Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I turned 27 yesterday. I looked at myself, and was surprised. Once again, God did it for me. It was 10 years ago when a scared disturbed teenager was walking the streets of London convinced no woman would ever love him. Wondering where his life was leading to. He craved love at that age, but it wasn't given. What was given was a lot of abuse, and put downs from people who were supposed to be close to him. He constantly craved approval, wanting to know what he was good at.
10 years since he decided he was going to make it, and be free one day. Making that vow even with a non existent self esteem.
Now I look back and I smile. Back then I wanted to be loved and important, and to feel manly. On my birthday, one of my main friends here, and some others, spent their cash on me, and threw me a birthday party. Pictures are on facebook, but not on my profile :-). My guys realli took care of me, and I had loadsa fun.
Madam called me first thing after midnight...I love this woman, she knows me, understands my weaknesses, and strengths, its awesome. If someone had told me 10 years ago, that one day I would be with the woman of my dreams, I would have shaken my head.
Now, all thats left is for God to take it to the level where I will be producing my offspring. And she was scared that I would be alone for my birthday, but I wasn't.
I did not feel alone, and I had fun. What happened the next day, i.e today, is another story.
Some people close to me are not in this world, and did not live to see their next birthdays. So I am grateful to him.
Thanks to all my guys, including pimp daddy for organizing this. Thanks to madam for her love and support...I always pray that God and his son Jesus Christ give me the grace to love u the way u deserve to be loved.
Ok, enuff of all this mushy stuff....lets enter anaconda levels.
Today I was walking and saw this big big big something....and anaconda said...
"see foolish guys wanting to read abt anaconda!" hahahahaha.
As for my Job hunt, I believe God, and that he will give me the best for me.
Its well.
Love u all.

Wavemasta is out...27 and counting...Ol boi, I don old ooo...lol


Afam Anigbo said...

Omo age waits for no man! Congrats men, U don dey old small small. Good luck wit d job and madam runs men.

Me i still be young fine boi...

no shakin, nothin dey happen :)

badderchic said...

happy birthday in arrears.

old age is around the corner. lol

Afrobabe said...

Happy belated birthday…