Wednesday, January 23, 2008

whats up people? A lot has bin going on since my last post....Ive had to do a lot of things, but we thank God sha, things are happening ok.
Lets see, I had some little finance wahala where these people here were threatning to send debt collectors after was crazy. The term "Debt collectors" is just a legalized way in this country of organizing boiz to brush you if you owe anyone money, and to make matters worse, you will pay them on top.Chei, oyibo. Anyways it was about cus I missed decembers tuition fee...omo sha, to cut a long story short, I was able to raise the cash, dem go carry their wahala go, Jah is there and will every come thru.
They wanted to now deduct cash for januari when dem neva pay...hmm I go sue them oh!, anyways, its all cool here.
About my thesis, I went to meet my oga prof, the guy liked my yarns, and decided to keep me on the project, then they gave me some more code to re-write...when I saw that thing, I wished I was in naija with star and pepper soup, I was like, these pple wont kill me....but then I listened to the voice inside me, that still small voice that doesnt allow me to settle for less, and always urges me on....that voice that gently reminds me that the thoughts plaguing my mind are just from some jobless demons, and I shouldnt worry......I listened to the voice...and I began to calm down, and approach the challenge from a different angle, and I did that, and today I began to see some results...Ive learnt to thank God for everything even when things do not SEEM to be working, cus tough times never last, but tough people do.
Whatever comes at me, I will keep on, whatever thoughts come at my mind...if I tell u some of the crazy ish these spirits keep throwin at me, but I just know one thing...I am one hungry man, hungry to achieve my goals, hungry to make it, hungry for the good life, and nothing, and no one will stop spirit, or human being or whatever..
Now guys seriously, madam has dissappeared, I for call am, but lets just say my billions are still in the spiritual realm right now, I wonder where she is.
Anyways guys, e go be, I have discovered "ugly betty", and I am enjoying it.
Cheers people, n remember, keep pushing!

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