Thursday, June 7, 2007


When I woke up this morning, I woke with a bit of a heavy feeling, especially when I remembered julie. Anyways I decided not to be lazy and to do my laundry. Then I filled out my residence permit in dutch. It was sooo crazy, I had this english translation from the office and it was as if i was writing an exam.
Just imagine if I didnt fill it in, and one night I was relaxing with an orobo chick and next thing.........

Knock Knock

Me: whos there?

Answer : Wey your particulars?

Men if i ever hear that kin thing na window I go use escape. My windows always Well I felt in a good mood, so I put in a naija Cd, and was blasting
"nuthin dey happen. nuthin dey par, for aj where we deyyyyyyyy"
And I was also studying, and it seemed to be entering my head. :)

Now I just put on my slippers (summer slippers oh), and just a simple t-shirt and walked to my faculty, feeling the breeze on my face. And I passed a side of the building and saw my reflexion, and I loved what I saw.
I saw a fine boi, no pimples, with muscles, men, and my body was beginning to be straight, and streamlined, and my ass had begun to shrink.
I was like ................"yeahhh baby , yeahhhhh".

I was reminded of when I was doing my laundry today and I had on my sleeveless, and I went to see our hostel caretaker about something, and I saw my reflexion in the window , men even me sef, I trip for myself, see muscles, see fine boi, see me see sexy.
I wondered about the times I felt I wasnt cool or good enough to pull the girl of my dreams. And I wondered why I used to complain and bitch about myself. Im sure God must have been laughing at me and just waiting for me to discover myself.

I mean I took stock of myself and I tripped real good:

1. Im intelligent

2. I think differently

3. I can emphatize with people

4. I can control me temper

5. Im fineeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

6. Er............I love all orobo women ....esp those above 70kg. (cmon, its a talent!)

Anyways this is just a tip of the iceberg.................and this is why Im HOTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!

We should learn to appreciate ourselves and the little things . And thank God for what hes done in our lives.

Its a sunny thursday, Im feeling fly and good.........and I gotta head to the train station to get some banners for our summer festival.


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