Sunday, June 22, 2008

from the valley to the mountain..

Someone once told me that at times we need to get to rock bottom, before we finally get to rise and rise. I used to read sayings like that, and used to think that they were simply cliches, until I began to experience them myself. The more I write abt this, the more I realize that what I saw, or the hardship I thought I saw while in my undergraduate dayz in Nigeria is nothing compared to what Ive seen here.
My thesis for example has been one challenging job after another. Combine it with Phd students who look at you like you are foolish when asking questions, and throw in the fact that if you ask too many questions, it can be used against you on your final grading, and you might just get an idea. For the past 3 days men, I hit rock bottom, my motivation was zero, totally zero, I would wake up and try to crank my brain, but my brain was on strike.
Add my job search thing, a fight with the madam, a foolish article I read online, and, I no go die for here. I have had to pray and pray like never before, that God shld just give me the strength to carry on, and push on.
Example. after a week of working with a Phd student, and him rejecting my code over four times because I wasnt giving him a memory access formula, I now asked him how I was gonna run my application. His reply was like.."which application?" In my mind I was like WTF? What other app have we been working on?
And he went on to say that if it was the application we have been working on, I need some special kinda platform(I am being non technical so non geeks can read this), and I cannot use his platform, so I must find one by myself, and he doesn't know how I will do so. Omo, when I read this at work, I just chilled till closing time, ran home, I didn't even waste time, I ran str8 to my faculty, begin look for the equipment. Most of all the geeks there dey hold the thing as if say na Gold....chei, some pple really need to get laid, no, seriously.. I no go to work the next day, shebi my company guys talk say dem no go renew my contract, and I don finish the work wey dem send me.
Anyways, I got the equipment the next day, but then, I just sunk into despair, my strength, gone, it wasn't funny. Sleep eluded me, and I was sleeping at weird hours, waking up at weird hours...Everyone in here is carrying their cross, and my naija boiz are in the same shoes as I am, so no hope there.
And oh, I got bounced from one of my friends places simply cus the guy wan dobo. The whole stiz caused some fight with madam, but well... Anyways the yarinya in question, was drunk as a skunk, I had a lot of wine, but for reasons I don't know, I wasnt drunk. Na so d person wey I go see dey talk say men, "your sleeping here is gonna prevent me from balaing. I look this guy, I said "fine, shey make I go?"
The guy was like, "no now, stay, etc" The yarinya sef dey beg say make I stay, say, "aren't u having fun?" I no wan go back to that box wey I dey stay, so I chilled. Next thing my guys excuse changed to "his flatmate is bringing his friends over and he promised the guy he can sleep in his room"...Na in I waka go my house.
Guilt kan dey worry d guy, so he was like saying, ok ok, In go chill with me at the train station, na in I tell am say abeg, go ur house, cus in my mind, I knew this wasn't from his heart...of course after 5 mins, the guy bade me bye bye and went.
I got to my crib, didn't feel like working, my brain had gone on strike, and to make matters worse....oh, u didn't guess.....anaconda begin dey worry me. Yup, that snake of mine began raising his head, and demanding to be, the disadvantages of having a conscience, and not wanting to stray. Someone suggested phone s*x....might consider that...So guys, you have all this wahala then add my anacondas wahala, and madams wahala, men, God, save ur son....
I tried mojo, fresh one, with plenty orobos, anaconda no gree, hand sef, the guy no gree. Wetin man go do?
I do not think my friend got to "dobo" anyways.
I will go watch a movie later......and guys, seriously all the suffering here has made me realize that Nigeria isn't such a bad place, like one of my friends yabbed me carry myself go look for MSc.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

So far

Well well, a lot has been happening my people, now its in the middle of June, dont know where to start.
Ok, my love wonderful. Its the most unconventional relationship Ive bin in, you know I am the master of convention, want things in a specified order, but I guess God chose this path for me. My madams tight men, I just remember how it was like when we first saw when I went out to surprise her for her bday.
Now back to reality. I am still working on this thesis of a thing. I have a few algorithms to apply (non geeks, skip this section), and am still going to my work.
Well as per that place, they decided they weren't gonna renew me contract, gave all sorts of reasons, i.e I wasnt interpreting requirements fast enuff, etc etc, so men, I got home feeling depressed...madam had to calm me down and all that, but am cool now.
Imagine me, the crazy nerd doubting his coding skillz....chei...
Now back to my thesis...I got like 4 code rejections from the Phd student am working with, but sha today, I implemented what I think is a right solution, so I haven't gotten feedback...
Today, I met one Chinese dude , who simply began supplying me with companies to apply to..I applied to. Men these Chinese dudes here know whats up ooo, they got so much information and stuff, so I applied to like 6 companies today. The son of man needs a new crib, to import madam and give her triplets lol, and serious cash, screw school men, I don try with 2 yrs MSc, and I'm even gonna be among the first to graduate, if not the first..
My study program with my new course arrangement got approved, so now my gp is 8/10, cus I was overtaking courses, and selected the ones with the best marks...God dey sha.
What else...I went to church on Saturday ooo, for the first time since march. Na because dem do barbeq, so I just dey chop enuff meat. You know now, it means less cooking for And I also went to church on Sunday, where there was food now, cus it was church anniversary.
Men, in church there was this chick no, I won't blog about this...but men, when she walked by, even one brother in the lord, stopped, bit his lower lip, and looked at the bakassi...I have my madam and I love her to bits, but I had to admit this bakassi was cud even see the I felt the "spirit"..
So men, crazy nerd is running to finish his thesis report on time, and step into the koko of cash, travel and giving madam triplets, ASAP.
Am I crazy...yeah, try doing an MSc in a freak university (Top rated in Europe), and living for 2 yrs in a metal box (Has Internet thank God), and no women, and u go craze. Speaking of things to prevent craze...I haven't gone clubbing in ages...hmm, I need a reminder.
I am growing up sha, Ive learnt that life isn't black and white, we should always give people the benefit of the doubt, make sure you trust with all ur heart, and don't be afraid to let go, and jump in..fear holds you down, but love sets you free.
And as regards to my last post, I don't think Felix has started his "raw food diet"..
And to the haters...Java rocks....screw .NET!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Raw...yeah, Raw and skin to Chicken Skin

