Tuesday, July 8, 2008

What if?

This is about different "what ifs?" Things that scare us...as for me, these are just deep musings of mine.
Put an imaginary "what if" before any line.

What if.....

when we die, we simply find out that all we felt about religion wasn't true?

We meet God and he tells us that..."ol boi, that no sex before marriage thing" was simply a clause put there by political psychophants? :-)(I know say I go come back earth, break someones head)

The pessimists are right and dreams do not come true?

Theres nothing like true love, and being with the one you care about?

When we leave this world, we simply become fertilizer?

A certain man who might change the future of the worlds most powerful nation, doesn't become president?

No matter how many times we pray and fast, things do not get better in our country Nigeria?

Every risk I have taken, or every decision I have made has been the wrong one?

Those gold circle condoms you used when doing the human wheelbarrow weren't safe? And "Ed the virus" is lurking somewhere inside?

My concept of Christianity and God as a friend is just an excuse for me because I cannot live my life like a deeper life member? And follow those incessant do's and don'ts..

I see God and he tells me that based on the above I was just deceiving myself, and I get kaputed?

Theres no hell? ever thought of that?

The person I'm in love with isn't the one for me, and I've simply been blind, and ignoring the signs?

I am actually destined to hook up with a thin (lepa) woman (olorun maje ) (God forbid!!)

My weaknesses never end, and change never occurs?

I never forgive and let go of past hurts and pains, and I end up miserable and alone?

Nigeria suddenly changes and becomes a world black power driven by research and development?

I achieve my dreams and become an IT billionaire and own my own private jet (Even though madam doesn't want one), and I get to have dinner with bill gates?

I actually do achieve my dreams and make my mark in the world?

I marry the woman of my dreams and overcome any obstacles in the way?

I overcome all the weaknesses in me?

I meet God, and he tells me I was on the right track,and he lead me on my own path?

I decide to do PhD instead of getting a job, and its a mistake, and I get caught up in a cycle that I never want to do again?

The world as we see it, isn't the way it is, and we actually can get along with each other and exist in peace and harmony?

We can all learn to love and accept each other, irrespective of age, tribe, race, religion, nationality?

We discover that all the barriers that we think exist, are simply those imposed by ourselves and society? And that they really don't matter?

I am actually the baddest software engineer alive, but I just don't realize it?

I will read this a year or some months from now, lying on a beach or in an exotic hotel some part of the world, holding madam in one hand, a tequila in the other, and laughing at myself a year ago?

I actually am just a dreamer, and I should stop deceiving myself and face the "reality" as some people would see it?

I am actually on the right path, and right now, I am standing in my acres of diamonds, as concerns the country I am in, my relationship with the madam, my job, etc?

So many what if's, where do we go, what do we choose, whats the next step?

God help us all.


Afam Anigbo said...

Omo men, u need shayo and bala, u don turn to spiro philosopher

take am easy o

Carlang said...

YOu mean you still have doubts as to your destiny for greatness.


WHy the hell do you think i tracked down your ass?
It wasnt for another comic collabo..

Sorry dude.
My bad. Been so caught up trying to get life's foot off my butt i forgot it's my duty to make other people miserable too.

Howz The Nerd-a-lands?

One love dude.

FOr God sakes hurry up and get the jet already!!!