Sunday, August 10, 2008

My people...I have just finished working on my Thesis presentation. In 8 days from now, things will finish.I will defend my project, and then this phase of my life is going to be over, and dedicated to the ways of pimpin :-)
Still job hunting, but things will be ok. I went to church for the first time since easter....yes I knw I'm bad...for send off...yes yes I know...the pastor enter me small sha, talk say I just dey come and, then we got to dance gospel fuji afterwards...AHHHHHHH jo jo....mehn I miss lagos, and the razz boi inside
Ive been getting close to Jah, and hes told me hes gonna surprise me..I have given him all issues to work on, and waiting for his guidance..
Mehn, I'm thinking of writing a some ideas, but I will keep u posted...
One love guys..
Anaconda still dey sha.

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