Monday, January 28, 2008

Wassup pple......I just had to blog about my first day at work...yup, my first day!
Twas cool, got there before 10...Chatted with everyone, then my direct supervisor set me many tasks to do men, apart from the normal coding runs, we also got to do some house chores like fill and empty the dishwasher and all that.
The MD is a nice guy, a sharp man, but well na yankee man, so wetin we go expect?
So in this place, all of them are linux freaks as opposed to me wey sabi windows, so sha, they gave me one wicked computer, formatted it and all that....the guy who set it up just dey act like wizard...but He let me watch anyways....and was also explaining stuff to me.
These guys didnt put me under any pressure, they believed in asking questions and sharing stuff, which is cool, if it were home, some peeps would keep the knowledge to themselves for fear of losing their edge, and in my uni, I cant ask my supervisors any kind of questions before I get accused of not being "independent" enough.
I just gotta write about Nespresso coffee.......damn! Its so good, and the flavor is so tight, I can see why they are an expensive item, and why they had to use George Clooney in the advertisement.....I think I had like 2 cups.
I walked back to the station with one of my ogas, and began applying principles from Brian Tracys audio program "The Luck Factor", where he said that if you want to reach a particular level, find out from someone whos reached there, and do what he I began talking to my new oga about coding techniques, and all of that.
Thank God, one of the craziest eficos in my class is working on almost the same thesis as I am, so at least we can exchange Ideas, and I wont be alone.
On a serious note, one of my exes dropped me an offline, saying she wanted to talk to me, and shed "lost" my number, and I should call her back...I began wondering what on earth she wanted..I was curious at first, so I asked a friend if I cud use his phone to call, and when he didnt have any credit, I just fashied. I wasnt gonna use my hard earned cash to call someone who didnt even know the country I was travelling to, and a lot of all that...and funnily enough, last time I called her (on madams prompting) was last year to make peace, and she hadnt replied or anything since then.
Im not interested in people calling me for "emergencies", and besides I keep my exes in the past, she wasnt even on my messenger and all all for being mature and cordial, but please, let the boundaries be...son of man dont look well...I sorta have an Idea of what the "emergency" constitutes, but omo, I just dey do my thing jare.
Anyways, lifes good....tough tyms have come, and they dont last, but tough people like me last, Jesus is alive, God is on the a bright life ahead of me....tonight its "Ugly Betty", me reaffirming my goals, and me falling asleep dreaming of how I want to plaster madams face with kisses.
Something funny just happened...I just remembered how I used to enter molue from one place (chei, I don forget the name)..ok, its the area to the right when you come out of unilag gate...I used to walk past one place where they sold fish, and ud see the eels trashing about in the water in the basin, and I used to hold my breath as I passed...that was also where I saw my first lynch victim (Apparently, he stole clothes)....and I remember some other crazy things I wont mention...its amazing how time flies...thank God for taking one forward..
Am out guys...holla!

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