Yes yes I know, I havent blogged in a long people its bin hectic. Your crazy nerd has to work 3 days alongside his Project to pay bills and stuff..ol boi, Jah dey sha. So a lot has been happening, a whole lotta gist. First lemme say madams fine, thanks for asking..shes looking so nice and innocent and stuff, and am proud to have her in my life. Now speaking of madams, I get one gist which will make u laff, and which will make some of you puke.
I got this friend called Felix,a naija guy like moi. We got here together, met at the Dutch Embassy and all, and we kept in touch when we got here, Id go to his crib, spend time and all that, and he did the same. Felix is a nice dude, but he has some very crazy dieting stiz. He's always trying out new experiments. One time it was protein powder. We had to go into one secret corner here looking for it. Thing is when he wants to do stuff like that, he backs it up with "scientific" facts. Then he was like, protein powder is the koko, it helps lose weight...wetin concern me sha.
Now, let me announce to haters that hes my pally, and reads my blog, and I have the license to yab him, so this is no diss post. Now, my friend has some weird chopping habits, which seriously gross me out, such as cooking stew, and then putting the stirring spoon in his mouth...lets just say that us together in the house or kitchen is like ewwww...
Anyways sha, Felix met one hot latino, and I was happy for him, so I went to check him at his new house, which he shared with her, and one other guy..I made them all laff(Naija style), I organized some shayo for them when I was coming and all.
Now felix began to tell me he had one new diet. Wait, ok, guess....guess now..given up? Ok, its...wait for this...""Raw Food".Yup, Felix is like..."wavemasta, Im gonna start a raw food diet"..while I was still attempting to pick my jaw off the ground, Felix began to launch into a tirade on how "scientists" had proved that raw food was good, nice, healthy, etc, and afterall, humankind existed for eons without cooking their food. That weekend, anysmall thing....felix will say "when I start my raw food diet"..ok, check this out.

Wavemasta: Felix, men, (talking about random stuff)
Felix: nuthin dey happen, ehen, when I start my raw food diet...
Wavemasta: entering shutdown mode
Latino chick: Rolling her eyes.
The latino chick kept telling me hes been going on like this all the time...the chick was hot sha, looked like Kelly Hu...but madam don jazz my anaconda, so I no fit do runs ooooo (Joke, Joke!)
Now wait for was Felixs turn to make dinner. When he makes dinner, its like a bad chemistry lab experiment, though his housemates swore that hes a good cook..So he was gonna prepare barbeque chicken. My guy is putting the sauce on the chicken legs and removing the skin from the chickens to apply the sauce directly.
Now guys, if you are the squeamish type, pls dont read, or grab a barf bag, cus the next part of the story is ewwwww.
So my guy is removing the skin from the chicken, and I dont know how my spirit told me he was gonna do what he did....Felix put the chicken skin in his mouth and chewed and eat it....RAW!!!!.
Time stopped..I remember me screaming....then I heard other screams...the latina and the other guy had screamed....we were like "ëwww Gross" my guy begin dey apologize, say sorry, in know say in be beast. Ol boi, thank God say dem see correct person like me, at least as I follow dem shout...dem no go talk say na all naija men dey chop raw food. Anyways, I still chop the shicken, I had to shayo, to erase the memory of the raw food, and yeah it was nice and fun. I jisted madam...she begged me to of my friends facial expression just changed when I mentioned the chicken skin...yeepa...Me and my friends ehn..
We went to the beach yesterday, and they had bungee jumping. Omo, that thing was scary, esp seeing people doing it. Imagine jumping off a crane with nuthin more than a rubber wire attached to your legs...and it cost 60 euros again. I called madam and threatened to do it....she threatened to break my head...when I sent her the text, she called me back ASAP, send naija man say make in bungee jump...I also had ice cream just a sucker for pancakes, or pannenkoeken, as we call em in
Ok, lets see,what else, work is going on fine.....I coded for almost 8 hrs 2day...e no easy to be eficco. I'm hoping to finish my thesis this month...And the son of Jah needs seriously men I need it.
Anyways, if any gist dey, I go yarn una..