Saturday, December 6, 2008

My people wassup, hows it going? Enuff gist dey...ok lemme start. I moved into my new crib today. The company got us a sweet crib, modern furnishing looks like something out of IKEA, pimped up kitchen n living room...and us 3 engineers get to bunk in there...sorry, 3 crazy, my italian friend alberto, and reza from indonesia. The house needs some changes though... I need a heating, and rezas key is stuck..we also need
I got my friend felix (raw food dude) to come stay over...hes snoring right now..I always told him his snoring sounded like a generator. You know those ones in naija wey go dey sound as if the diesel is adulterated? Yup, na so my guy snore dey sound...and of course I snore, but mine sounds like a quiet hum...the one u get from a silenced
Well sha, enuff things have been happening, and enough challenges, but you know what? I am getting better and better, and God is leading me through my own unique training programme, and its cool. I have had issues with madam and coping with stuff here, but I am sure its going to be ok. I edited this post... I had seriously vented, but make I cool down dey watch...
Ciao guyz....sorry oo...nothing interesting has been happening, I havent dressed up like a chick or gotten laid

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