Saturday, November 1, 2008

Hey, well after a long time, I am updating... so lets see whats been happening, well I was basically chilling at my bros place waiting for my job resumption date, and for my work permit to fall I basically had this cycle....

wake up--->eat--->facebook--->lunch--->facebook/movies--->dinner---->sleep

Crazy ish, I know.... anyways sha I left Delft, where I lived for 2 years doing my MSc, and I have moved to another city to start work ..which is next week. My boss informed me I was start training soon, so I'm hitting the ground running. They put me in a hotel, where I am gonna live for a month plus, before we shift to a new city, and then they will organize something for me. Their meals here are so expensive, I am trying to bobo my company to pay for the rest of my meals, and my internet access, since of course they are the ones who chose to put me here ;-)

Well, sha, I know God will give me the wisdom to carry out my new job. Sorry, I do not have hot gist about chicks like some do...over here I'm a good boi, and my madam would break my head anyways. Oh yeah, I eat suya for the first time in 3 years at this naija club in Amsterdam, dancing "gongo aso" with some of my friends...well I guess I had to rock, its bein ages I had fun.

I got an email from mumcy advising me to stay away from "easy" Dutch of my friends was like, maybe I should target "hard" dutch women...hahahaha. I am not targeting anyone anyways, before madam does strong thing.

Anyways whatever, no gist...just updates...laterz.


IDK said...

hey!! welcome back and congrats agains!! straffe okon coming back too??

wavemasta said...

@idk... *sigh.. Straffe Okon is coming back...don't worry :-)