Friday, November 14, 2008

Hey, well this is where I get to talk about whats been happening. Well I have started my new job, which is cool. I am doing some normal engineering services work before I actually begin building any software. The company tried a lot for me anyways, they put me in a hotel for sometime, thats where I live now, and rented me a bike...yeah a so we dey do am for holland o..and the company is 15 mins bike ride from here...and yeah I planned a whole lot of trainings with my manager. The weathers so cold its annoying, makes me long for an orobo to
These guys in my office, are kinda trying to imply that I gotta learn dutch by force..we had done some training, and my Italian friend wasn't around, and we were like the only 2 international pple in the company..and he had gone out for the I am sitting in the middle of all these guys speaking dutch, and then one of em asks me out of the blue "Hows your dutch?" Well I just yarned that hey, I was learning it at my own pace, and the person was advising me to go watch sesame street in wa o anyways.
We had a meeting today, and we had to introduce myself, and I did part of my introduction in my rudimentary dutch, to at least give a good impression, cus these people can silently shut you out and still be fact my manager has put dutch classes as number one on my training madam advises me to take it a bit easy so I dont look like a kiss ass, and I do get her point.
I got my people to pay for internet access at my hotel in exchange for dinner allowance...I mean, what on earth will I be doing without internet? When I was in naija, I was blind, now I doin that was madams Idea, and like her ideas it clicked. They just told me today that they were gonna pay for a month, instead of me just buying cards, so that its cheaper, and yup, yours truly is jacked into I am still lookin for a place though..
Men, ur guy is just there, anacondas just sleeping, waiting for the "chosen one" to wake him up, so that he can release his "powers" and born plenty
Well I'm keepin it real with the girlfriend, and I have destroyed my orobometer, so I could almost pass a lovely plump lady, and anaconda head no go raise.
On the madam issue, well sha, we've tried, and come a long way....although sometimes the spirits of past issues come back and try to haunt yours truly, and try to get me down...and then I get into this thing of wanting to try to unravel it all and make sense of it, and it tries pulling me down sometimes I think its karma trying to bitch back at me..but sha, I focus on God...thing is that, Its my destiny to make it, no matter... I always come out on top, thats my belief.

I have bin downloading movies, and series and ish like crazy, and trying to make the best of it all.... I got this scottish dude in my office, which a very delightful scottish accent, and brit sense of humor, so at times I am not sure whether hes stroking me or being serious. These people for my office never organize computer for me ooo...kai, guys, I feel anaconda stirring, I have to make sure he doesn't wake up, especially since his handler aint around..
Laterz guys.


Anonymous said...

This guy na wa 4 u oh! Its nice yur style of blogging, make be I go copy u, wat u reckon? Well, its a laff. Thanks. Well pls see my blog and leave a comment. Bye now, Okobia.
Get Anaconda a playmate, smakes are not solitary animals...

wavemasta said...

@Bem, LMAO, yeah snakes aren't solitary animals...esp in cold't think I had a style of blogging...def, gonna check yours out.

Afam Anigbo said...

Oloshi, where's d okon blog? u said u was updating it

wavemasta said...

@Afam, cool down, I was writing it when I told you, now its done.
All people want to read about is Straffe Okon...Chei! Anyways, God dey sha.