Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Fast Lane

Im now on the fast lane...3 days at work writing code, and the rest of the week working on my thesis....will the son of man survive, yeah he will, thats d name of the game.
Men these pple paid salary, imagine this govt taxed me. Im just doin an internship and they taxed me, kai, see wahala.
Ive got one of my naija friends bunking with me for a while, hes sleeping, snoring like a generator on reserve tank. Anyways he made akara today, so make I no too dey yarn.
But men, in still dey snore. Well, whats bin happening, nuthin much anyways, life is pretty much flowing, am still working on myself, and all that, being the best I can be, and trying not to get addicted to chocolate muffins.
What else is there to say?..........
The office work is cool, after all the coding, we go downstairs and shayo...and cool the brain down......Gosh hes still snoring.......I will use style tiff back my pillow...
guys, am out oh!!

1 comment:

wellsbaba said...

i guess ur 9ja frend dey snore like hellfire!...lol....jst giv him a pill2choke on....he would wake