Saturday, June 9, 2007

Summer festival.

My school decided to focus on Africa, and launch projects and all to think of ways to help Africa improve. Some african students here like a certain ethiopian friend of mine felt it was strictly political. Others like me felt, it would be nice to roll along and see what would happen.
We have an african students union in our school, and so we decided to showcase african snacks and all. this means that......yeah omo boy dey sell meat-pie, egg roll, and moi moi. And we had some jamz playing in the jamz i mean some makossa, some camerounian music, and it was fun. I then discovered that I could dance and Look men selling these things at our stall was sooo funny. We had to "oyiborize" our products. Look oh, meat-pie (As we know it) is just a naija creation.
No one else has those patents. Ok im putting a list below........the naija name for the snacks and the oyibo name we came up with

meat pie.................meat pastry

egg roll................ ok ok ok egg roll, its been oyiborized already

moi moi...........OMG, do you have any idea whats its like trying to explain what moi moi is to an oyibo? I was like "look, we crush the beans" (one oyibo dey ask me wetin be beans)"then we mix them with pepper and onions and then we cook em"
finally , I had to cut the BS and just settle for calling it "bean cake". But then I stil had to Later on after I had changed and settled myself, I put on my agbada top, and went for a so-called fashion exhibition. We had to stand beside some sculptures and ..........just look good i guess. So trust me men, I see statue of one woman like this, sharp sharp ur guy just go handle the thing. I find out say the statue name na black virgin.
I was like abt that. Dem tell us say one party go happen for an all night thingy. They had one nice cute star called isle delange, but I didnt get to see her sing. We had to use some bracelets to get in and all that, and those bracelets cost money, and u know.............(yeeeee I 4got to put onions in my meat..............gimme 5 mins abeg readers!!)
Ok, now where was I? yeah the bracelets cost money and omo boi wasnt gonna shell out any of this scholarship euro to enter a bash, except if it was absolutely neccessary.
Earlier before, the organizers of the festival wanted some of us african students to work with them in organising the event. Son of man was supposed to be in the information unit, doing a 6 hour shift, and I was meant to have a crew tshirt. They were supposed to send me an email telling me when my shift was meant to happen. But I didnt get any email (wink wink), and I got a crew t shirt allowing me to enter any party I wanted to.
So by this time, I had been on my feet for over 12 hours, and oh boi no be small thing, but my inside was like......bros eee we gotta party you know!!
I walked up to the fenced area, and the guards saw me , and my tshirt, and just cleared the way.......they even wan shake my hand sef. This is a far cry from the nerdy kid who used to try and hustle to get in in those lag parties......I remember me and some pals pooling our money to bribe the

So I walked was an open field, and they had a stage and a band playing, and I was like "boring..." and I heard screams coming from another tent, and I heard what sounded like hip hop , and so I decided to check it out. Men na dutch hip hop crew I meet for there oh! I couldnt understand a word of what they were saying, but they had one nice beat and i was jumping up and down. They had done some very nifty stuff with the stage efizzy......They had some lights arranged in a pattern and they changed colors periodically. So after a while I wandered to the back of the crowd and then I jammed angel. Angel is like her name (na me give am dat name)......she is fineeeeeeeeeeeeeee. So fine she gives fine a whole new meaning. Shes one of this mixed race, 1/4 white 3/4 black chicks common around here and when I saw her I was like whoa!!
The only thing is that Im tied up(evil wink), and shes got a guy, and so we just gisted, the chick dey dance, and my eye dey turn, cus men she was fly, and she wasnt dressed in any indecent way at all. I quickly 4get all the pain wey my body dey feel and settled down to enjoi the moment. After a few yarns, we made plans to hang out some time.....just gist and see a movie, but with no strings attached.
I have been going through some issues with my girlfriend, and I dont think I wanna screw anyone I dont think I might not get married to.
A couple of other naija friends joined in, and we had a cool time, enuff shayo, enuff gbedu. The thing came to an end, and angel told me Dj Don Diablo was gonna perform at the sports centre. Myself and my other bobos went out into the main field, killing time till then, and by this time, angel had gone looking for her friends.
We left the field and went out, only to discover that the party was happening in that same tent we had left, but we needed another special bracelet to get in, and of course we didnt wanna pay, so guys suggested I use my "magic" t-shirt again.
I tried it, and it worked. First hurdle scaled. I walked to the tent, and saw people pushing, I pushed confidently to the front, the way I pushed to the front during the hip hop concert, with the confidence of a naija man, and attempted to get in.
Na so the bouncer wan stop me , begin dey speak dutch. I show am shirt, e be like say in ear dey pain am, until some dutch guys wearing my kind of t-shirt told him the same thing, then na dat time the winch wey dey worry am comot, and then he let us in.
The guys kan dey congratulate me, dey shake my hand, say yes the tin work....
The concert was just know these europeans, they cant play better music, na only techno or trance or some kin mix wey we never hear, anyways I just tried to feel the vibes and enjoi. I had already exchanged some dough for coins to buy drinks, and I was just about feeling like I had reached my limit, so I just bought enuff shayo for the other naija guys that were there, and gave the last to a friend. By this time, I had to use tha bathroom, and there werent any available in the tent, so I was on my way out, and also trying to find a friend, when I ran into angel again. She just smiled at me, and just danced up to me , and turned..........I wan shout....yeeeeee, but sha I didnt touch oh...........(angelic look on face) , just danced for 2 mins, and then stepped out.
After answering natures call, I was abt to get in again when I saw my naija crew just coming out, and I felt sooooo tired, and I just decided to go to bed.
I hit the bed at, and Id been up since 11 the morning, so I had been up for like 16 hours......damn!!

Well sha it was fun, except that someone sold my moi moi, yeah you heard me. I bought it, and could have eaten it there but there werent any forks, and I didnt wanna use me hands, not for moi moi sha, and I put it on the table and was monitoring it, until I entered the sports centre for a while, and by the time I came back, my moi moi had gone. Another person was claiming the one which I thought was mine. Oh well, na so I lose moi moi. But the good part was I got some egusi soup. You guys are asking "how?"
ok I will tell you. Theres one Ibo woman who came to do a cooking demo, on how to cook an African dish, and she prepared egusi and fufu. The egusi was lying somewhere, and It was passed down to me. When I reached my room, I first scraped that pot eh, I scrape am well well, put am for freezer. Now all I need is garri.............

Some Phd guys in my department went to eat some fufu. Someone told me say dem just dey look the thing. Once they saw that our nigerian phd rep, in the same dept wasnt around, then they just run, dem abandon fufu, kai, thunda fire them!!

Anyways guys, son of man has to go and check his meat................e go be.

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