Wednesday, June 18, 2008

So far

Well well, a lot has been happening my people, now its in the middle of June, dont know where to start.
Ok, my love wonderful. Its the most unconventional relationship Ive bin in, you know I am the master of convention, want things in a specified order, but I guess God chose this path for me. My madams tight men, I just remember how it was like when we first saw when I went out to surprise her for her bday.
Now back to reality. I am still working on this thesis of a thing. I have a few algorithms to apply (non geeks, skip this section), and am still going to my work.
Well as per that place, they decided they weren't gonna renew me contract, gave all sorts of reasons, i.e I wasnt interpreting requirements fast enuff, etc etc, so men, I got home feeling depressed...madam had to calm me down and all that, but am cool now.
Imagine me, the crazy nerd doubting his coding skillz....chei...
Now back to my thesis...I got like 4 code rejections from the Phd student am working with, but sha today, I implemented what I think is a right solution, so I haven't gotten feedback...
Today, I met one Chinese dude , who simply began supplying me with companies to apply to..I applied to. Men these Chinese dudes here know whats up ooo, they got so much information and stuff, so I applied to like 6 companies today. The son of man needs a new crib, to import madam and give her triplets lol, and serious cash, screw school men, I don try with 2 yrs MSc, and I'm even gonna be among the first to graduate, if not the first..
My study program with my new course arrangement got approved, so now my gp is 8/10, cus I was overtaking courses, and selected the ones with the best marks...God dey sha.
What else...I went to church on Saturday ooo, for the first time since march. Na because dem do barbeq, so I just dey chop enuff meat. You know now, it means less cooking for And I also went to church on Sunday, where there was food now, cus it was church anniversary.
Men, in church there was this chick no, I won't blog about this...but men, when she walked by, even one brother in the lord, stopped, bit his lower lip, and looked at the bakassi...I have my madam and I love her to bits, but I had to admit this bakassi was cud even see the I felt the "spirit"..
So men, crazy nerd is running to finish his thesis report on time, and step into the koko of cash, travel and giving madam triplets, ASAP.
Am I crazy...yeah, try doing an MSc in a freak university (Top rated in Europe), and living for 2 yrs in a metal box (Has Internet thank God), and no women, and u go craze. Speaking of things to prevent craze...I haven't gone clubbing in ages...hmm, I need a reminder.
I am growing up sha, Ive learnt that life isn't black and white, we should always give people the benefit of the doubt, make sure you trust with all ur heart, and don't be afraid to let go, and jump in..fear holds you down, but love sets you free.
And as regards to my last post, I don't think Felix has started his "raw food diet"..
And to the haters...Java rocks....screw .NET!

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Afam Anigbo said...

See men, u suppose arrange PHD. Wetin u dey do wit cash?

Omo men, e no easy, but we go make am

U sef know say u don fashi java, na ASSembly and machine language u dey do now.

Men, i feel u on the church thing... like dmx said... WTF do dese B***es want from a nigga?!