Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Xmas!

Hey my peeps... I just wanna wish you all, merry xmas. Lets thank the Lord, its been one heck of a year. Don't know about you, but it has been for me. Anyways that's for my new years posts. So whats up? Got into Delft last night, then went to the redeemed for xmas eve dinner...don't blame me... the moi moi was yuck...but the peppersoup overcompensated for that. My chick used to tell me never to eat moi moi outside, but I just My pally and I had fun inserting parts of Dbanj's lyrics into Christmas carols. I can remember my friend looking at the length of my samsung earphones, and asking, 'why are your headphones a loong thing?' lmao!
Some strange ish is happening to me.... its like my senses are open and I am seeing attractive babes everywhere...even the ones in hijabs are looking haawwt.... it reminds me of one dude I met during NYSC. The guy was one spiro guy mehn, the guy jisted me that according to him, he used to be one baddo...then after he gave his life to Christ, he told God, if he ever panshed outside marriage, that God should strike him dead on the spot. When he told me... I was like ..."Gulp"..I love Jah, but the guy upstairs knows crazy nerd aint gonna make a vow like that....but my guy told me when he made that vow, all sorta hot chicks began crawling out of that's how I feel now. I also remember a preacher telling us he made the same vow...but with a variation....God should make him run mad(beats dropping dead anyways), and even if he gets prayed for...let it not work. no do
So sha, I am at Delft now, at my bros crib,and we had the Christmas present unwrapping, which my lil nephews were looking forward to, and it was fun to watch the expression on their faces when they saw their gifts. One of my lil nephews was so excited, he kept twitching, and tossing and turning in his sleep. My bros and his wife loved their gifts...OK I got em novels, my gf said its cus we are a family of geeks it was her idea to get em stuff for xmas. I got a 24 euro book check to buy books anywhere in I will update my "Artermis Fowl" series...
Anyways I get naija party to attend today, and enough rocking.
The person doing the party told me... "In the spirit of you fleeing from temptation, I have refrained from inviting any of your...'kind' to this event..."....those of u who know me know what she meant..
I can unashamedly say this is like my best xmas in this country, and I spoilt myself silly, enough baffs...guys and to yourself is awesome and therapeutic...try it one day! LOL!
Merry Xmas too baby, love you loads!


badderchic said...

Merry Christmas to you tooo!

exschoolnerd said...


dnt go harassing ne orobo's oh!!!

archiwiz said...

Merry Christmas to you and yours.

wavemasta said...

Thanks guys...@laide...don't worry, I am under control...even though it seems my armor wants to crack at
@badderchic... update that your psycho woman