Sunday, June 22, 2008

from the valley to the mountain..

Someone once told me that at times we need to get to rock bottom, before we finally get to rise and rise. I used to read sayings like that, and used to think that they were simply cliches, until I began to experience them myself. The more I write abt this, the more I realize that what I saw, or the hardship I thought I saw while in my undergraduate dayz in Nigeria is nothing compared to what Ive seen here.
My thesis for example has been one challenging job after another. Combine it with Phd students who look at you like you are foolish when asking questions, and throw in the fact that if you ask too many questions, it can be used against you on your final grading, and you might just get an idea. For the past 3 days men, I hit rock bottom, my motivation was zero, totally zero, I would wake up and try to crank my brain, but my brain was on strike.
Add my job search thing, a fight with the madam, a foolish article I read online, and, I no go die for here. I have had to pray and pray like never before, that God shld just give me the strength to carry on, and push on.
Example. after a week of working with a Phd student, and him rejecting my code over four times because I wasnt giving him a memory access formula, I now asked him how I was gonna run my application. His reply was like.."which application?" In my mind I was like WTF? What other app have we been working on?
And he went on to say that if it was the application we have been working on, I need some special kinda platform(I am being non technical so non geeks can read this), and I cannot use his platform, so I must find one by myself, and he doesn't know how I will do so. Omo, when I read this at work, I just chilled till closing time, ran home, I didn't even waste time, I ran str8 to my faculty, begin look for the equipment. Most of all the geeks there dey hold the thing as if say na Gold....chei, some pple really need to get laid, no, seriously.. I no go to work the next day, shebi my company guys talk say dem no go renew my contract, and I don finish the work wey dem send me.
Anyways, I got the equipment the next day, but then, I just sunk into despair, my strength, gone, it wasn't funny. Sleep eluded me, and I was sleeping at weird hours, waking up at weird hours...Everyone in here is carrying their cross, and my naija boiz are in the same shoes as I am, so no hope there.
And oh, I got bounced from one of my friends places simply cus the guy wan dobo. The whole stiz caused some fight with madam, but well... Anyways the yarinya in question, was drunk as a skunk, I had a lot of wine, but for reasons I don't know, I wasnt drunk. Na so d person wey I go see dey talk say men, "your sleeping here is gonna prevent me from balaing. I look this guy, I said "fine, shey make I go?"
The guy was like, "no now, stay, etc" The yarinya sef dey beg say make I stay, say, "aren't u having fun?" I no wan go back to that box wey I dey stay, so I chilled. Next thing my guys excuse changed to "his flatmate is bringing his friends over and he promised the guy he can sleep in his room"...Na in I waka go my house.
Guilt kan dey worry d guy, so he was like saying, ok ok, In go chill with me at the train station, na in I tell am say abeg, go ur house, cus in my mind, I knew this wasn't from his heart...of course after 5 mins, the guy bade me bye bye and went.
I got to my crib, didn't feel like working, my brain had gone on strike, and to make matters worse....oh, u didn't guess.....anaconda begin dey worry me. Yup, that snake of mine began raising his head, and demanding to be, the disadvantages of having a conscience, and not wanting to stray. Someone suggested phone s*x....might consider that...So guys, you have all this wahala then add my anacondas wahala, and madams wahala, men, God, save ur son....
I tried mojo, fresh one, with plenty orobos, anaconda no gree, hand sef, the guy no gree. Wetin man go do?
I do not think my friend got to "dobo" anyways.
I will go watch a movie later......and guys, seriously all the suffering here has made me realize that Nigeria isn't such a bad place, like one of my friends yabbed me carry myself go look for MSc.


the genius within said...


but seriously, the Lord is your strength, you go make am no matter how stingy some people are to share knowledge that they themselves learnt from someone.

besides a real friend wont throw u out of his crib cos of some cheap ass pussy.

still LOL..

have a good week..take good care, stay blessed

Afam Anigbo said...


Men, am shedding tears and laffin here... Oloshi, wetin u expect, abi u wan make d guy anaconda go dormant like ur own?

And BBW dont work again? men, u don dey approach critical mass, very soon cum go begin dey cummot from ur eye, nose, ear, mouth

U should balaed dubai... SEVERAL times

Anyways, on a serious note, JAH dey men, e no easy anywhere... But no worry, u go make am...

else i go kpai u

Take care dawg... laterz

BOBBY said...

Just take things easy and remember to breathe and rest...

You sound tired...and thats why you are not functioning the way you would like to.

Get some rest seriously.

Stay Blessed!