon, I do not know this feeling, Its coming, Oh, God" ..."Let it happen" Okon grunted has he thrust harder....Li Chang exploded..her climax making her vaginal muscles contract so hard, Okons member was almost forced out, the climax kept building, and all she could feel was she wanted his seed inside if he read her mind Straffe said, "Im about to come baby, to come inside show you how much I care", with those words, Li Felt another orgasm engulf her, just after the first, dragging on so she felt Okon release his seed inside her....
Okon came out of it all hearing banging at his door..."Mr Okon, everthing dey ok?" It was Harunas replacement...."Nothing dey happen" he shouted back. He looked down at Li chang....her body was still twitching, she was breathing heavily, covered with a heavy sheen of sweat, and traces of his and her fluids running down her legs. She was broken, and finally vulnerable. As an after thought, Okon looked at the clock...2 hours.."Na wa o" he thought..."What I do for my country. If Ibrahim doesn't increase my salary, I'm going to become a pastor." He imagined God shaking his head at him and saying, "Okon, Okon....hmmm", and he shook the picture out of his mind...and he noticed he didn't use protection.. "Chei, see fuck up" he thought..well since he wasn't thinking straight and he just had sex under duress (yeah right), it wasn't his fault...but HIV tests were a real bitch...
He tapped Li Chang, and she opened her eyes, staring at him in wonder..."I guess I get to live" Okon said. "Now tell me everything about who sent you to kill me".
She hesitantly began to tell him about the Chinaman, and how a group of rich expatriates in Nigeria had been using young call girls as part of an experiment to ensure unending aging, and how the serum code named "Black Magic" had already been tested, and was still undergoing modifications... Straffe listened with his mouth open...this was like ritual killings, minus a toothless medicine man/woman of course....
He had to report back to HQ as soon as possible...but meanwhile, he reached for his medicine cabinet for blood capsules and vitamins...he needed his strength back..

Friday, November 14, 2008

Hey, well this is where I get to talk about whats been happening. Well I have started my new job, which is cool. I am doing some normal engineering services work before I actually begin building any software. The company tried a lot for me anyways, they put me in a hotel for sometime, thats where I live now, and rented me a bike...yeah a so we dey do am for holland o..and the company is 15 mins bike ride from here...and yeah I planned a whole lot of trainings with my manager. The weathers so cold its annoying, makes me long for an orobo to
These guys in my office, are kinda trying to imply that I gotta learn dutch by force..we had done some training, and my Italian friend wasn't around, and we were like the only 2 international pple in the company..and he had gone out for the I am sitting in the middle of all these guys speaking dutch, and then one of em asks me out of the blue "Hows your dutch?" Well I just yarned that hey, I was learning it at my own pace, and the person was advising me to go watch sesame street in wa o anyways.
We had a meeting today, and we had to introduce myself, and I did part of my introduction in my rudimentary dutch, to at least give a good impression, cus these people can silently shut you out and still be fact my manager has put dutch classes as number one on my training madam advises me to take it a bit easy so I dont look like a kiss ass, and I do get her point.
I got my people to pay for internet access at my hotel in exchange for dinner allowance...I mean, what on earth will I be doing without internet? When I was in naija, I was blind, now I doin that was madams Idea, and like her ideas it clicked. They just told me today that they were gonna pay for a month, instead of me just buying cards, so that its cheaper, and yup, yours truly is jacked into I am still lookin for a place though..
Men, ur guy is just there, anacondas just sleeping, waiting for the "chosen one" to wake him up, so that he can release his "powers" and born plenty
Well I'm keepin it real with the girlfriend, and I have destroyed my orobometer, so I could almost pass a lovely plump lady, and anaconda head no go raise.
On the madam issue, well sha, we've tried, and come a long way....although sometimes the spirits of past issues come back and try to haunt yours truly, and try to get me down...and then I get into this thing of wanting to try to unravel it all and make sense of it, and it tries pulling me down sometimes I think its karma trying to bitch back at me..but sha, I focus on God...thing is that, Its my destiny to make it, no matter... I always come out on top, thats my belief.

I have bin downloading movies, and series and ish like crazy, and trying to make the best of it all.... I got this scottish dude in my office, which a very delightful scottish accent, and brit sense of humor, so at times I am not sure whether hes stroking me or being serious. These people for my office never organize computer for me ooo...kai, guys, I feel anaconda stirring, I have to make sure he doesn't wake up, especially since his handler aint around..
Laterz guys.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Hey, well after a long time, I am updating... so lets see whats been happening, well I was basically chilling at my bros place waiting for my job resumption date, and for my work permit to fall I basically had this cycle....

wake up--->eat--->facebook--->lunch--->facebook/movies--->dinner---->sleep

Crazy ish, I know.... anyways sha I left Delft, where I lived for 2 years doing my MSc, and I have moved to another city to start work ..which is next week. My boss informed me I was start training soon, so I'm hitting the ground running. They put me in a hotel, where I am gonna live for a month plus, before we shift to a new city, and then they will organize something for me. Their meals here are so expensive, I am trying to bobo my company to pay for the rest of my meals, and my internet access, since of course they are the ones who chose to put me here ;-)

Well, sha, I know God will give me the wisdom to carry out my new job. Sorry, I do not have hot gist about chicks like some do...over here I'm a good boi, and my madam would break my head anyways. Oh yeah, I eat suya for the first time in 3 years at this naija club in Amsterdam, dancing "gongo aso" with some of my friends...well I guess I had to rock, its bein ages I had fun.

I got an email from mumcy advising me to stay away from "easy" Dutch of my friends was like, maybe I should target "hard" dutch women...hahahaha. I am not targeting anyone anyways, before madam does strong thing.

Anyways whatever, no gist...just updates...laterz.