Sunday, July 20, 2008

Moved out

Moved out of the "spaceboxes". Housing accommodation provided by the school authorities for international students. Better than unilag standards fine, but as expensive as hell, and a rip off. Place looked like Alcatraz. Or more like a Psych ward, on account of the white walls.
The school guys are kicking us out, we had till the end of the month to vacate the premises. To go where? It's none of their business. They got new international students coming in, and they have once again hiked up the you can all see why I had to do an extra job. I took madams advice, and moved in with my bro, he's in naija now, so I got the crib to myself. And no, I am not gonna throw a house party.
I'm as tired as hell.
Took madams advice again, invited my naija boiz for a night at my place. Lots of shayo, meat, etc. I got some champagne given to my by my former boss on Friday, to congratulate me on being one of four guys who would graduate on time from the Computer Engineering MSc. It was nice, I invited felix, and we all shayoed and gisted....then I got kwok to come over, and help me move.
I have been moving all my stuff, but now I am tired, got another interview 2moro, and lets see. I still have to go back and clean out my former room, else, I don't get my deposit back.
These guys just mooched off international students like anything, and the dutch students pay less...and they say they want to promote integration, and "internationalization"...all this big big grammar....I shake my head.
I want to officially announce that I have been able to seal my anaconda, at least for the time more spooky blue lights.

And yes I joined a group on facebook, called "Lil wayne is the worst rapper ever". And I seriously agree. Theres this nice video showing how he stole other peoples lines...and theres this picture of him kissing Birdman, I mean....WTF?
What kinda song is "Lollipop"..ok fine, it's catchy and all that, but he-llooo?
One of my guys just came back from naija, and I got all the latest naija jamz on my pc....alaba boiz aint got nuthing on
Still on the lollipop thing, my naija boiz don remix am, theres a Nigerian version of lollipop...don't believe me? Check it out...

Well, I just gotta clean up my thesis, and then get ready for defense and all of that..
Laterz y'all!

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