Monday, February 4, 2008

Guys.......this post is dedicated to God, for all he did for me.
Today men, I got my compiler construction results. Ours was released late because they took their time looking for errors. We got 39/40, for the second assignment. When they didnt find any reasonable errors in our code, they had to formulate one weak error and deduct one mark.
We had 29/30 in the first assignment, for the same reason as above.......and I had 53/60 last year, which is 23/30...I put this in my last years blog post. So this means ur friendly neighbourhood, eficco, fine boi no pimples,who loves his women big, got a 9 (Actually 91/100 if u wanna go by raw in the dreaded compiler course.
This was a course that scared my lab partner and I so shitless, I was afraid it would hold us to God be the glory, Im the highest in my class, except if my partner blasts the exam and gets 10, but who cares...its free shayo for all.
At my place of work today, I finished the assignment they gave me to initiate me into the company. The oga was like, men he expected me to do it in one week, but I used 2-3 days to finish we just have some small things to fix..the guy is like, he's impressed with my progress.This means more responsibility, more cash, more... er....dont worry(wink wink)
I guess all the freaky programs Ive bin coding at my school paid off.....who says school doesnt matter?
We thank God...the vision is coming along..

To my ...... I miss you and wished I cud have shared this with u.

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the genius within said...

hey efiko..congrats man...guess ur done with sch work and its only ur placement now abii..
all the best..gdluck
tk good care